The woman rolled her eyes slightly. Fiction books were dull to her at this point in life. She could guess the theme and build of the book just by the title alone. Her Bright blue eyes scanned over each book title. Though she was reading them, she wasn't really taking in the information. No, she wasn't here for the books today. The people were much more interesting to her than some musty book with a predictable love story written inside.

When it came to people and their present problems, she couldn't hear enough of it. And when she had her pen and paper nearby, she couldn't resist the urge to write it out.

Talanoa, that was the woman's name, and she was a troublemaker. She didn't look like much of one either. Right now, her thick black wavy hair was done up in a ponytail, but her fringe was hanging over her forehead and swept off behind her right ear. Her blue eyes were the best shade of blue, but it wasn't forgettable with those almond-shaped eyes. Her skin tone was pale but not enough to make people think she never saw the sun. Today she was wearing a simple navy blue short-sleeved shirt and regular dark gray denim skinny jeans. For her shoes, they were shin-high boots. Nothing stood out.

The woman crossed her arms and sighed lightly.

'Nothing? There can't be one person here without a problem... People always have-'

"But you know I hate that girl!" A seething hiss rang out. Talaona grinned and glanced over her shoulder to the angry woman. It was a cliche blonde, with a shiny new ring on her finger. With swift movement, she headed over to a dark and empty corner of the library. With a wave of her hand, she now had her notepad, and with a little more magic, she summoned her pen. It was a glass pen. Slender, with a mix of azurite blue and gold flecks floating around. She turned her glowing blue eyes to the woman.

She then placed pen to paper and started to write. Words appeared without any ink. She wrote the scene starting from the beginning and watched them argue. Her eyes never leaving them. But her hand was writing perfectly word for word, line for line.

The woman's lover, a typical brown hair male, was trying now to yell back.

"Sweetheart, she has been my friend for years, surely you can allow her to come to the wedding." He was trying to be calm, but something was off. Talaona tried not to roll her eyes. Figures the man did love the blonde any moreā€”the furious bride to be, glared even more.

"Why should I? She flirts with you any chance she gets, and you do nothing to stop it." Her eyes held that angry glare, but there was a pain in them. The man didn't answer. Any time he tried, only sounds came out. He soon rubbed the back of his neck and looked down.

"Stop." Talaona's voice rang out, and the two in front of her had stopped moving. She gave a quick glance around to make sure no one was paying and soon placed her hand over the words she wrote. She closed her eyes, and the words glowed under her had and were erased. In a blink of an eye, the stopped figures reverted back to just a few moments in the past. She then lifted her hand, and they started moving again. Picking up right after her "loved one" spoke. 'Now... How should you have reacted to that?' Talaona hummed, then smiled. Blue eyes glittering with mischief. She then started to write.

"She flirts with you every time! And you're too nice to stop her. Hell, you even join in!" The blonde glowered at the man and waited for an answer. He only stood shell shocked. He wasn't sure how to answer that.

"Wh-wh-... I. i-i-i-i- I don't..." He couldn't finish the sentence. Talaona scuffed.

"Just admit it! I'm not the one you love! You've strung me along all the way to this..." After that, she stopped her angry and looked down at the ring before looking up at him. "Tell me now... Do you love me?" The man looked at her and looked at the ring.

"I do love you..." His voice was weak and very much unconvincing. She gave a bitter laugh and took off the ring handing it over to him.

"Goodbye." She left the library. Talaona stopped writing and smirked. There that's how it should have been. The girl was released from her spell and had no idea what had happened. All she would know was that she had to tell a lot of people the wedding was off. But really, her strings had just been pulled. This was what Talaona did. She was a storyteller. Talaona would take control of one human and write out a new outcome for them, and there was nothing they can do. After all, how can you stop something you don't know that's happening?

Besides, she was doing them a favor. By destroying their old lives and negating horrible choices, they could do better now. Think of it as a phoenix being reborn from its ashes. And each story she fixed, the better it got.

Talaona chuckled and tried her best not to bust out laughing. After she was able to calm down, she left the place before anyone could see her. Not everyone liked the storytellers. Pulling out her phone, she made a quick call.

"Hello Dear, I'm all done here. Can you come and pick me up. I have a feeling we will have some guests soon." After hearing confirmation from the person on the other end of the line, she put her phone away.

~your point of View~

Of course, that's what you read in the newspaper. Soon you find yourself standing in from of a building. Nothing looked out of place. It was a regular red brick building with a navy blue door. For something so simple, it sure is an intimidating choice to make. You reach out and open the door stepping inside. Your body is tense as you walk deeper inside the building. How far back does it go? Is this place where this big? Glowing light from a fire, a light you had been following, lead you to the woman. Her glowing bright blue eyes stare right back at you. You notice some else in the room. He's dressed as a butler, but he gives off an inhuman vibe. His eyes glowed like an amber fire as he watched you, but with the fire behind him, you can't make out any more details. But he isn't why your here. No, it was the woman. The one that held a kind smile but there is a wicked and twisted look in her eyes as she watches you. She has been waiting for her. You watched as she reached out and grabbed a cup of tea at the table next to her and took a sip before finally addressing you.

"So, are you here to tell me a story?"