Pieter Stalenhoef started his professional journey with Provident Bank after he completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Vermont. His tenure at Provident Bank was followed by a position at another Cincinnati financial institution and soon after, he proceeded to move to the Boston region to work with Fidelity Investments.

As he dedicated more than seven years of his life working in a variety of positions with Fidelity, Pieter Stalenhoef handled several responsibilities. As a team leader, Pieter was required to manage a group responsible for resolving issues involving high-value clients. It was while working for this company that Pieter also managed to complete his Master of Science degree. He is proud of the fact that he graduated the course with high honors.

Currently working for Highland Financial Group, Pieter was previously associated with Wells Fargo where he drew on almost two decades of equity analysis experience to serve as the office's designated analyst in the areas of consumer, media, and healthcare. Pieter likes to spend the little time he spares away from work with his family.

About Pieter Stalenhoef

Pieter Stalenhoef is an aspiring novelist who is currently working for Highland Financial Group as a Financial Planner. He is a Bachelor in Business Administration from the University of Vermont and a Master of Investment Management from Boston University. He has been a member of the Boston Security Analysts Society for more than 18 years now. In addition to that, Pieter has also made an appearance on Barron's Magazine for his interviews about Femsa, a Mexican convenience store chain, and MBT, a Russian telecom company.