Hello. Yes, it is I, The Youngest Mistress, trying to write the same story for the third time. First time I tried, hated the final product, I tried again, I hated it as well. This is my third attempt. I've revisited my plotline and made several changes—many more.

Warnings: Blood; misanthropy; graphic scenes of minors fighting adults in battles; bondage; some LGBTQ+ content.


Chapter One: Man In The Mirror

Princess Bella lightly smiled, her sapphire blue eyes gazing up at the evening sky as the stars as they were slowly about to make themselves present. Tonight… I stand before the Mirror of Suitors.

The Mirror of Suitors was a contraption that was forged by magicians about five years ago. Its purpose was to show the person who stood before it who their suitor would be. That way, the person would not have to spend eons meeting various people just to discover who would be the best spouse for them. And ever since the Mirror's use, people found happy relationships with whomever the mirror showed them.

"Are you excited, Bella?" asked her elder sister, Princess Ellen. She was wearing a long, beige strapless dress with several gems embedded at the bottom. Her hair was dark blonde and went down to her back as she bore a marvelous set of chocolate brown eyes. Right behind her, was their brother, Prince Harold II; he was around his elder sister's height; his hair was bright as Princess Bella's; his eyes were as chocolate brown as Princess Ellen's. Prince Harold before a crisp white shirt with gold buttons and a pair of brown trousers that were tucked into his leather brown, knee-height boots. Both Ellen and Harold were excited as well; Harold was the most excited out of them both—once Bella finds out who her suitor was, he had a chance to make that suitor his new hunting partner.

Princess Bella nodded frequently as her blonde hair streamed over her dusty-rose gown. "I can hardly wait for who will appear right before me! I wonder who they are; I hope my suitor is someone with massive intellect, good heart, and a good spirit in their entity," While, a large, fluffy cat with blue eyes, dark brown face and tail, and lighter brown body played with a ball of yarn, right behind her mistress Bella.

It was true. Bella's elder sister Ellen had a suitor who can read a liar's mind to gain the truth; her elder brother Prince Harold II had a suitor who was a young lady who can throw two pirates towards the nearest pile of mud very rapidly.

I hope they take much pleasure in stories, language, learning how certain evil-doers work, and making all sorts of crafts, Princess Bella thought to herself.

"Princess!" Someone—feminine and older sounding—called out to her. The princess turned around and noticed a middle-aged woman in a long red-velvet maid dress scurry up to her as strands from her graying caramel bun flew around. "It is time, dear,"

Princess Bella breathed with pure delight joy as she took the maid's hand, scurrying right behind her. Princess Ellen and Prince Harold looked at each other eagerly rather excitedly, before following their little sister into the room where she would discover who her future spouse would be. The room the Mirror was at was thin, but as long as a river in a forest. In the middle of the room was the titular Mirror itself. It was far taller than her father, its frame was as golden as her father's throne, and was lined with many jewels that were the same colors as the Poinsettias from the Merrimas times. On the right side of the Mirror was Princess Bella's father himself, King Harold I of Rayvenfall. He bore dark blonde hair and brown eyes much like Princess Ellen's, as he bore a silver and white suit with a cape lined with the finest of black and white fur. He stood with a small smile on his face, as he too could not wait for who was going to be his daughter's suitor. The King had two guards on his left and right side, in case if anything dastardly occurred.

Princess Bella stood nice and straight before the mirror, taking one deep breath as Princess Ellen stood several feet away. Princess Bella's image was there for a good second, before her image spun around and around, before disappearing in the middle of the mirror-like water in a sink; quickly, a hurricane of black, light tan, and even some dark gray emerged and spun around and around and rapidly they forged a brand-new figure.

Princess Bella gasped, her mouth opening as she touched one of her lips. Right before her, was the image of a black-haired young man staring back at her with attentive eyes.

"Who is that….?" Princess Bella pointed at the Mirror of Suitors, wondering as to who was before her. The black-haired boy was slightly taller than Bella; a long bang hung over his forehead, his skin was lightly tanned, and his eyes were as green as the trees outside; he wore a black tunic, dark gray sleeves, and leggings, and black boots.

Princess Ellen craned her head as if confused, but—Prince Harold II pointed out, thrashing his fists up, "That's Liam Beck; he's from a facility that's located somewhere by Queen Mountain. He's a hitboy—a very skilled one also. Look!"

Liam had punched a brute three times in the face, before punching the latter's gut; the brute doubled over, obviously feeling massive pain that was inflicted on him. Liam pulled out a dagger and with a snarl, stabbed the brute in the middle of his neck, producing minor ribbons of blood, as the blade itself struck out like a plant growing out of a pot. The brute gaped like a fish, eyes staring intensely at the boy who slaughtered him like the animal that he was. A corner of Liam's lip was lifted, as he lightly lowered his gaze, quietly pulling the dagger out as his eyes radiated with pure guile. All that was heard, was the brute's corpse falling to the ground.

"Oh my!" Princess Bella patted her cheeks. "Oh, well, surely, someone like Liam Beck must be physically fit." She promptly imagined Liam taking off his shirt and showcasing his well-sculpted muscles to anyone who passed by.

"This boy is what this world in dire need of; with him, the percentage of criminals and the like will fall drastically," King Harold I told, before walking over to Princess Bella, "Darling, you shall journey with my guards to bring this boy to the castle! For he shall be your future husband!"

Prince Harold turned to his elder sister, "I can't wait for Liam to arrive; after all, I could take him hunting and roughhousing with me."

It was when King Harold I frowned heavily at Prince Harold II. King Harold I hated that Prince Harold thought that life was all about roughhousing, goofing, and hunting around. The King loomed behind his son, grabbing the older teen's shoulder. Prince Harold II tensed, soon meeting his father's gaze; Prince Harold felt nervous, kindly asking his father, "Yes, father?"

"Why can't you be more like Liam, Harold?" King Harold I vehemently demanded his son.


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