Christmas Cookie Wreck

She stared down at the recipe with a frown, while the Christmas lights flashed behind her. She glared back at them, which it didn't do any good. She mentally cursed herself for getting herself into this mess. Why had she volunteered to make cookies for this dinner? She couldn't even make toast without setting off the smoke alarms.

She stared down at the gooey mess, while James, her live in boyfriend stood in the doorway laughing. She flung a bit of batter at him, which hit him right into the middle of his forehead.

"I don't get why it has to be this hard to make cookies," Kasie muttered as she stared down at the brown mess in her mixing bowl. "I'm pretty sure that it's not supposed to be brown."

James sat his briefcase down on the sticky, messy table as he peered down into the bowl. "I know that's not how cookies are supposed to be made."

Kasie elbowed him. "Ha, ha, very funny." She frowned as she looked back at the recipe. What was she doing wrong? It just didn't make any sense. She had followed the recipe right now to the smallest cup of sugar. It just didn't make sense as to why it wasn't working.

James looked down at the bowl. "When do you have to have these baked?"
Kasie groaned. "Tomorrow."

"Can't you just buy them?" He lowered himself down onto a chair, wincing as a bit of batter stuck to his suit pants.

"That's cheating," Kasie muttered as she bumped the foul smelling batter into the rubbish bin.

"Come on, you really can't tell me that everyone is brining something homemade. Who has time for that?"

She gave him a dark look. "You know that we do not take shortcuts in this house."

"We live in an apartment, not a house," James pointed out. "I would just buy some sugar cookies instead going to all of this work."

She shrugged. "We will make it work."

"Then, how are you going to fix it?"

She started throwing in the ingredients again. "I don't know." She sighed. "My mother and grandmother always make this look so easy."

James reached for the recipe, reading over it with a frown. "This doesn't seem like it should be hard."

Kasie raised an eyebrow. "Then, why don't you try it?"

"I don't know. You know that I'm a worse cook than you are."
She rolled her eyes. "It's a wonder that we don't starve."
"No, that's one of the perks of living in the suburbs."

"I guess." She sighed as she looked back down at the mixing bowl. "It's just annoying. I don't get why I can do my job so well, but, yet, whenever it comes to this, I can't do right."

James grabbed the butter off the counter and added it into the mixture. "Well, they say that you can either cook or your can't and we must be in those who can't. My mother never let me touch the stove."

"Well, you did almost burn down you house the one time you tried to make hotdogs."

"It's not my fault that I didn't realize it that flames could come out of the stove."

"It's a flame." She frowned down at the recipe. "What kind of a mixer are we supposed to be using?"
"Does it matter?" James asked with a raised eyebrow. "The hand mixer would be a lot more convenient. The big one is too much work to get out."

Kasie sighed. "I know." She grabbed the small mixer off the counter.

James threw in a couple of handfuls of flour. "Okay, it's not brown anymore, so that must mean we are on the right track."
"I guess." She turned on the mixer and put into right into the batter. A few bits of batter kicked up, hitting the sides of the bowl. Well, it didn't smell nearly as bad as it had been.

James peered down into the bowl. "This is going to take forever doing it this way. Can't you turn this thing up a little bit?"

Kasie shook her head. "I don't think you want to do that!"
It was too late though, James had already hit the button speeding up the mixer to the point that she could hardly keep it in the bowl. The batter swung out of the bowl, hitting the counter and covering everything around them in a fine layer of gooey batter. Kasie reached up and wiped a bit of batter away from her face. She glared at James, who was laughing as he brushed some off his dress shirt.

"So, I'm guessing that wasn't the greatest idea I've ever had," he said as he removed the mixer from the batter.

"You think," Kasie muttered she peered into the nearly empty bowl. "I really do think that something out there is trying to prevent us from making cookies."

James dipped his finger into the remaining batter, scooped a little bit up, and stuck it into his mouth. "Huh, it's really not that bad." He dipped his finger back into it, offering some to Kasie. "Try it."

