Salem, Massachusetts

Late Night

The night was late and very cold but Johnny didn't care. He stumbled out of the bar, beer in a grip as loose as a banana peel. Drunk as a skunk and not caring at all, the twenty-three year old collage student had been kicked out for being too drunk. After arguing with the owner for a while and not getting anywhere he just told him to shove it and that he was going home. He had been offered a ride but he said he could walk. Obviously he wasn't thinkign straight which in addition to him not being able to walk straight made him a disaster on two legs.

The parking lot in front of the bar only had a handful of cars and a few motorcycles so when he began to howl at the crescent moon there was no one there to berate him.

'Who the hell cares if I am drunk,' he thought. That contradicted his way of thinking as if he knew he was drunk then was he actually drunk? This thought as well as others could be philosophical predicaments for all he cared. "Just need to get home and...and...what have we here?"

Casually leaning against one of the motorcycles, a Harley Davidson model to be exact, was a woman. Not just a normal woman in Johnny's eyes. In fact she was dressed too oddly to be a normal woman. she wore a dark red corset with sleeves that covered her arms. The corset was tight and it seemed to push up her chest enticingly-which was impressive in size to the young man-she also had tight black pants and matching black high heels. she had a lovely face, light pink lips and hazel brown eyes. Yet it was her hair that Johnny couldn't help but be puzzled about. Straight and long, in the light of the moon he thought it was black, but instead he got closer and saw it was a darker shade of blue. He also noted how young she looked. She appeared to be around his age. Even better.

The woman had a small smile on her face as she peered up at the moon.

Thinking this was his lucky night, Johnny strode up to the woman, "Hey there honey..."

The woman turned her head towards him, "Hello, can I help you?"

Johnny blinked when he heard her voice. It had an accent that sounded British, which was unusual but he could roll with it. "I just uh saw you here and-" he took drink of his beer and tossed it to the side. It shattered once it hit the concrete. "Wanted to say hello."

His best pick up line and it failed to impress her.

She shook her head slightly, "Sorry but I am here with someone."

Johnny laughed, "Is that right? And who might that be?"

The door to the bar opened and the woman's expression brightened to a point where Johnny thought she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. But that smile she had was not for him. He turned around and his own eyes went wide.

Standing at the bottom of the steps leading to the door was the biggest man he had ever seen. Not big as in fat either, but as in just a mountain of a man like a linebacker of a football team. Wearing a dark denim jacket over a blue tight tank top that showed just a bit of how muscular he was. Black denim pants held up with a silver buckle adorned with a wolf's head completed the ensemble. The man walked with heavy steps in black combat boots towards Johnny. His eyes were forward, staring holes that went through the drunk man and beyond, with short black hair.

Johnny felt like he was going to piss his pants when he ended up looking up at the man. He was tall, over six feet tall easy!

Stumbling back one step Johnny felt like his legs were going to buckle.


The big man's words were stern and heavy with authority behind them, like that of a soldier. Johnny did so and the bigger man walked past him and got on the motorcycle the woman had been waiting at before she got on the back.

"Let's go home, Claire," said the bigger man to the woman. "Yes, Michael," she said lovingly before she kissed her husband on the cheek. Then she wrapped her slender arms around his torso and rested her head on his broad back.

Michael turned his head to give Johnny a death glare, as if he was saying not to mess with his woman again before revving the bike up and taking off with a loud roar that echoed through the night air.

Then Johnny fell to the ground and finally wet himself.

The Howlett's lived in the middle of the forest north of Salem, in a two floor house seemingly ripped right from 1700s America. Claire's family home for three centuries and it was her dream home. To Michael it was just home and if Claire wanted it like that then he had no argument to go with.

The ride from Salem back to their house took less than ten minutes and when they finally arrived Claire got off her husband's bike. She was done with all the running they had done all day and was quite ready for bed, it being way past her preferred bed time. She stretched her arms over her head and groaned, feeling her stomach protest such a plan. Neither she nor her husband had eaten in hours and she was feeling famished. "How about we have some dinner before we sleep?"

Michael remained sitting on his bike. Despite having woken up at six that morning he, unlike his wife, wasn't at all tired. But he was hungry. "Sounds like a plan, Claire. After that I am going to go check around the property before going to bed."

Claire crossed her arms under her chest. Her colonial American accent was on full display. "Must you do that every night? I mean, you spent a lot of money on a camera system meant to keep an eye out for anything unusual. Would it be better if you shared a warm dinner with your loving wife?"

Her words teased his ears and she walked up to him and rested a hand on his shoulder.

Normally stoic like the soldier he tended to be despite being retired, Michael felt a smirk form int he corner of his mouth. Yet he was set, no matter how hard his wife tried to persuade him. "Hard to argue with that, but it'd make me rest easier if I do it and get it over with, ASAP."

Retreating her hand Claire gave in. She knew her husband was a man who stuck to his plans but that never stopped her from trying to change his mind. "Very well, but may I ask that I come with you?"

Michael got off his bike and took the key out of the ignition. "Thought you were going to go to bed?"

"I may be from the era of the devoted house wife but I do like the idea of standing by my man more."

Her answer got a small laugh from Michael. He had to remind himself that she was from the 1700s and had lived that life like it was programming, with little diverting from it. "Very well then."

"Anything else we need before we go?"

"Well, never hurts to be prepared," Michael raised his arms and showed that he was already prepared. His hands, as well as his forearms were encased in silver armored gauntlets and the finger tips were formed into animal like claws. His preferred insurance if anything dared attack him. "You might want your broom."

His wife was already ahead of him. She whistled loudly as if signaling a dog but instead of an animal a broom flew from an open window on the second floor of their home and flew right into her waiting hand. "There. It needs exercise as well."

Michael didn't know how that thing moved on its own but he wasn't going to ask. Some things were better left unanswered. He started to walk around the driveway, Claire close behind him. "We'll start from the backyard and go in a circle around the property."

"Lead the way, Captain," said his wife, referencing his rank from back when he was in delta.

Michael nodded once and took point as his wife followed him.

Little did the Howletts know, but they were being watched from afar by something that had been following them for some time. A tall white humanoid monster with a mission to complete. It had been searching for them, and now thta it had found them its mission was about done.

With a mechanical voice it spoke, "TARGETS LOCATED, BEGINNING RETRIEVAL."