Jay Sawyer of Northbrook is an aviation buff who recently came across an article in which Airbus talked about the company already having the technology to fly passenger planes without pilots at all and working on winning over regulators and travelers to the idea. In another interview with The Associated Press, Airbus revealed that it hopes to be selling hybrid or electric passenger jets by around 2035. However, Jay feels it is still far from ready to churn out battery-operated jumbo jets.

According to Jay Sawyer of Northbrook introduction of this large commercial aircraft is a matter that is still being discussed with regulators and customers, even though technology-wise there aren't really any hurdles.

Jay often talks about the advantages of free college as well. He believes that free college will act as a remedy to many of the society's ills, increase the focus on learning, and improve the quality of life for many.

About Jay Sawyer

Jay Sawyer is a long-time philanthropist who is associated with several noble causes. He is an animals' rights activist, environmentalist, and an advocate for world peace too. A lover of nature and wildlife, Jay strives hard to inform and educate the masses about the causes that drive him. He is quite determined about making a long-lasting impact on the society.

As far as his personal life is concerned, Jay is a skilled tennis and pickleball player. He takes great pride in introducing himself as the biggest Chicago bear fan who attended more than 10 games in the year 1972 and every single game in the year 1985.