Santa in the Snow Storm

Tonight would be the Christmas Eve.

Mr. Claus, or also known as Santa Claus prepared all day for his world-wide travel, finishing it in the afternoon. He tended to his reindeers next and even after that, he still had spare time before he travels so he went to sharpen his knife. Mr. Claus had a great feast this morning and he ate all the meat he could to give himself a present. He noticed in that time that his knife was considerably dull as it couldn't cut easily into the meat.

He headed to the stables after and connected his reindeers into his magical sleigh. He loaded the gifts and when the clocked indicated the 7 o'clock, Mr. Claus rode his vehicle and flew high into the evening sky. He traveled in a steady pace, enjoying the cold breeze swaying his lengthy white beard.

In an hour, they would arrive at the ocean, the reindeers will run at full throttle from that point onwards and Mr. Claus would arrive at his recipients's house in just a several seconds no matter how far they reside. That was the power of the reindeers when they were connected to the magical sleigh.

Then suddenly, he felt the wind blowing fiercer with snows falling few moments later. He became slightly worried. The snow danced along with the raging wind. His view was obstructed, and he could no longer afford to dillydally.

"…Let's go faster now," he ordered his reindeers. However, before he was able to whip them, he was blown off the sleigh by an unimaginable surge of gale.

He stretched his arm forward but it was no use, he could not touch the vehicle. He saw the reindeers struggling, the gift falling, and then finally, he was carried away by the storm.

Mr. Claus fell down. He was fortunate not to lose his consciousness during the storm but he could fathom how far he was blown off. The tempest was not going to stop anytime soon so he searched for a shelter as he walked without any sense of his direction.

"It's cold." He mumbled inside the shallow cave he found. There was nothing to burn inside, only rocks and the dirt. "I hope my reindeers were fine…"

It was then when he noticed a figure coming his way, and he stood up immediately when he realized it was one of his reindeers, Androlf. He went out the cave and welcome him before guiding him inside. The two of them huddled close together throughout the night to keep their bodies warm. Mr. Claus hoped that the snowstorm would stop tomorrow.

The snowstorm was not stopping at all and the wind rages like the way it did yesterday.

The next day, the snowstorm got even stronger, showering everything with snow.

The next day, the snowstorm stopped for half an hour before it enraged once again.

Mr. Claus felt hunger assaulting nonstop but he could not do anything. He also felt sorry for Androlf, as he noticed that his reindeer seemed to get weaker. If only he had ordered them to go faster earlier…

Androlf, along with all the reindeers wouldn't be able to fly nor run at unimaginable speed when they are not connected to the sleigh. They could not leave the cave seeing the hell of violent storm outside.

He closed his eyes, forcing himself to sleep.

It was dark when he woke up ordered by his stomach. He could not sleep due to his hunger and although he already looked inside the cave for food many times, he looked around once more, without expecting anything.

The cave interior was made of rocks. Stones were scattered inside as well but those were not edible. The dirt, perhaps was doable but he denied the thought. And then….his eyes caught sight of his beloved reindeer, whom he hugged closed in his arms. Androlf was still healthy, although he has less fat than before, he would probably taste good…

His eyes were being pulled by the reindeer's figure, and he felt his stomach churning, as if it was excited.

He swallowed…

"No…" Mr. Claus shook his head and he felt ashamed for even thinking about such things. He could not eat his reindeer and if he were forced to do that then he would rather die with him. He hugged him tighter, shutting his eyelids and forcing himself to sleep, a bit disgusted at himself for being able to think of such distasteful practice.

…He felt something shift in his arms. Opening his eyes once again, he looked around in daze in the dimly lit place and he saw his reindeer slowly standing up.

"Androlf…?" The reindeer faced him, so Mr. Claus hugged him once again. "Don't worry, we will leave tomorrow. Don't worry."

He looked at the entranced. Although it was a bit, the storm was lessening. He smiled weakly at the possibility of them leaving tomorrow. He turned around to look at the animal in his arm—

Jaws opened wide. Teeth came close to his eyes.

—That was the last thing Mr. Claus saw as his vision soon disappeared.

In the middle of snowstorm, inside a cave, Androlf ate Mr. Claus.

Mr. Claus woke up, wide eyes staring at the ceiling of his familiar room. He saw the date in his clock atop his bedside table. Today was the morning of the 24th of December. He sluggishly pulled his body upward and then opened his window, gazing outside the scenery of his yard covered in white snow.

Androlf was probably sleeping soundly in the stables right now. With that idea in mind, Mr. Claus…

Went to sharpen his knife.