Chapter 1: Self crippling

Author note: The ** contain dialogue baby Galil cannot understand yet.

Blue, that is the color I saw every day looking at the ceiling, *Hello there young master, let me feed you your milk*

Oh, it's the maid again she's a nice tall youthful lady, always taking care of me since I'm only a baby. Looking at my small hands I watched the maid carry me onto her embrace and place a milk bottle on my mouth and, I started sucking the refreshing milk to my stomach as it growled in pleasure for finally having food.

Looking around the large room around 10 by 15 meters, painted blue and magical white crystal rocks under my crib, a yellow paper charm over the crib, and a rocking chair beside it for the maids.

Ever since I was able to cast the soul reincarnation spell to transfer to this body, I got excited, that I had finally escaped the barbaric gods.

To make sure they will never find me and that I can assure my safety in this world, is to be useless and just hide, hehehe a well-deserved vacation too, since it looks like I'm the son of a wealthy money bag tycoon.

*Ohh dear why? are you smiling so much young master Galil, is the milk that good, what a cute smile*

I still can't make out what the hell she is saying but I hope it isn't a bad thing, now after she is gone, I need to check my body for any complications that may get in the way of my perfect lifetime vacation.

*All done young master my, my what an appetite looks like young master might have a large mana pool, your check-in will come soon hope your ready*

The lovely maid placed me back on the crib and the paper charm at the top lighted up shielding the whole Crib.

Thinking to myself about how to go about my life, and avoiding the barbaric servants, I had to make sure I will never be strong, just weak, so weak that no one will even bother seeking trouble with me.

Determined to be weak for life I have to cripple myself, and so I focused and used an ancient method of the soul demon clan which is engraved to our souls and can even travel with the owner through reincarnation.

The soul search body technique, and using it I looked through my energy channels all over my body, and followed them deep inside my body to where they all connected, leading me to a small orb filled with four different colors,

Of red, black, blue and purple.

"Looks like my purple soul energy is still here plus 3 others, must be from different external sources, if I take a wild guess this must be the result of this child's parents, when they tried to save him and the dark color reeks of death energy," I thought while my eyes were closed

*ohh the young master is asleep I should go now my shift is over, the other maid will come shortly anyway no need to stay too long*

Sensing the maid leave me alone in the room I rejoiced, "finally let the self-crippling begin!" I thought

Concentrating all my residual soul energy I activated my soul technique and started to detonate my soul energy inside the multicolored core of my small body.

That is how I am, ruthless to even me when I want to accomplish my goals, I won't let even my body get in my way, what use is a body that gets in the way of your goals.

Chek! Chek! Trrr!

Sparks of purple energy started rippling in my core, moving the particles of my soul energy at a speed on par with light, I collisioned the other energies causing a reaction of immense heat, my poor stomach started growling loudly as a lot of energy was being spent.


The multicolored crystal exploded chattering like glass and like a dynamite string, the wild energy burnt through my whole meridians, destroying all the pathways to my body parts.

"hahaha I finally did it, good thing a baby can't feel much pain as such procedures of crippling yourself are agonizing for an adult. This brings me back to the days I forced my enemies to self-cripple now look at me how Ironic," I thought shaking my head.

But then the paper charm lighted up, with an intense blue light covering my body instantly, and my body shook as my meridians started repairing themselves again.

"Wait what the heck is this? Why am I healing up? It must be this paper charm magic darn it! How do I stop this from happening?"

My crystal core started immediately mending again, "this doesn't feel like healing magic more like, huh! Darn it, this is time laws, I didn't think I would be in an advanced world like this, I underestimated this world by just looking at the maids and the room and assuming they are just,

Old fashioned fools, I'm so stupid, I know better than to underestimate something," I thought as I closed my eyes again with a tight frown.

"tch! I will cripple myself today if it's the last thing I do, even if I have to use all this body's nutrients," I thought

Concentrating again I activated my ancient soul clan technique and repeated the procedure, failing multiple times I realized it was now a battle of attrition with me and the paper charm getting energy from the crystal stones under my Crip.



Trrr! Pop!

I repeated the same process multiple times shattering, the charm mending, every time my core came back it got stronger and stronger the colors started to meld together forming a dark hazy color I have never seen before and my core shrank, from the size of a pebble to that of a nail head.

"Damn it why won't this work? I'm already running low on nutrition and stamina, and this core is way too powerful, if it's discovered I'm talented, I might get too much attention, and I don't need to be powerful those gods will find me and reignite the slave spell in my soul,

I could not destroy the contract but I could only damage it and if I cripple myself, I won't become too powerful to attract anyone."

As I was still wondering if I should give up my self-crippling process, for now, the room became cold as I watched my breath become misty, and eerie darkness flickered the lighting of the room as I heard a voice tone, I could not recognize.

*Hey there little one, ohh my you look so skinny and frail, hehehe let aunty get rid of your misery, you are in the way of some pretty powerful people*

The woman had a dark-cloaked robe on and her face hidden by the darkness, the crystal lighting of the chandelier became her spotlight showing her curves outline under the long gown and, the whole room became dark showing only her.

Staring at the woman as she deactivated the charm with a wave of her hand that released green smoke and deteriorated the shield produced by the charm, I saw her take out a needle with a green tip, I rejoiced, "hahaha finally the charm is deactivated and an assassin has come by, yes you bastard prick me with that poison I need its energy," I screamed in my mind happily

Feeling a light sting to my little hand I got excited, as my nerves relaxed and my body became limp, "A got toxin very good for a silent death, it would even skip detection if done right" I thought

Concentrating again I poured the last of my energy reaching to all corners of my meridians taking in the toxin and sending it straight to my core, and started vibrating the particles of the toxin particles to explode.

Pop! Pop! Pop! Trrrrrrr!

Immediately all my meridians burnt out, and my core did not shatter but shrank further and further to nothing and disappeared and I felt my whole body become numb.

*Oh, looks like the poison has worked, killing you would be a problem so I had to cripple you least I won't be hunted to death by your father*

After that, the woman wearing a black gown disappeared in a blink of an eye, like a ghost.

"Hmm teleportation a great technique for an assassin," I thought complimenting the woman

30 minutes later as I was taking my well-deserved victory nap a sharp scream rang out

*Aaaaaa, the young master is crippled, someone help!*