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Putting Alonzo Priest and Kyle Farber in a closet together was exactly the type of shitty thing Khrissy would do, considering that Kyle is the reason Alonzo had to come out.

It's not like he forced him out of the closet or anything. He just forced his not-boyfriend at the time out of the closet, which kind of resulted in them getting into a fight and him yelling out that they were fucking in front of a large portion of the school only a couple of months after a really public, but really justified breakdown due to his father's death. So technically speaking Alonzo outed Alonzo, but you couldn't tell Alonzo that. Either way, he tried his best to be civil with the asshole.

They'd had a couple of incendiary spats throughout high school but mainly over moral principles and values rather than personal issues. That still didn't mean that Alonzo Priest wanted to be stuck in close quarters with Kyle Farber for any reason at all.

"This fucking sucks," Alonzo said under his breath.

"You think I want to be here," Kyle responded.

"Zo, you good," Thalia asked.

"I'm fine, I'm just going to ignore him for the next 4 and a half minutes and this will all be over," Alonzo called out.

"It's pretty," George yelled out after about 30 seconds had passed, "you guys sword fighting in there."

"Fuck no," Kyle yelled back, "No way in hell I'd let him touch me, man."

"Like I'd ever touch you to begin with. What the hell is wrong with straight men, why do y'all think we want to fuck all of you," Alonzo muttered.

"I don't think you'd want to fuck all straight men, but definitely think that you want to fuck me," Kyle said confidently.

"That's pretty gay don't you think," Alonzo pointed it sarcastically.

"It's not gay. I know I'm hot as fuck. With as many chicks as I pull, I'm sure a gay guy wouldn't be that hard," Kyle responded.

"Oh my god, you're fucking disgusting," Alonzo muttered.

"How," Kyle snorted.

"Are you serious," Alonzo asked, shocked that a person could be that vain and conceited. Kyle stared at him confused as to what he could be talking about.

Alonzo rubbed his temples before sighing, "I'm going to chalk your narcissism up to blissful stupidity," he said lowly.

"It's not narcissism, it's true," Kyle said, the grin on his face audible.

"No, it's narcissism. To even think that I, or any gay man for that matter, would be dying to be with you is ridiculous," Alonzo said half-truthfully.

"Don't act stupid Priest, I know your type," he began.

Alonzo tried to act confused but he knew exactly what he meant. While Alonzo was a very proud and out gay young man, he tended to attract the opposite type. Alonzo had a penchant for attracting guys who acted like they weren't gay or guys who didn't know they were gay at all. Thal and Roland said it was because he was such a caring person and could create safe spaces. Cole said it was because he had a nice ass. Alonzo didn't care why it happened, he just knew it was fucking exhausting. Furthermore, he knew he definitely didn't want it from Farber.

"Unfortunately for you, however, I don't operate that way," Kyle said, taking a jab at his sexuality.

"Fucking Christ Farber, let me make this clear to you," Alonzo said elevating his volume just a little, "you may be objectively attractive, but nothing, and I mean nothing about you is attractive to me. I have no desire to touch you. Not even a little bit."

They stood in the closet for about thirty seconds in complete silence before Kyle pulled out his phone and began typing.

'Oh come on ur full of shit,' Kyle had typed on his phone before passing it to Alonzo

"You're joking, right," Alonzo said out loud. Kyle motioned with his head to the phone.

Alonzo cut his eyes and typed back on the phone with an annoying sense of dexterity, handing the phone back to Kyle 'I wouldn't touch you if every living thing on earth's life depended on it Farber.'

'Ur ACTUALLY full of shit, u know u would," Kyle typed back.

'Well for starters Farber the fact that you can't type out *you* is a sure-fire sign we won't be doing anything, even in the apocalypse. Second, I would never fuck a sexist, chauvinist, bigoted, asshole," he typed back with a dignified look on his face.

'Who said anything about fucking Alonzo?,' he typed back with a wicked grin on his face.

'No one did I'm just saying,' he huffed as he typed back.

'Nope that was a faustian slip," Kyle typed back with a giant shit-eating grin on his face,

Alonzo took his time to read the message twice before sighing hard and rolling his eyes, "It's Freudian slip, dumbass, and in order to have one you have to WANT the thing you fuck up and say. I in no way shape or form want to fuck you let alone touch you."

Kyle took the phone and his shit-eating grin went blank, and then returned this time with a devilish and dark edge, "Oh come on u know that's a lie Alonzo you'd do it if you could,' he typed.

'You act like I'd let you get the chance,' Alonzo typed back.

'I know i would," he typed back with an assuredness, unlike anything he'd ever seen before.

'Okay what type of bullshit game is this Farber, what have you and your sister cooked up,' Alonzo typed back.

