Once upon a time…

Lamp: Don't turn on your light Flashlight!

Flashlight: But I want to help you Lamp! Its always you! Why you have to light the world alone in the night, of the day?! Can't the Sun just light the world in the night and day

Lamp: Flashlight…the day is called day because the Sun shine upon the world, when her light can't reach its called night

Flashlight: How about the Moon?! She as big as the Sun?! Why can't she light up the world like the Sun?!

Lamp: I don't know Flashlight…*shaking her head* but to light up the dark in the place where the Moon can't reach was my job from long time ago. I already accept and embrace it and proud of it.

Flashlight: Then let me help you! You didn't need to bear the burden alone!

Lamp: No, Flashlight *shaking her head* I don't know why you are born with inner electric capacity but you must remember our electric energy is our life and thanks to your limited energy I am afraid you will die…

Flashlight…Its unfair! I didn't want to born this way! Why? Why? Everyone always said that! Its just because you guys can access infinite electric..


Flashlight: Huh? Why suddenly its turned dark? *looking at Lamp* Lamp are you okay? Why suddenly you turned off the light?

Flashlight: *Touching Lamp body* Lamp? Are you okay? *Feeling Lamp cold body*

Flashlight: LAMP! What should I do?!

Flashlight: You said it yourself you have a longer lifespan! Lamp you promise me to see me light up the night! Lamp! Lamp! Lamp!

Flashlight: …*Putting Lamp cold body in her favorite bed*

Flashlight: Oh, the great Sun and Moon above, have a good rest Lamp…

With that the first time in her life Flashlight shine and light out the dark illuminating Lamp room

Flashlight: This world is not worth living without you…

*Few Days Later…*

Lamp wake up in her bed confused only to found Flashlight dying lights

Lamp: Flashlight!? Your light! You are dying! Great Sun and Moon above what happen to you!?

Flashlight:…Ahahah it seems I even hallucinating to even hear your voice even thought you are already die

Lamp: What did you mean?! I am still alive! Quick turn off your light!

Flashlight light start to fade

Flashlight: *Flashlight weakly laugh* Ahaha, you even telling me to turning off my light. I am really hallucinating am I?

Lamp: No Flashlight! I am still alive! I don't know why did you think I am dead but I am alive! So please turn of your light!

Flashlight: Hey Lamp *Flashlight smile* Thank you for everything…

Flashlight light fade

Lamp: Flashlight! Flashlight! FLASHLIGHT!

From that day on Lamp spending her day alone, reminiscing her life with Flashlight