Author's Note: This side-story is connected to Eternal Dreams. This is about Ken Sun prior to the story of Eternal Dreams. There will be a few other stories like this that'll be fun but also hint to plots in the main story.

Onto the story:

Whoever said that having a gifted student would be a gift, in itself, had been lying to Miss Nagasaki. She stared dead ahead at the bane of her existence, the reason why she wanted to retire early everyday, the child who had gifts beyond reason and was unnecessarily smart.

Ken Sun should've skipped elementary school to college courses at the age of four years old, but no, he and his mother were missing at that time. Tiffany Sun, another unnecessarily intelligent person who happened to come from one of the wealthiest families in New York, no, maybe even the world with looks that didn't seem fair for a person that was lucky, disappeared around the age of 16. When she came back, Tiffany had a child, two in fact, one who was adopted by her older sister.

Both children looked to be almost identical to the mother. The reason why Miss Nagasaki knew this? Well, they went to the same school and Tiffany was not just a school idol. No, she was a worldwide superstar.

She was the female Michael Jackson of her day. On her sixteenth birthday, she was supposed to hold a concert, an event that she never attended. In fact, Miss Nagasaki had bought tickets for the event, one of the lucky few that was able to get it before the tickets sold out within the first three minutes. Because she went backstage to find her, only to find blood and water in her dressing room, the media accused her of being the reason why she went missing.

It was the reason why her father took her out of the family's inheritance and why she ended up being a teacher for these little kids who spent more time talking than listening.

Fourth graders weren't all that bad. To be honest, she learned to love her job. Unlike most adults, who still didn't care that Tiffany was either kidnapped or dead, the kids never judged her. Many of the parents still saw her as deranged or crazy, and despite the evidence that Tiffany was alive and well, she was a murderer.

Ken Sun was that reminder. He had these green eyes that seemed to have knowledge beyond just the books; it was like he knew everything about everything. He knew how to rally the kids and get them to do whatever he wanted without trying. Ken knew all the things to say to the adults to get them on his side.

The boy also knew how to make every person look like a fool when he wanted to, and that wasn't a joke. He was at least an entire foot taller than kids his age but if it weren't for his baby face, she wouldn't believe his age.

"Nagasaki-san!" The young boy called out as he sauntered over with this swag that he had to be trained in. He was just barely shorter than her. It was the one thing she took pride that she had over him. Also, damn this kid for speaking Japanese while they lived in New York.

"Yes, Ken..." Miss Nagasaki put on her honey sweet voice. "Do you need something?" He never needs anything. Last time, he created a diabolically impossible math question and asked for help just so he could watch me sink and fail.

Ken smiled with a twinkle in his devilish eyes. "I saw your Instagram recently."

Miss Nagasaki's color drained out her face. Why the hell was he on social media at nine years old? What did she even write or post recently? Hopefully, he only looked at the first post then got bored and went on to do something else.

He put a hand on her shoulder and closed his eyes. "You only have ten followers..." Ken opened his eyes and she could see the looks of a Cheshire Cat chastising her with the side-eye he was giving her. "But you've posted everyday for three years, two months, and seventeen days."

Miss Nagasaki stared like a dead fish out of water.

"I've started my Instagram a week and two days ago!" He extended his arms out to show the difference in the span of time. "Guess how many followers I have?"

Miss Nagasaki swallowed her spit though her mouth was dry and it really just came down to her choking on air. "You already have ten followers too?"

Ken laughed. His brownish skin turned slightly red. His slightly slanted eyes looked closed in that pose. She always wondered what his father looked like or even what race he had been.

He pulled out his phone. It was brand new. It was the newest in Apple devices; she was sure that it hadn't even been released for general public yet. It made her feel weird about her old LG phone that wasn't even new when she bought it four years ago. They stopped selling her model a week later, but she still had to pay the damn phone off. He probably got his for free or paid outright for it with cash.

Ken was going through his apps. She watched gingerly as he went past some bank apps, some stockholding, a few apps that looked important for a business owner then finally he found the app. He clicked on it then went to his profile page.

The boy had thirty million followers and three post, and one post caught her eye; without thinking, she grabbed his phone with a quickness and clicked on the most recent post that had a picture of her.

It had been posted less than 10 minutes ago. Fifty thousand likes and 782 comments posted on the picture. The caption reading: "Miss Nagasaki is truly the greatest teacher ever. This is my last day in her class, but she's the bestest and I will miss her. Please show some love and like her post and follow her Instagram." She held onto the phone for a long time unable to process what she just read but then saw there was a "Show More" option to finish the caption. One tear sleeked down her cheek; she wasn't sure if she could take more kindness from this little gremlin.

The last part read: "Also, someone should marry her. Her ovaries are not getting younger. I worry that she will be lonely and then be mean to her next class if she stays so desperate for a relationship and a child. She may look older than my mother, but they're the same age. Also, a mighty fine feature about her is that she proves a lot of stereotypes wrong about Asians. For one, she isn't all that smart, and apparently not all Asians stay young looking for a long time. I thought she was in her forties when I met her with my mom. I even thought she might've taught my mom in school... but she was tutored by my mom whom she stalked to make sure that no one made my mother unhappy. Anyways, she is really great and everyone should appreciate her. Also, I said 'bestest' because I think she would understand that better than 'greatest.' What a lovely woman she is! Please give her some love. -K"

Ken's eyes lit up as he grabbed her phone and unlocked it somehow without her ever giving him the password. "Look at chu!" He went to Instagram immediately since it was on the bottom for shortcuts and went to her page almost instantly. "You got 2500 new followers and lots of likes and comments on your newest post."

He switched his phone with her and laughed. "Today's, my last day here. I'll be going to a school with people more like me. Thought I'd give you something as a gift since you've tried to educate me on things that even a gnat would laugh at." He winked and put a thumbs up. "You're the bestest."

Tomorrow couldn't come sooner. Miss Nagasaki let today be a free day for the kids. This was a time to celebrate.

That gift of a gifted child was now being gifted to some other sucker in the world. At least, she smiled as she looked at some of the comments and follows on Instagram, he left a gift that hopefully led to something nice in the future.

Maybe he was a gift.

She rolled her eyes. Yeah fucking right. Damn liars.