Afterword? Not really, it'll just be me talking about nonsensical things.

As for why I'm doing this? I'm not too sure myself.

Troubles and some thoughts about writing:

First of all, I will be talking about Burning in the Spring, or BitS for short. Among my short stories, this one took most time, no doubt about that. The reason is the characters' behaviors like I mentioned in one of my A/Ns. I had the story in my head already, and plot thought out until the end. The characters, whether they would agree to my plot or if how they will act would seem natural was my problem.

I might not have enough characterization. Even now as I finished the story, I could not help but wonder if I managed to project the characters' thoughts and feelings. You know, I don't think I did the characterization quite well, did I?

And well shit. Damn. Writing the outcome and the flow of their conversation is always a hard thing to do. When in arguments kind of stories, the whole conversation, their exchanging ideas must be planned out in order before writing so that the start, the middle, so that there will be a smooth and natural conclusion that their conversation will end with. This case so happened many times in this story, especially in the last chapter.

I had several ideas I wanted to implement there so while I was writing the last chapter, I had to make sure of writing a pattern that would hit those ideas while still following the plot I desired. Another reason why I took so long, and I still couldn't put all of those ideas.

Yes. As you thought, one of the ideas I managed to implement was the scene at the water where Sakura shouted at Sho. It had been done many times in different anime, but I genuinely thought its cool. Yeah. So, I did it. Hahahaha

Sorry, as you can see, ranting. Yeah.

Continuing XD, in fact, I tried to write the last chapter near the end of February until it reached march and and now, April. It is just last week that I was able to finally write a decent number of words. What I'm saying here is that while I tried to write, I never ended up writing in feb and mar. Goodness.

Random stuff topic here: I am really impressed with how LN authors do the monologues of their character when thinking of another character. You know, I tried it here with Sakura to Henkou. I mean Sakura thinking about Henkou. I had seen those kinds of types of stories where Person A will describe or tell about Person B yet the author does it really well. Sometimes my chest tightens as I can relate or imagine the feeling that Person A feels for Person B. Oh. I'm not telling Sakura liked Henkou though, she saw him as a friend, and that's all.

But I can't seem to get it right. Instead of being dramatic, Sakura turned out to be someone who's blaming Henkou? Not sure.

As for the last one in my complain section. I have two older brothers, if the eldest one sees this story, he would probably criticize me telling my story is a shitty drama, exaggerated and so on. While I don't think that way, I can't be sure how others actually see this. If you are reading this as well, please do tell me about it.

Discussion about the story of BitS:

Not really about the story though, I wouldn't talk too much about that. Instead, I will talk about the first idea I had before I started writing Burning in the Spring.

It all came to me one time when I was burning some trash in our backyard during the night. I had a stick, much like Sho and Sakura and I was tending to the fire so that all parts of the heap would be burned and that the fire wouldn't go out before it finished its job. So, while I was doing that, I realized that this felt like I was a burner, the one who tends to the fire.

Sounded cool. Shit. I should take note of this as an idea.

The first idea, which I might still do someday is simply "The Burner." The main character here is an old man and it is really different from BitS, which is my usual girl-meets-boy trope.

BitS in the first idea was simple story where Sho only had an obsession and doesn't have a backstory. The two met in the hills too, burning things, not necessarily at night. There was even one time when Sakura saw Sho trying to make fire with wet twigs and sticks since it had rained earlier.

Okay. Sho burning the cherry tree there was only a part of the rising action there. Sakura also loved that tree, but she still continued to interact with Sho normally after the tree had been burned down. As the final act, Sho would commit a massive arson, burning the whole hill, and endangering human lives. But as Sakura prayed and watched it happen, it rained, effectively turning his plan useless. Sho went home defeated, and that's all.

I never thought out it that much but if I went with this idea, I would have thoughts of a better way to end it after failing to burn the hill.

Now the second ending I thought of was that Sho burned the tree, Sakura would be amazed but she would hate Sho in the end. And the third is what I wrote. I added another character, which is Henkou. After all, if I didn't, this whole story would just have the two mains as the named characters.

The main difference here between Ghost Girl and Kanagawa is Dying was that Sho and Sakura, the two main character here was meant never die. I certainly had three endings though, first was the mountain was burning, caused by Sho and then, it rained. Failing him. Second, Sho would burn the Sakura tree, Sakura would be amazed but she will hate Sho in the end, and the third ending which…you know, someone still died, Henkou.

A Short Afterword:

Hello there, I am Kurono Kuro, once again introducing myself. I will keep this short as I already ranted way too much. While I had my troubles writing this story, it was very fun, and I learned some things in the process too.

I will keep writing. really hoped you enjoyed Burning in the Spring and thank you so much for sticking with me for this long.

May you have a good day. Thank you, and may we meet again.