"Hell is this shit, no matter how many times I'm reincarnated I can't get a break from those accursed gods", thought a man laid on his back on the sandy desert surrounded by mountains upon mountains of piled-up corpses with impaled goat heads, skewered long-horned whales using their own horns, gigantic mammoths with severed legs and tendons strapped to the necks of the deceased riders.

Chariots with golden ornaments and wheels made of long spikes in the center, a whole legion of armies' demolition into nothing but dead, the pungent stench of blood, faeces and piss still lingered in the air and only one man remained breathing with a whizzing sound,

Facing the sky that was covered with red clouds, his torso mutilated beyond recognition and his lower body from the waist down nowhere to be seen with his purple blood smeared on the floor, if someone suffering from trypophobia saw the multiple holes in his body they would undoubtedly faint from all the fear.

The light grey armor glowing in the dark red-colored sandy battlefield differentiated him from the rest of the billions of dead soldiers and creatures with the same brown attire.

The clouds began to churn more and more to form a huge cloud whirlpool that spun at an unimaginable speed and had red lightning in the center that looked like a grinder of death which at the center formed a giant red eye of lightning that saw all,

"The soul blood slavery reincarnation is about to start, darn it! Even as I undergo rebirth, they always have to make me go through such torture" thought the man as his mouth spewed out purple blood the throat clamped tightly by a severed green scorpion's clippers.

As the whirlpool was descending like a giant grinder about to dispose of waste by crushing and shredding every bit of it to pieces, a teardrop fell from the eyes of the already worn-out body that looked unrecognizable, "I'm tired" he thought.

Having no strength to move the purple-eyed man started laughing crazily out loud uncaring of his condition but this laugh had a hint of despair and self-ridicule "For how many eons have I fought for you gods and always I have followed you like a fool in hopes of getting a normal life, all I asked for was to be free and live happily then die in peace, but because my soul demon race proved useful to you barbarian gods we were framed and punished to do your errands" he said

Cough! Cough! Cough!

Some blood and organs splattering on the ground the man gave a resentful gaze toward the lightning eye.

"This...time…this time I won't let you bastard gods have your way with me Razer, last of my of soul demon race" with a determined look he closed his eyes and a purple light glowed from his body that extended all over the desert planet causing the air space to crack and form fissures.

In a different world, a man was holding an infant on his left arm as he shed tears while looking at a pale smiling woman, the husky man wearing Samurai armor tightly held his sword still sheathed on his hip with his other hand, " I cannot kill you, Harley, even if you are about to turn into one of those creatures we can think of a way to save you think of our child he will need a mother even if he is infected by the death essence I can save him as well, please don't leave me both of you", said Draco stuttering with watery eyes.

Shaking her head showing her disapproval Harley looked at the blue and pale baby with softness and love in her eyes "Even if I die, I must somehow try and save our child I'm the Skylar empires number one healing mage and I should ensure Galil must live even if he may turn half undead, I must risk it"

"Then let me do it I can transfer my dragon Ki to him and you wouldn't have to sacrifice yourself,"

"You will remain as silly as ever my husband, I already told you that since I was bitten by the Undead Lord I had to suppress my giving labor, thanks to me being a healer it did not affect our baby while in the womb but due to unforeseen complications at labor, I still could not prevent the death magic from attacking our child so all I can do is transfer my healing essence to counter the death essence so our child so he has a higher chance to live," said Harley with a weak voice laid on the grassy ground soaked with her blood, urine, and other fluids.

Gripping the hilt tightly till his knuckles paled "I Draco King of the dragons will ensure the extermination and a bloodbath of the undead race and offer up the undead Lords head as offering to you my love"

Seeing her man acting so savagely Harley blushed a little "You don't have to exterminate the whole race just the head of the undead lord is enough you crazy bastard". Then she clapped her hands together in prayer while slowly opening up her palms chanting some ancient language, some character symbols came out of her mouth to form an orb on her hands that slowly bloomed into a blue lotus flower and a seed could be seen in the center.

She took the seed and placed it on the infant's mouth and immediately the seed turned liquid and seeped into the child's mouth causing the discolored skin of the child to fade away slowly,

"Take care of our child Draco and make sure he inherits your fiery spirit hehehe, now do what must be done for I wish to die still human don't let me become that bastard's undead soldier",

Tears running down his cheeks Draco did a quick draw technique "Dragons 8TH Gate of oblivion scattered ash"

With a smile on her face, Harley scattered into dust still lovingly looking at her baby.

Draco looked down at his arms and saw Galil's skin began to discolor again, "Cursed undead Lord Ashun do you intend to take even my son from me, looks like the healing essence is not enough alone, I'll have to take this upon myself"

Changing his hand into a red dragon claw Draco chanted a magic spell his mouth moving fast causing a blur effect, this was an ancient spell created by the ancestors of the dragon race called DRAGON KI TRANSFER

A red flame aura appeared on the scales of Draco and flowed out like liquid into the baby, the infant still did not cry


"No…noo…noooo how can fate be so cruel I sacrificed revealing my final trump card the power of space to find a suitable body to reincarnate and escape to another dimension but I haven't found a suitable body in all the dimensions my soul search passed by", having lost hope Razer was slowly having his soul and body sucked by the red whirlpool of clouds and as his flesh and remaining organs were being ground and, would take seconds for his soul to be ground up again like his previous reincarnations his conscience picked up the body of an infant.

With a look of shock at how lucky he was Razer immediately activated his spell to reincarnate into the boy's body.

"Heuk aah waaaaaa"