Hey, all. You can probably tell what this little author's note is going to be saying. I didn't want to be writing this because this story has a lot of potential, but it's definitely not all bad news- There's a pretty big silver lining to it.

First thing's first, I don't think I'm going to be continuing with Guardians of Spire for now. It's been a lot of fun to write and I'm very glad I had the idea for it and started to write it, because it's led to the rest of the stuff I'm going to talk about here, but it was too early for me to try writing it.

What I mean by that is, Guardians of Spire was supposed to be the first in a wider Guardians saga, which I plan on being an expansive, lore-heavy saga spanning multiple nations and states as well as timescales throughout the world it's set in. But in starting with Spire, I realised I was kind of jumping in right in the deep end- Spire, in what my vision came to be, was the series that was going to bring the rest of the saga together- Characters from stories I hadn't even fully planned yet were going to feature in Spire, and its later volumes were set to be the culmination of everything before them, which I realise now that I couldn't really do without starting from the start, I guess. On top of that, I feel like my execution of the story so far was flawed in some ways, probably because I jumped in too early with it and did all the planning after I'd started writing the first few chapters.

If you've followed my stories for a while, you'll know I don't have the best track record when it comes to finishing my tales, but this was one that I felt had a lot of potential, perhaps the most out of all the things I've worked on to date. So, while it's on hold for now, Spire will definitely return at a later date- The school setting and the large cast it allows for will also return, but hopefully I'll be a better writer and be able to handle it all better than I would've attempted at present.

I need to build up this massive world I have envisioned a lot more instead of jumping readers into what would be the most ambitious project in the saga first, so that when I do get around to it, it'll be just as amazing as the idea I have in my head. So, basically, this is sadly the end of this iteration of the story, but it will come back one day.

With all that said, I do plan on starting work on something else soon. It may be something Guardians related if I can manage it, or it may be something else to work on while I'm plotting out the Guardians saga as best I can so that I don't end up scrapping the next project in the saga I try to work on. Either way, I do want to keep writing and not fall out of the routine of it as I tend to do.

If you read all of this rambling, thanks, and if you were enjoying the story, I'm sorry to let you down at the first hurdle, but I promise when this story, this saga, comes to fruition, it will be worth all the failed attempts and hopefully more. Of course, I'm grateful to everyone who gave this version of the story a shot and left an encouraging review. The support people show on the stuff I post here drives me to try and make the best stories I can.

Have a great day, and as always, stay safe out there.