Later that morning Princess Chrissie found herself standing just outside of the palace. She wasn't alone as not only was Queen Claire standing close to her but also an entire entourage and a scaled-up carriage for her to ride in. Remy and Alana were there as well as Remy Jr. who was in the hand of the giant princess.

Where the day before it had been bright and sunny, today it was overcast and the threat of rain loomed over everyone. A few people in the entourage were giants much like Queen Claire but the majority were regular size people who were fulfilling their duty to the monarch.

Princess Chrissie looked up to her much older half-sister and she was a little upset. Although, she knew that her sister wouldn't be gone for very long, she would still miss her. To the princess, Queen Claire was more than a sister to her, she was like her mother since their actual mother had died many years earlier.

"Do you really have to go Claire?" asked Princess Chrissie as she continued to look up to the larger giantess. She watched as Queen Claire went down to one knee so that she was at eye level with her.

"Yes, I do sweetie," replied Queen Claire. "But I promise that I won't be gone for very long. I'll be back before you know it and then we can play some games and even draw together. Doesn't that sound fun?" She watched as Princess Chrissie slowly nodded her head and the two sisters embraced each other in a hug.

"I love you Claire."

"I love you too, Chrissie."

The two sisters continued their hug for several moments before they had to break it off. Before, Queen Claire stood back up, she gave her sister a kiss on her forehead. Once she had done that, she stood up and informed Alana to ensure that her sister remained safe. After that was done, she made her way into the carriage that soon began to move away.

Princess Chrissie looked over to it and began to wave, even though there were some tears rolling down her face. She wasn't the only one who was having a hard time over the situation. Queen Claire too was very upset, leaving her beloved sister behind was like a knife going into her heart. More than anything, she just wanted to be by Princess Chrissie's side and make sure that she had the best possible life. But her duties as Queen were just as important and if things were to go south, there could be a terrible war that was just over the horizon.

The next thing that Princess Chrissie felt was a large armoured hand come down onto her shoulder. When she turned around, she could see that it was Alana who gave her a warm smile. She too wasn't very happy about the Queen leaving but she knew that it had to be done. Queen Claire had given her a very important task and she wanted to ensure that it was carried out to the letter.

"Princess you don't need to be sad," said Alana. She used a calm tone and she knew that she needed to treat Princess Chrissie gingerly. Although the smaller giantess was an adult, due to her mindset, it was like she was talking to a child. "Your sister won't want to see you sad; she wants to see you happy; can you do that for me?"

"I-I think so," replied Princess Chrissie. She rubbed her eyes so that she could remove some of the tears.

"Good, that will make her happy as well and that's what we want. Now, shall we go back into the palace? While your sister is gone, you're the queen of the kingdom for now. There are certain duties that are expected of you. Do you want to hold my hand as we go back inside?"

Chrissie only nodded as she used her free hand to grab onto Alana's. The larger giantess was determined to help make things run smoothly while Queen Claire was away. She also wanted to make sure that nothing bad happened to Princess Chrissie, she knew how important she was to her beloved queen and would lay down her life to ensure her younger sister's safety.

For the first hour or so, there wasn't too much for Princess Chrissie had to do when it came to royal duties as she simply played a little with her puppy and ate a snack that was prepared for her by the cooks. She was still a little sad that her sister was gone for the time being, but she just thought about how she was going to be back very soon.

Eventually it did come to the time of day when Queen Claire would hear about the problems and concerns of the people and try to rectify them. Since Queen Claire was away, it was now the duty of Princess Chrissie to follow through with this. She wouldn't be alone as she would have advisors there to help her make the right decisions. This included Remy and Alana, along with a couple of people who served on the council were there to help as well.

They were quite old as they had also served Queen Caren when she had been alive and had continued on with their duties after her untimely demise. Queen Claire had seen sense in keeping them on and they had continued to serve faithfully over this time. Because of this, they had proven their loyalty to the throne.

As instructed, Princess Chrissie was led to the throne room and needed a little help climbing onto the throne itself. Since it was designed for someone much larger than her, she was having some problems sitting down on it properly. When on the throne as far back as she could, her feet only just reached the edge of the giant seat. Even though she was a giantess in her own right, she looked very small in this giant throne.

Remy stood by the throne as did Alana. She was completely covered in her armour with only her head exposed. The two advisors sat on a couple of seats that were located on a table right next to the throne. This was where they would sit when Queen Claire was holding her court and they were doing the same today. Remy Jr. was also there as he was on the lap of the temporary queen. He was moving around a little and was becoming more comfortable around the sweet giantess with every passing hour.

Alana was the one who called in the first people who needed the judgement of the royal family. These were two men who were the patriarchs of their respective families. Both kept a distance from one another and glared at each other. It was obvious to anyone that this pair didn't get along in the slightest. Because of this, there were two armoured guards who walked by them to ensure that there was no fighting between them.

