Chapter 2: White Head Island

The air grew colder as I walked along the snowy white island of our old home, our last home in the Triad compound. This was probably the best and my favorite era I've been through. My love for Matt was at a peak and our adventures were grand. We had our first anniversary here and this was the year we partnered, on Valentines day. It felt empty here, as I wandered through the snow over to the house. I saw Faeble through the window, running across the living room as he faded away into the music room on the other side. I smiled for a moment, then it went away as I stood at the front door. I was afraid of what I might find in here. Joy? Sorrow? I wasn't afraid of the unknown anymore though, but still. As I opened the door, I felt a strange cold mist hit my face. The air was dead, musty, like nobody has been here in years. I sat on the wooden floor in front of the fireplace, staring blankly at it, memories rushing back to me. I remember the day we built this place. Kermit was with us, just building silently as he always does. We used to make love in the skybox, us three. But, eventually things with Kermit just faded away after awhile. I'll never forget the time, Matt stood near the little bridge wearing lighted reindeer antlers when Kermit said he needed lights for the bridge, so funny. Little things like that, I love.

I looked over towards the front porch and saw the table we used to sit at. I stepped out and took a seat, my eyes going back and forth at the other chairs where Donovan and Matt sat. Daniel also came over. He crashed the plane into the house once, funny guy. Dono was one of my best friends, but I never or rarely see him anymore. We formed a great bond with Skittles and us three were so close. DSJ we called ourselves. We had so many good times, dancing, cuddles, playing cards, exploring. I thought maybe I had friends for life. Dono always looked out for me, helped me grow much like Matt did. We had our share of drama too, with Blob, Michael and some others. I miss him. I was also crushing on him at once point, which was nice, but we never went there. He was with Austin, who is also gone now. Then he got together with Skittles after Austin left him. I was so happy for them, they seemed so good together. But, even that ended. Things really are always temporary in this wierd world.

I noticed a figure, standing in the white clearing across the river. It looked like Dono, so I ran over to the bridge and saw that it really was him. I called out to him. "Dono!" I shouted. He just smiled at me, I smiled back. We walked towards each other and there he was, standing in front of me, ready to hug me. I wrapped my arms around him as we hugged. "Hi Jed." Dono said, as I started to tear up. "Dono, I've missed you." I said. "Missed you too, Jed." Dono said. I looked into his eyes, his beautiful brown eyes and I was happy. Dono always had that presence, just pure happiness and an uplifting spirit. "How are you Jed?" He asked. "I'm okay." I said. "You look different." He said, as he examined my new ice blue body and frozen ears. I looked away for a moment and saw Matt suddenly walk across the bridge towards us. "Matt!" I shouted. "Hey guys." He said as he approached. "Hey Matt." Dono said, as he hugged him. I smiled, happy to be together again with both of them. Even though it was just a dream, it felt so real, like old times. I really wish I could go back to this era.

We all sat down in the snow, talking all night as the Sun faded in the distant horizon. It began to snow as the darkness came. I summoned a pink orb of flame between us, like a campfire. Matt and Dono's face lit up as a warmth surrounded us, it was like summer and the cold just vanished. I was sad we weren't as close anymore, but perhaps that could even change over time too. Go back to how things were. I was caught up in the moment, staying silent as they both talked about food and health stuff, as they usually did. "I love you guys." escaped my mouth as I looked at both of them. "Love you, Jedd." Dono said. "Love you too, Ewe." Matt said. I haven't heard him say that in a long time. I was so happy. This moment was truly special. They have given me such strength, I am glad I met both of them and they are still in my life, in some way... Thanks you guys...