Unexpectedly it happened.

That feeling that I hadn't felt in a long time came back.

I tried to put it away, tried not to think of it.

But you're there again.

You were never gone.

You were always there.

Someone like you could never be forgotten.

A feeling like this can't be stopped.

You were always a part of my heart that was so far away.

Forgetting you would be denying myself.

Not loving you would be not breathing.

Its so easy to love you.

And I remember.

How the sound of your voice was a comfort.

How the light of your eyes just shined, always a sign of hope, of happiness.

And that smile of yours.

Lips curled mischievously as only yours can, it always made my heart skip a beat.

And by God, you always made me laugh with every little silly thing you did.

Your passion drives me, your caring and love for me making you just as ordinary as the next



And your heart, so big, so genuine.

Its' beat leads me to you, uniting our souls together.


How could I not love you?

You're special –

And only you can be you.

Ida M. Nieves

December 14, 2020