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Chapter Four: Run For Your Life


Daevas sat on his throne, barking his head off like a drunkard after hearing a joke in a tavern. A large, foggy cloud of purple and silver magic was standing before him, showing Daevas what used to be King Harold I of Rayvenfall.

"Turning the King of Rayvenfall into stone is absolute gold!" Daevas clapped his hands together loudly like an excited child. "Now Lord-Regal-Pants can't do anything to retrieve his little-baby-waby-girl back!"


The King's three children and their suitors were situated in the royal banquet hall. Prince Harold was pacing around, rubbing his hair rapidly as he moved up and about behind Baroness Tania, who sat in the second to the last chair at the long table. Princess Ellen had her face flat on the dark blue and golden table, quietly sobbing to herself as Prince Troy was calmly rubbing her back, hoping to soothe her. Princess Bella sat very still in the last chair across from Princess Ellen and Baroness Tania, staring right at the horizon, emotionlessly. Liam was in the corner, wearing the same blue shirt from last night, staring at the floor with a fingertip in his teeth.

"Who could have done this?" Prince Harold inquired. He was donning a blank white, buttoned-up shirt, cream trousers, and brown and golden slippers.

"Well, I have no clue, but you pacin' around like that won't help anything, babe," Baroness Tania told her suitor, turning to face him with much concern. She was donning a dark salmon-colored nightgown with two thick straps on it.

"Hopefully, the royal detective can decipher who did this to the King of Rayvenfall and why," Prince Troy added, as he was patting his fiancée's hand. Prince Troy was donning a gray buttoned-up shirt and pants with dark gray stripes. Princess Ellen was a sapphire blue nightgown that went down to her knees, with blue, transparent sleeves.

"Should we tell the kingdom what has occurred?" Prince Harold II looked at his peers, sounding as if he ran a marathon.

"Perhaps it is wise that your kingdom is notified; perhaps we should notify our parents about this, as well, don't you agree, Baroness?" told Prince Troy, looking straight at Baroness Tania, standing up from his seat.

"Oh! Uh, of course," Baronness Tania stood up as well.

"I'll go with you all," Prince Harold II told, following the two.

It was at that point Olivia emerged from the kitchens, carrying a tray with a white and gold tea kettle on it. She noticed the young adults leaving the dining hall and asked, with a slight frown, "Where are you going?"

"We are leaving to tell our parents what will happen, ma'am, we will be back," Baroness Tania told the maid with an assuring smile, with Prince Harold right beside her, before they both followed behind Prince Troy.

When Olivia set the tray on the table, she looked to the corner and noticed that Liam was one of the few that remained behind.

"Sir Liam, why you are not going to tell your parents the dreaded news?" Olivia asked him as she came close to him.

"I am sure my trainer will learn about this soon," Liam answered, calmly.

"Do your parents know that you are the princess' suitor?" Olivia inquired.

"Why must you ask?" Liam asked her, slightly deathly.

"I figured it would be a good idea that your parents know about this; what would happen if you and the princess were caught in an accident? What would you tell them?" Olivia craned her head.

That was when a man donning a dark brown, leather coat appeared through the door. "Where is everyone else?"

"They went to notify their parents of the harsh news," Olivia promptly told the royal detective, as she was pouring some tea into a cup for Princess Bella. "They should be in the pigeon room."

"Hmph, suppose I should wait until everyone is present, so I can showcase what I have discovered," the royal detective held his knuckles on his hips; at that moment, he noticed Liam in the corner and noticed Liam's well-sculpted thighs.

"You, young man, those are some of the most muscular thighs, I've ever seen!" the royal detective commented with marvel, pointing to Liam's muscular thighs. Liam tore his finger away from his mouth, pulling his shirt past his thighs, hoping to shield them from any more 'spectators' as he averted his eyes away from the royal detective.

"I will be honest, I am extremely scared," came Prince Harold's voice, as he, Prince Troy, and Baroness came back from the pigeon room after Prince Troy and Baroness told their parents what occurred through carrier pigeons. "Not only for myself but for everyone else in the Rayvenfall Kingdom. If my father has been turned into stone then who knows what might happen next,"

Prince Harold II noticed the royal detective and hurriedly asked, "Have you encountered anything, good sir?"

The royal detective nodded and pulled out a small purple vial that was in a glass jar from the inside of his coat. "This was found in the suite of the King,"

The three young adults gazed at the jar; Baroness Tania pointed right at the vial, stating, "I actually recognize this type of vial. It comes from a shop that's between this kingdom and my homeland."

"Shop? Kind of shop?" the royal detective inquired the baroness, hoping to learn more about the place that the vial came from.

"It comes from a shop that sells powders and liquids that transform certain materials into other materials." Baroness Tania explained, eyeing it. "I use this type of stuff to turn sheep's liver into prime rib,"

The royal detective, Olivia, Prince Harold, and Prince Troy looked at Baroness Tania with curious eyes.