Kasie shook her head as she looked around at the wrecked kitchen. There was no way that she was going to be able to pull this off. Not only had she failed at making cookies, but now the entire room was covered in batter and the party was tomorrow. She was going to ruin everyone's Christmas party. Once one thing went wrong, after all, everything was bound to go wrong. It was just the way of the world.

James moved over closer to her, staring at her with his big blue eyes. "What's wrong?"
She blinked as she tried to gather herself. "Nothing." Even as she spoke, she could hear her voice shaking. Her eyes burned. Why did she have to be like this? Why did she put this much pressure on herself?

James wrapped his arms around me. "This is what you did whenever I lost my job last year."
"This isn't nearly that bad," Kasie admitted.

"I know, but you also told me that these things happen for a reason."

Kaise just rolled her eyes as she started cleaning up the mess again. This was just getting downright ridiculous. It was so hard to fix out for sure what was going wrong. She started back down as the recipe, trying to figure out what she had changed before James had messed it up.

Surely, there had to be a way to figure out just what had changed without having to put too much thought into it. It had to be something so small that it was just slipping right by her.

James came over and stood behind her. "What's going on?"

She held up a finger. "Just a minute."


She glanced down at the recipe. "It just has to be something so small that I'm missing."

He wrapped his arms around her. "Are you it's just not the fact that you can't cook?"

She elbowed him. "Very funny." She leaned back against him, enjoying the way they molded together. "No, there is something wrong here."

"We know that." He slowly reached for the recipe. "It's probably something that you're just overlooking. I find it best to sometimes put things to the side and allow your mind to clear."

Kasie raised an eyebrow. "You wouldn't just be saying that because you want to go out for supper would you?"

He laughed. "Maybe, but I really do think you could use some time to allow your head to clear."

Later that night, Kasie found herself back at the scene of the crime. They had stopped at the store and gotten some premade batter, but it just felt wrong to use it. Her eyes flickered over the recipe as she tried to figure out just what had made that last batch so special. She really didn't want to think it had been James, but there was just something in her gut that was pushing her that way.

Tapping her chin, her eyes scanned over the ingredients in front of her. She only had a few hours until D-Day. If she didn't have something, she was going to look like a fool in front of her co-workers. If there was anything that she didn't want to happen, that was it.

She ran her fingers over each ingredient, thinking about how she had added each of them. she was certain that she had done everything correctly. There was still something in the back of her mind telling her that all was not well. She was certain that something was missing, something was going wrong.

Still, what was it? It was just escaping her mind. She just needed to get it together and figure out what was happening to her.

The television blared from the other room. She had it in her right mind to get James and make him help her.

She really just didn't get. What was going on that was making her mess up even the most of recipes?

Sighing, she started throwing the ingredients back into the mixing bowl. The only thing she could do was hope that everything turned out okay this time.

An hour later she was taking the first batch of cookies out of the oven. Though they looked okay, she was doubtful that everything would be.

"James!" Kasie yelled into the den. "Get out here and make yourself useful!"
James slowly appeared beside her, frowning down at the cookies. "What?"

She shoved the steaming cookies toward him. "I need you try these."

He frowned at the tray. "It's not going to give me food poisoning, is it?"

She hit him playfully in the stomach. "No, it's not!" She batted her eyes at him as she looked right at him. "Please?"

Sighing, he reached for a cookie and put it in his mouth. She watched his expression, which remained unreadable as ever. She mentally cursed. Why couldn't he just hurry up and tell her how bad it was?

He opened his mouth. "Well-"

"I know, I know. You're going to tell me that this is not how cookies are made." She groaned. "I am just going to have to admit defeat."

His eyes danced as he smiled. "No, actually I was going to tell you that these are really good."
She blinked. "Oh."

He laughed. "It took how many tries, but you finally pulled it off." He reached for another cookie.

She snatched the cookie out of his hand. "I don't think so. These are for the party."

He just rolled his eyes. "I see how you are. You just wanted me to make sure that they were good and that's it."
She smiled. "Something like that."