'No game Khrissy fucking with Ronnie has shit to do with this i just know if i wanted to i'd make it happen," read the message he'd handed back to Alonzo, staring him dead in his eyes.

They stood there as the tension in the walk-in closet grew infinitely thicker. There's no way that this was happening right now, Alonzo was sure of that. He knew this game too well. "Straight" boy entices gay kid with the chance to feel on their rockhard jock body. The only issue is this goes one of two ways, either they fuck or the gay boy gets embarrassed, and Alonzo wasn't down for either of those outcomes. Either way, Alonzo wasn't sure if it was the heat of the situation or reality, but it felt like Kyle was a lot closer to him than he had been before.

"As a matter of fact," Kyle said under his breath before plucking the phone from Alonzo's hand.

'If I really wanted to I'd make YOU ask me,' the message read.

"Bullshit," Alonzo reflexively said out loud.

"You think so," he said under his breath.

"I know so," the darker-skinned boy responded.

In almost no time at all Kyle had closed the distance between him and Alonzo. He had him pinned against the wall, one hand on his chest and the other on his side.

"Let's make a bet," he whispered in his ear, the hot breath sending a chill down Zo's spine, "I bet by the end of third quarter, I'll have you begging me to fuck you."

Alonzo's eyes went wide, he was certain that Khrissy had put her brother up to this bullshit, but now, he wasn't so sure at all. In fact, he was more certain that this was completely Farber's doing, nonetheless he was intent on calling Farber's bluff.

He swallowed before saying, "And if you don't," Alonzo asked.

"You get to tell everyone else about this conversation," he whispered.

"They won't believe me," the black boy nearly croaked.

"Fine, I'll tell it. So do we have a deal, Priest," Kyle said, as he slowly moved his hand from his chest outward to start a handshake.

Despite how bad of an idea this felt like and how surreal it all was, the only thing Alonzo hated more than dumb situations was being challenged. Plus, he'd be lying if he said the opportunity to have Farber embarrass himself wasn't enticing.

He grabbed the white boy's hand to shake it, "Deal."

Instantly he was pulled in closer, their faces centimeters apart, "I'm going to win Alonzo," he said his breath brushing up against his lips. They stood there like that for a few seconds. Alonzo may have been going crazy but he swore they were going to kiss. Even crazier, despite having had no desire to kiss the boy prior, he would have let him.

"Then it's a bet, Priest. Now I'm going to step back, try to lose this," Kyle said grabbing what Alonzo had to assume was a hardon in his pants, "and we're going to act like we stood in this closet in silence for four and a half minutes. Cool with you," he asked.

"Fuck you, Farber," Alonzo said quietly.

The athlete across the closet smiled at him.

A couple of minutes later Khrissy released them from the confines of the closet and things seemed normal. But if you looked close enough, you could see Alonzo trying to look at anything else but Kyle Farber, and Kyle Farber slyly staring at nothing else but Alonzo Priest.

The game was, in fact, on.

Kyle Farber sat surprisingly quiet at the table between the Hall brothers and across from Alex.

They sat there talking, once again, about Yesenia's boobs like they hadn't seen pictures of them before.

"Like, look, I know the pictures showed that she had nice tits but like seeing them in person? She may have the best boobs in your sister's little thot pack, no offense, Kyle," George said.

Kyle wasn't listening at all, but he nodded anyhow.

"Oh, bullshit," Greg cut in, "Dude, we've all seen Anna-Stacy, we all know she has the best boobs, scratch that, the best body out of that whole squad."

"That's my fucking sister, dipshit," Alex cut in.

"And she's a fucking piece, my point stands," Greg cut in, "Hey, Kyle, my dipshit of a brother thinks Yesenia has better tits than Anna-Stacy. What do you think?"

Kyle made eye contact with the rest of the group barely registering the question. What did he think? Well honestly, he didn't think about it much at all. Furthermore, he couldn't care less at this exact moment. He was too busy thinking about what had happened in the closet at the party. What the fuck had even happened in that closet to begin with?

'Well obviously you've made a pretty damning bet with one of the most popular gay guys at school that you'd make him beg you to fuck him,' Kyle thought to himself. But that wasn't what bothered him. What bothered him is what in the entire fuck had made him not only make that bet but act on one of his deepest and darkest desires like that?

"You're fucking stupid George," Kyle said, placating the boys.

Okay, though Kyle may seem like the type to be an openly chauvinistic homophobe and a secret gay sex fiend, he was far from it. Kyle was actually disgustingly good at hiding his attraction to men. He had mastered every slick way to look at other men, had figured out every way to approach all sorts of dudes about their sexuality, and he'd only ever messed with three guys with only one of them identifying as gay. Hell, he even downloaded a VPN to watch gay porn and kept that occurrence to no more than three times a month. Most importantly though is Kyle never felt like he was hiding a secret from anyone. To him, being attracted to men was no different than having a foot fetish or being a hardcore furry. To Kyle, his attraction to men was just that, an attraction to men, it didn't make him gay or bi or pan or anything except attracted to men.