"What? I hate the taste of sheep," Baroness Tania shrugged, before folding her arms and looking the other way.

"I suppose some knights and I should travel to this shop and ask the patrons who they sold this item to," the royal detective told; that was when the royal detective advised the people in the room. "It is wise that you all fled this kingdom,"

"What?" Princess Ellen rose from her seat, hollering madly. "I will NOT leave my home; I wish to hunt down whoever turned my father into STONE!" Prince Troy went to his fiancée's side, attempting to soothe her once more.

"I also!" Prince Harold agreed, standing by his elder sister's side.

"You must, what would happen if something evil harmed the king's children? It would mean the end of this kingdom," The royal detective countered.

"Where would we go?" Prince Harold II asked, exasperated, before rubbing his head.

"I suggest a far-away land; so far that no evil may ever touch you." The royal detective suggested.

"N'YAHHHHHH!" Princess Bella screamed at the top of her lungs, causing everyone to jump out of their skins and immediately look right at where she was pointing at. It was long, slick, scaly, and was as dark as Liam's hair. Its eyes were a sickly green in contrast to Liam's forest-green eyes; its fangs were as sharp as any lion's or tiger's.

"What in the HELL?!" Liam screeched, bare toes backing away from the creature that managed to enter the castle, undetected.

"GO! GO!" The royal detective pushed Prince Troy, Prince Harold, and Baroness Tania out. Liam pulled out his dagger, jumped up, front-flipped, and pounced on the creature, and slid his dagger across its neck as the creature howled with pain. Olivia turned around, after having escorted Princess Bella out and took good notice of Liam, running straight for him.

"We have to go!" Olivia urged Liam, pulling Liam by the collar, and tearing him away from the creature. When Olivia turned to escort Liam away, the creature dug its fangs into Olivia's ankle, with a loud CHOMP!

"AHHHHHH!" The maid cried out, throwing her head up as she felt the blood seep through her skin. Liam jaw-dropped, not believing what he was seeing. Princess Bella heard the maid cry out and turned back.

"OLIVIA!" Princess Bella cried out. Rapidly, both Liam and Bella ran to the maid and grabbed her arms, and escorted her out, leaving the horrid creature behind. Liam and Bella sped down the hall, both holding onto Olivia's arms as Olivia limped down the marble floors, slowly throwing her head back, leaving a trail of her own blood behind her.

"Liam!" Bella breathed to Liam, turning to him, "Let's put her in my room, I always hold a medical box in there!"

About two seconds later, both teenagers found themselves placing the middle-aged maid on the Princess's bed. Olivia groaned to herself, feeling herself feel dizzy and lightheaded. Kitty was sitting on her pink cat-tree, licking herself when she looked up and noticed.

"Liam, take her shoe and stocking off while I get the bandages out," Princess Bella breathed, holding onto her chest.

"Hmm," Liam hummed, watching the princess go as he immediately pulled Olivia's shoe and stocking off; Liam saw several gashes on the woman's ankle, as streams and miniature waterfalls of blood, flesh, skin were falling from it.

The hell… Liam thought. Bella emerged and rapidly opened a box and pulled out a glass bottle filled with a noticeably clear liquid, a few white patches, and several beige bandages.

"Here, let me," Liam offered. Bella felt rather off edge, but obliged, handing the necessary supplies for Olivia's wounds. And like that, Liam promptly cleaned out the wounds and tightly wrapped the bandages around Olivia's ankle. A thick, white patch sat over where the wound was, as about three layers of beige bandages were wrapped around it, keeping everything nice and tight.

"There, it shall stay like such until a physician appears," Liam told, eyeing his handiwork.

Olivia had her hand on her forehead, breathing rather shallowly; she craned her head to look at how Liam handled her wound, but Liam stopped her.

"Rest now," Liam told the middle-aged maid before calmly standing and quietly leaving the room. Princess Bella looked at Liam, and then at Olivia, and looked at Liam once more; Princess Bella followed Liam, asking, "Liam!"

From the hall that was right by theirs, Liam could hear Prince Harold's screaming and Prince Troy's bantering as he noticed Prince Harold holding a bow in his right hand and an arrow-stuffed quiver on his back. Prince Troy was marching right beside him, griping, "What if that THING chews both of your legs off and you BLEED out to death?! What GOOD will it do to your SISTERS and this KINGDOM?!"

"That thing probably wanted to eat us! If anyone is gonna make sure no one else gets hurt, it's gonna be me!" Prince Harold pointed to himself.

"The correct phrase is 'going to make sure' and 'going to be me', you dunce!" Liam spat, keeping one hand on his hip.

"Who asked YOU!?" Prince Harold roared at Liam, leaning rather close to him as Liam's arms were folded and Liam was facing away from Harold.

