Thhis is a story that I am writing ab-lib so to speak on a strange little place called the Blind Guardian forum. The folks there are giving me characters, and I'm trying to interweave them together into this story, and get them all in there! Wren was the creation from a person who calls him/herself Bright Winged Demon. I promised to give credit where its due. This is not the best, but it is a fun little story. So, enjoy.

Chapter 1
It was the type of creepy old manor house with a myriad of creaking window shutters and seven or so gables. It was one of those places that the local children would point at and dare each other to enter, but the place was not abandoned. It was very much occupied by the living and not so living. These things happen when one's ancestors build upon a Druid's sacred burial ground. The house was dark against a darker background. this was not due to the lack of the present proprietor's efforts. Ebert had had the place painted many a time, before he finally gave up in disgust. Every time he had the manor house painted a refreshing shade of white, it would turn up dark and peeling in the next couple of nights. He finally threw up his hands like all his fathers before him and gave up. It was one of those houses that truly belonged in one of those tacky gothic romances that started off, "It was a dark and stormy night . . . " Of course, Mother Nature saw things a different way tonight. It was a clear starry night with a big bright full moon that drives wolves (and the local yokels) crazy.
At this time of the night, every sane person should be cuddled up in the warm bed and sound asleep. Not so for Wren. The young man sat cheerfully on the butter churn swinging his feet and creating a not all together descent pounding rhythm. He was talking contentedly (and a bit one sidedly) with the stable boy Pip. The young farmhand was about three years the younger to the master and mistress' one and only pride and joy. He even realized that the young man was exceptional, but not exactly in a good way. After all, it was not often that you saw a young man make three very unsuccessful attempts to straddle the butter churn before he actually made it. Pip still cringed at the memory.
Technically, Wren was not allowed in the stables. This came about after a series of incidents that lead to a series of accidents, that lead to the reason why the stable was much younger than the rest of the house. Of course, due to the paranormal activities that were going on, it didn't look it. Pip remembered the blaze and the young man trying to put the flames, which only lead to more destruction. Oh well, they needed a new stable anyway, and one couldn't ban Wren from every place that he caused disaster. The boy would have no place to live, muchless stand.
Wren was one of those types who didn't give up easily or at all. He was determined to right all wrongs, and he knew that true love would conquer all. Of course, he had the tendency of making the wrong worse like rescuing a criminal from the just punishment and leaving the innocent to fend for themselves or like feeding more fuel to the fire instead of extinguishing it. The other half of the statement came in the form of an attractive (maybe a little too attractive) package called Angel. No matter what the servants or the farmhands told him about love was a two way street., and she wasn't the other half, and the fact that her name was really a misnomer, he wasn't about to give up on her. Of course, to say that Angel was not fond of the opposite sex was not exactly correct. And the folk of the male variety fell over themselves for her and her shapely tight fitting skirts, that had slits far enough up to create interesting imaginations, and the low dipped shirt left little to that imagination. She was destructive force in her own right, but in a completely different way.
Tonight, Wren was telling his hopes and plans of action to win the lady fair. He planned to defeat merauding villains and fire breathing dragons for her. Of course, he had a hard time with not so vicious animals, and he didn't exactly win there either.. he didn't do so well against the rampaging goat, who was intent upon skewering the darling Angel. (She didn't exactly get on well with goats, and it didn't help that was the main part of Wren's family profession. Actually, she didn't get on well with any animal.) Anyway, to make a long story short, she was rescued at the last moment by a rather large farmhand named Rocho, who lifted her out of harm's way and pounded the goat to unconsciousness. Wren, on the other hand, came away from the situation with several interesting hoof shaped scars. It was not exactly effective to stand in the path of a charging goat with his arms outspread.
Pip only shook his head. Ebert had decided that night it was time for Wren to prove he was no longer a child. The young man was to embark upon a quest of his choosing. This wasn't so bad, thought Pip, and it was rather amusing to see the mistress of the house choke on her pork roast when the announcement was made. She argued vehemently with the master, and she offered to many and asundrious things of bodily harm to him. He would have backed down, too (She was bigger and meaner than him), except for the butler (creatively enough called Jeeves) who calmly pointed out in that cryptic voice of his, that it had been a family tradition for many generations (and there was no telling how many generations that Jeeves had seen, and no dared to ask the seven foot tall well built person) before the young master would have any right to his inheritance. No one challenged him. Everyone just nodded in silent agreement.
Pip wasn't too thrilled about the naming of the honored squire, since Wren suggested him. The dark glare from the esteemed butler and the spreading wetness in his pants quelled the stable boy. So, he had to finish out his many and various chores and prepare the horses for the morrow's journey (and make peace with his gods).
Neither boy could sleep that night from excitement. Wren looked forward to the new adventure with excitement, and Pip felt that his days were numbered. Their first stop would be to visit that estate of the most divine Angel's family. Wren had no real idea where to start on his quest. So, he thought he would ask the lady fair where to go. She was sure to tell him. He also wanted to ask her favor on this quest. This could prove to be a most interesting experience