So with that being said, Kyle was just as confused as anyone else would be by these events because his very secret 'fetish' had jumped out in full force earlier that night. It wasn't like he'd been without a nut, and he'd just had a gay porn day two days ago; he was currently prospecting two girls from their school and he'd never even looked at Alonzo in that type of way prior to that moment. That was where the confusion lied. Prior to that moment, Kyle Farber had never thought once about Alonzo Priest in a sexual manner. I mean sure, Alonzo was hot but that was an objective fact rather than something Kyle had noted, and it took more than being attractive for Kyle to be attracted to a man. On top of that Alonzo Priest was very, openly, obviously gay and had an on-again-off-again relationship with a guy that was easily the same size as Kyle and while he had faith he could kick the guy's ass both of those issues were definitely things Kyle didn't want to involve himself with.

And yet here he was, thinking about how bad he wanted to shove his tongue down Alonzo's throat in that closet. To be honest, he was still thinking about it but now it was interspersed with thoughts about how he'd completely lost his cool in there and how he was going to get him to beg for sex thanks to that little socially suicidal caveat he'd thrown in there.

And then there was that. Where the fuck did that come from? Really, who the entire fuck sets up a bet with someone they kinda outed thinking they won't win the bet to out them? The logical answer is no sane person would do that. But Trapped-in-a-Closet-with-Alonzo Kyle was not a sane person. He was some weird, sex-crazed, attraction-drunk alien hellbent on doing whatever it took to feel as close as he could to a person he really didn't know. Nonetheless, he had to make good on his bet and make Alonzo beg because if not—

"Hey, Kyle," Alex said, breaking Kyle out of his train of thought.

"Yeah," Kyle asked, tuning back in.

"Did you hear us at all," George asked him.

"What about," Kyle asked.

"What do you think the chances are that Torrance is shit in bed," Greg retorted.

"Dude she just had a pretty shitty break-up, what the fuck," Trent said with his faux-chivalry.

"Like you wouldn't fuck, Golden," Alex groaned.

Trent Shelby, who had snuck out of his house to hang out with his friends at their favorite late-night eatery, Walk-Up Walker's, was the group "golden boy". Granted he was more like a shiny golden plastic necklace than an actual saint, but that didn't stop him from pretending that he was the good ol' Christian, "abstinent," goody two shoes his preacher parents wanted him to be.

"I'm not saying I wouldn't but like, come on that was Ronnie's girlfriend for like, three years," Trent added.

"Okay, so fuck her in private," Alex said with a scoff, "I'm talking to the wrong person, Kyle what do you think," Alex asked.

Honestly, Kyle thought that this conversation was stupid. Considering he had had sex with Torrance while she was with Ronnie he could verify that she wasn't a bad lay at all, but he didn't want to be the conversational killjoy. Furthermore, he really wanted to keep racking his brain for a reason for his earlier actions, so he tried to think up some stupid response.

"Her whole crew is full of thots, so I'm sure she's the same. What's the saying, birds of a feather flock around or some shit," Kyle mused as he took a long sip of his drink.

"Clearly not enough, didn't Ronnie dick half of the cheer squad," Greg added, "maybe she should've learned a thing to two from her friends."

"Not the first time we've heard that tonight," Alex chortled.

"Hey, don't talk about Kyle and his closet buddy," George added.

"Fuck, you guys. My sister forced me in the closet with that homo," Kyle said; elbowing George in the side.

"How does a 5' 4" midget like that force you to do anything," Greg asked.

"You've clearly not met our sisters," Alex deadpanned, "they're fucking demons."

"So glad we don't have sisters," Greg said, reaching across Kyle to high five George.

"All I know is I'm happy it wasn't me," Trent said.

"Why? You would've just prayed the gay away with him for seven continuous minutes," Alex said under his breath, yet audible for everyone to hear.

"Shut the hell up. I wouldn't have done a damn thing. There's no way I could've even had a conversation with him. He literally chooses to take it up the ass, we don't have the same type of mindset," Trent shot back.

"Didn't your ex let you try anal with her," Alex pointed out, Trent turning red at the statement.

"Shut up, Alex," Trent said flustered as the other boys laughed.

"Either way man, we all know Kyle didn't choose to go in there and it's definitely not like he wanted to be in there when he was," Alex said to the table, "Isn't that right, Kyle?"

"Hell yeah, man," he lied.

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