"Enough from the BOTH of YOU!" Prince Troy stood in between both young men, not wanting things to get any direr than they already were. "Instead of arguing, you two could work together on how to destroy that thing!"

Prince Harold groaned, rolling his eyes, before complying, "Fine,"

"I slit the creature's throat, so it should be down—at least for a small while," Liam explained, pulling out his dagger and twirling it around.

Prince Troy huffed, "Alrighty then, I suppose we should go and let Prince Harold finish," With that, the three young men dashed for the dining hall.

The creature had thrown about eight chairs around and had thrown the table to the side. Rivers and ribbons of purple blood were strewn all over the floor like mud in a house. The second the three men reached the dining hall, Prince Harold launched an arrow at the creature, hoping to get one of the eyes, but failed; Prince Harold attempted again and this time, the arrow went into the creature's eye, causing the creature to scream like someone when they step on a nail.

Prince Troy smiled, almost wickedly, raising his fists up. Prince Harold chortled, watching how the creature was suffering from its newfound torture. Liam, on the other hand, snorted with mock amusement. Not bad, Royal-Ass.

The creature glared at Prince Harold with its still working eye and hissed, displaying its sharp teeth. It shot for the prince, but Prince Troy, pushed Prince Harold down, involuntarily bringing Liam down as well. Both Prince Harold and Liam cried out, both feeling the cold floors. Prince Troy quickly snagged one of Prince Harold's arrows and shoved it into the creature's chin, causing flesh and purple blood to manifest.

"Grotty," Prince Harold griped, shaking his hands at the very sight of it.

"Just take care of it," Both Prince Troy and Liam boomed at the rather absent-minded Prince Harold, with Prince Troy pressing the arrow he used to stab the creature's chin to Prince Harold's chest. Prince Harold placed the arrow on the string and then—


The arrow found itself in between the eyes, right in the creature's forehead. The creature shut its eyes and finally laid dead on the floor, due to the three young men that stepped in to eradicate it.

Prince Harold sighed, throwing his head back. "Is everyone alright?"

Prince Troy huffed, standing up and straightening out his clothes as Liam did the same, "Well, other than having to come in contact with foreign materials, I should be fine,"

That was when Liam stepped up to Prince Harold. "I will admit, that was rather impressive of you, Prince Harold," Liam then dipped chin down in the slightest.

That was when Prince Harold half-smirked, calmly lifting Liam's chin up, "You see? Not everyone is a dunce,"

That was when they heard Prince Troy snort, "Come on, you two," Prince Troy escorted both young men out of the dining hall. Once they were out, they saw Princess Ellen in the middle of the hall with a somewhat concerned look on her face.

"Sis!" "Love!" Prince Harold and Prince Troy respectively called out, striding right up to her.

"What happened? Is everything alright?" Prince Harold asked her.

"The criers will spread the word about what happened to the king; until the king is restored and the people who turned him into stone are brought to justice, I will take over as the ruler of Rayvenfall." Princess Ellen told, softly. "It is wise that you, Baroness Tania, Bella, and Liam left this kingdom, for your safety,"

"WHAT!?" Prince Harold hollered.

"You must, after all, I am old enough to be crowned queen," Princess Ellen looked at Prince Troy, "And if this is the case, then Prince Troy may act as my consort,"

Prince Troy widened his eyes. "Dear, you sure you want me to aid you in ruling this kingdom? I..I.."

"This takes over relationship to a whole new level, I know. But you are a mind-reader, you can find out who has a bad agenda; if we kick those rotten people out of this kingdom, the people would be safer than ever," Princess Ellen told, taking Prince Troy's hand in hers.

Prince Troy sighed, looking at their connected hands. "You serve a good point, dear; but I have little to no experience in ruling a kingdom."

"Yet, you have concern for other people, much like my father; you would make a great ruler for this kingdom," Princess Ellen told Prince Troy, a minor smile manifesting on her face.

"If you put it that way, dear; I will help you rule over this kingdom," Prince Troy promised her, holding both of their hands up.

"Harold," began Princess Ellen, walking up to her brother, "I suggest that you and everyone else start packing up,"

That was when Baroness Tania appeared from behind, holding onto Princess Ellen's shoulder. "Yes, you all can stay with my people and I in Shawne,"

That was when Liam looked up and raised a brow. He had never heard about Shawne. That was when Baroness Tania looked at Liam and asked the latter, "Have you ever been to the beach, Liam?"


Some of the maids are named after the wives of The Beatles. Cynthia is named after Cynthia Powell, who was John Lennon's first wife. Cynthia Powell died on April 1st, 2015. Olivia is named after Olivia Arias, who is George Harrison's second wife. Olivia Arias is still alive.

If Liam had any favorite movies, they would be the 'Back to the Future' trilogy, literally any film based on Stephen King's novels, some of Tim Burton's films, and any film with Tim Curry.

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