Thoughts had always been a thing of fancy to me. My father had been given the gift of telepathy many years ago before I was born.

I didn't think he'd ever thought he'd see the day I became like him with this power, this gift...

As I sat there on my cushy bed, I only let the thoughts of the outside world pass in my head.

I seemed to pick up thoughts from a good distance away, almost to the bottom of the hill. The only thing I feared was not knowing how to silence them when I'd had too much.

This can't be it... I listened closely to my beloved Tyler's thoughts, as he sat beside me, burying his head into his knees in a crouching fetas position, he can't win...

"Who, Tyler?" I asked him, and he blinked his blue eyes, glancing to the side of him at me. He seemed to realize something important at that moment.

I hope that I remain the same person you love after you see me for what I am.

"What you are, Tyler?" I asked confused, and hung my arm over his shoulder to give him comfort, "You are more than just your thoughts..."

"But, I am half my thoughts..." He whispered to me, closing his eyes and letting a tear roll down his cheeks.

Then, I heard it.

Thoughts of so many others surrounding me. Thousands of thoughts, some good, some bad and some just nasty.

I stood up and slipped into more proper clothes, things just swishing past me as I got changed like it was an artistic skill. I finally sat back down, pulling up my socks on both of my slender legs, and slipping my feet into pink high heel shoes.

I stood before Tyler, spinning around, my long golden hair following like it was a cape of its own making.

"How do I look, honey bun?" I asked with a twinkle in my eyes, and Tyler sighed, his chest falling as he sat up properly to look at me.

Like a million dollars, I heard him think but heard him say, "You look beautiful."

His physical words seemed to be filled with deep pain from within, and I felt like I was feeling his sadness inside my being as well. More empathic I seemed to be now than before this gift.

He slowly crawled across the bed and picked up my hand with his, kissing the back of mine and whispering.

"My beauty."

I smiled warmly, my cheeks heating up and giving me more colour in my face.

We both startled back a little, as the noise from outside grew louder and louder. The voices in my mind suddenly becoming so very loud and busy.

I blocked my ears in pain, but that didn't stop the thoughts... and the feelings, so very many I felt like I was up and down in emotions, so very unstable.

We left for the kitchen to eat breakfast.

I gazed out the dim windows, seeing crowds of young people my age pushing and shoving each other to get their damn new power already. There was no respect for the giver of the gifts, just the gifts themselves.

"Where will we celebrate?" Tyler asked me, closing his eyes softly with a warm smile and I raised my finger, about to say my idea when we heard Luke's voice spring through our minds.

Here, we'll have it here for Jessica's big send of!

I was thinking... I thought back to him hesitantly, maybe my parent's house?

Why bother them with preparations? Luke thought back to us, seeming to be keeping tabs on all we were doing, planning and thinking about, I mean, you'll be with them all the time once you move out.

Stop it, Luke. Tyler warned him back with his thoughts that I could now hear with my telepathy, she's staying here, or else WE both leave.

Luke didn't reply after that, the room growing quiet from our minds' thoughts.

Tyler flipped the pancakes that were in the pan, landing them flat on the china plates. I smiled as he placed a batch before me, with a face created by cream and strawberries.

"Tyler, you didn't have to. Oh! Thank you!" I said and kissed him on the cheek. But my head was hurting a little because in the background I had kept the thoughts, them becoming like a white noise that was unceasing.

When the time hit ten O clock, my phone became alive with buzzing and I picked it up giddily, looking forward to the birthday wishes and salutations.

The first call was Amy.

She sounded excited for me on her side of the connection, and we talked for a few minutes before she asked when and where the party was.

IT'S IN THE TEMPLE! We heard Luke transmit his demanding thought through all our heads, Come by at 6!

"O...kay?" Amy spoke back to me, seeming to have heard him in her head as well, "Well, see you then."

"Bye, bye..." I said sadly. I waited a few more minutes to hear from the others... but it was then I realized, that the others... they were gone.

Cameron in the digital world, his body a lifeless cocoon. Padraig behind bars. This party would only have Amy, Tyler, Luke and me. My last friend, Amy. But then the images of my family and extended family sprung to my mind's eyes and thoughts.

I just hope there wouldn't be any drama with this gathering. Every night I would hear Sebastian, one of the immortal royals, viral video where he warned us about uprisings and the persecution that would come from such acts.

He had released it to the city's screens after Luke had blown his kingdom to smithereens.

Don't worry, Sebastian and the other two royals weren't harmed. They couldn't be with their gift of immortality.

But there was a lot of deaths from their servants, security force and all who worked behind his castle's brick walls. Now, slowly being rebuilt to its former glory. But the royals' grudge, it would never go away, and I was afraid they would look for vengeance.

I wasn't worried for Tyler... but my own heart wasn't invincible like his. Then the thought of what my father had said to me before I left home to live in the temple.

"You want to be with a boy when your EIGHTY!?"

"Tyler is NOT a BOY!" I roared in tears.

"He's a child forever..."

"He's eighteen! HE'S A MAN!"

"You will regret this Jessica! You will waste your life with someone who can't grow with you, change with you, who can DIE with you!"

I snapped out of the memory, the pain hurting my chest from the tension, and my timid heart quaking. I looked back at Tyler who was washing the dishes, and I smiled a pained smile.

You know it's true...

I froze when I heard Luke whisper this into my mind, you know...

I was not stupid, I understood the cost. But today I loved Tyler, and tomorrow... why think about tomorrow?

The present is all I had. But I felt afraid.

"A child forever..."

I was still a child too... don't focus on what is so very far off. Focus on now.

I heard Luke sigh in my mind and whispered in a cold warning.

Now, ha... I froze a little as he spat those words in my mind, that's now all you have...