Terry returns from California feeling great. Terry lays in his bed and thinks about the day that he's at with Jane and Mary.

The next day Terry entered the school with a smile on his face and presenting himself in a confident energetic way. Terry runs into his friends Jeff, Mark, and Clyde hangs out with them.

"Hi Terrence, you seem peppy." Jeff says, taking notice of Terry's new energy.

"Well, I feel peppy. I had an awesome day yesterday." Terry tells them.

"Really what happened?" ask mark.

"I could tell you but you would not believe me."

"Come on tell us." mark says. "Try us." Jeff tells terry.

"Try this." Terry goes into his backpack and takes out the new Demon Devil issue.

"No way, you have this. It's not supposed to come out until tomorrow night." Jeff says in amazement.

"I have my connections." Terry sees Sabrina at her locker and decides to take a chance "You know speaking of connections."

Terry walks up to her and makes his move "Hello Sabrina." Terry says in a suave way.

"Oh, hello Terrence." shock to see him so assertive.

"So how about you and me go out to a movie tonight?"

Sabrina giggles a little bit not expecting Terry to be so bold "Okay."

"Cool, pick you up at 8."


Terry then climbs through the window

"Hey Terry, where are you going?" Clyde asks, being concerned.

"I'm too excited around in a room for 6 hours learning nothing that will ever reply to me in life."

Shocked by Terry's new attitude Jeff says aloud "That was so not Terrence."

Terry goes home feeling outstanding. Terry looks at himself in a body mirror, trying on different clothes for his date tonight. First a tuxedo, but that was too fancy for a movie date. Next a button-up shirt with khakis, but it was not Terry's style. Terry then tried on a blazer, with a tie, which was close but not quite right yet. Finally, he stuck with just nice clean clothes, a white shirt, denim jeans, and a hoodie jacket.

"So how long till our date?" Terry asked himself.

"12 hours."

"Ahhh! Why so long?!" Terry complains.

"Maybe you shouldn't have class, makes the time move a lot faster."

"Or maybe we can just skip today and just go straight to the date." Terry says

"Come on, don't skip the entire day, you'll possibly miss out on something important."

"All right, all right. Let's just do something we always wanted to do."

"And that is?"

"I'm not sure yet."

Terry spends time thinking of anything he has always wanted to do. He tosses a ball against the ceiling, and Pace back and forth, and even meditates but nothing comes to him.

"Think of anything?"

"Nope." Terry gets frustrated that he can't think of anything. "Ahhh! Why is it so hard?!"

"I guess you focus on things you want when you don't have the opportunity to get it as opposed to these powers that make everything possible."

"Wow, that sucks."

"I don't worry you just have to remember what we wanted before you got these magnificent, astronomical, horrifying, powers."

"Well..." Terry takes a moment to think. "I always wanted to be invited to hang out with the other kids."

"There you go I wait to be invited when we can just go."


"Let's go."

"Wait, it's only 8:25 school is still going.

"Oh." Terry spends about 10 seconds waiting before asking himself "You want to just skip ahead to where school ends?"

"Yes!" Terry says in relief.

His friends, Jeff, Mark, and Clyd are at a convenience store buying snacks. Terry just so happens to bump into them and hang out with them. They first just walk around town, then they go to Jeff's house where they just talk, then they play video games. At first, Terry likes spending time with them, feeling a sense of belonging but as more he spent time with them, talking about sports, girls, and becoming rich the more he lost interest in them.

Watching Clyde and Mark play smash brawl 5000 he thinks to himself "Okay I'm bored."

"Wait what?"

"I'm bored and I want to leave."

"Can't just leave you made a commitment."

"No, I didn't."

"You made an unspoken commitment not to leave until it's time for your day; it's only 3."

"Yeah, but I have nothing in common with them."

"Yeah but they're nice."

"Kind of. Listen I don't want to seem like a jerk. I'm just going to skip forward to my day."

"Wait but..."

Appearing outside of Sabrina's house feeling great until he takes one look at the house. Terry feels his panic attack coming back to him. He can barely move as he tries to think about taking another step. Terry talks to himself to try to get past the cold paralyze fear he is feeling.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, you know this was much easier when this date was hours away."

"Yeah and now you have to follow your commitment to Sabrina."

Terry managed to walk up to the front door. He materializes some flowers then he rings the doorbell. Sabrina opens the door and she comes out looking beautiful. She too is just wearing casual wear, but the fact she said yes to him, Terry can barely hold himself together.

"For you." Terry proceeded to hand her flowers.

"Thank you." Sabrina notices how anxious he is "what's wrong?"

"Nothing just nervous."

"Nervous but you seem so confident when you ask me out."

"Yeah, I was in a different mindset back then."

"I hope you're not having second thoughts. I've been looking forward to this all day."

"Oh, I would never." Terry assures her

The two start walking to the movie theater. Terry is still bumbling around getting worse as he feels more embarrassed but Sabrina actually feels flattered that he feels this way towards her.

Working up the nerves to talk to her Terry asks Sabrina "So do you know what movie you want to see?"

"You're okay seeing anything I want?"

"Yes." then thinks to himself "No."

"Are you sure?"

"Absolutely." finishing in his head "Not."

"Even if it's something girly like The Tender Loneliness of the Yearning Lady?"

"If that is your desire." adding "That's not my desire" in his head.

"Okay, then I want to see The Ultimate Supremes."

"What?" Terry thinks to himself before saying "Okay not what I was expecting."

"What, you don't think a girl like me was like an epic comic book movie?"

"Not that I just never heard you talk about anything comic book related before."

"Oh have you been stalking me or something?" she says flirtatiously.

"Now just surprised."

When they get to the theater Terry tells her. "Everything is on me, get whatever you want."

"Oh, how gentlemanly of you."

"That seems wrong using your powers to cheat the system especially when you refuse to do the same with Mary."

"When you have the power why not use them to your benefits."

The two go see The Ultimate Supremes where the two have a great time. A movie with a bunch of action with powerful emotional scenes mixed with a little comedy. The two enjoy the movie but mostly enjoyed each other's company, holding hands halfway during the movie, seeing each other's expressions during the movie, and a spark igniting between Terry and Sabrina.

"I had a great time tonight."

"That's great so you want to do this again sometime?"

"Sure thing."

"Okay let me think of some other place we can go then it's a day."

"How about I choose our next place for our date?"

Terry is about to leave before Sabrina says "Terry?"

She then kisses him on the cheek. She enters her home and Terry is so excited he runs into the woods, jumps high into the sky, and explodes creating an insane light show. Terry then floats down like a leaf. He gently lands on the ground taking in the kiss Sabrina gave him. But then something enters Terry's mind, something that causes him to be concerned, something that she says to him. "Terry?"