"State your matter to Princess Chrissie," said One of the Advisors. She was a relatively old woman who was dressed in fancy robes and she wore a couple of gold rings. The money that she had received for her services had allowed her to afford some of the finer things in life that others could only dream about.

"This cretin here has trespassed on my land for the last time!" stated the one Man with a relatively angry tone and he pointed to the other man. "I caught him trying to build a shack on a piece of land that he knows belongs to me!"

"That's my land you liar!" replied the Other man in an equally angry tone. "It has been my land for generations and I don't care what you Connors say about it. It has always belonged to my family and you have had any claim to it whatsoever!"

"Say that again and I'll rip out your tongue!" The two men tried to move towards each other but the guards got in their way so that there was no chance of them coming to physical blows. Instead, they just shouted at each other and it was obvious that things were getting very heated. This was getting too much for Alana to see as she could see that nothing was being settled at this moment in time.

"Order!" shouted Alana. Her voice carried throughout the entire hall and this startled the two men into silence as they looked at the larger giantess. "We will have order or else both of you will be thrown out!" There were many moments of silence as the two men looked up at the larger giantess and they couldn't help but be intimidated. They were also seeing what the decision would be.

"This seems like a pretty straight forward land dispute," said the second Advisor. He was an old man who wore more simple clothing than his contemporary. Even so, he had served as Advisor for just as long and he too was loyal to the throne. "But we're going to need more evidence to decide who is in the right but when we…"

"A tea party!" stated Princess Chrissie. This caught everyone by surprise who quickly looked to the giant princess. No one really expected her to speak without some kind of word in her ear. "They're really mean to each other so that they should have a tea party so that they can become friends. Then they won't be angry at one another anymore." There were a few moments of silence as no one there could really believe what she was saying. But as the acting monarch, her word was law so there seemed to be no choice in the matter.

"Well, according to Princess Chrissie, you two are commanded to have a tea party in order to build a better relation between the both of you. Failure to do so will result in either a five-hundred gold coin fine or thirty days in the dungeon."

"B-But…" replied one of the men. He was in complete disbelief over what he was hearing. "That's idiotic!" His disbelief turned to fear as he saw Alana step forward with a scowl on her face. She was far from happy with what she had just heard and wanted to make sure that he regretted his choice of words.

"Are you insulting the Princess?" asked Alana in a tone that clearly showed that she had distain for him. Thankfully, Princess Chrissie hadn't fully registered what he had said or else she would have become very upset.

"O-Of course not." He was very nervous as he could tell that he had potentially made the biggest mistake of his life.

"Then be on your way and never darken this hall again!" Both men who weren't very happy about what had happened but they knew that they could do nothing to stop events from playing out like they were. Because of this they quickly backed out of the hall with their original argument unresolved and now a new problem had arisen. "Next!"

Once the two men had walked out of the hall, a woman stepped inside. She was arched forward and needed the aid of two walking sticks. Her walk was slow as it seemed like she was struggling to simply move. Her clothes looked to be ragged and there was dirt on her clothing and shoes. Such a person would normally be turned away from the palace but since these hearings were open to all citizens, then she was welcome.

The woman had been expected to see Queen Claire sitting on the throne but was surprised to see that it was Princess Chrissie there instead. But now she was here, she needed to plead her case and hope that she could get some help from the throne.

"Y-Your majesty," said the Old Woman. "I come to you as a humble servant." It seemed that thanks to her injured back she struggled to look up. "I was unfortunate enough to be born into a life less fortunate than your own. I worked for many years as a simple milkmaid. It some years ago, there was a bull that charged into me. As you can see, her severely damaged my back and now I live on the streets. All I ask is if the crown would be kind enough to spare me some coin so that I can find a home and enjoy the last years of my life. I beg of you, Princess Chrissie, have a heart."

"You poor woman," replied Princess Chrissie as she placed her hands over her mouth in sheer shock. She felt great sympathy towards the woman and wanted to do everything that she could to help her. "Of course, you can…"

"Wait!" stated Remy who was still standing right next to the throne. With some determination, this did catch everyone by surprise. For a moment, Alana was going to berate him for interrupting Princess Chrissie. But instead, she remained quiet for a change. Like him, she had thought that there was something not right about this.

Remy then stepped towards the hunched over woman and he began to look at her with some curiosity. He was examining her and he didn't really like what he was seeing. Although a few people didn't have a high opinion on him, he did wish the best for Princess Chrissie as he didn't want to be taken as a fool.

Once he had seen what he needed to see, he quickly turned around and began to make his way to the throne. Everyone eagerly awaited to hear what he needed to say. There was a small smile on his face as he knew what was happening.

"Your highness," said Remy. "I regret to inform you that this woman is trying to use your good nature to steal from you."

"What?" replied the Woman. She and everyone else were surprised by his assessment. The only one who wasn't that surprised was Alana who continued to stand there in silence for the moment. "How could you say something so cruel? I am but a poor woman down on her luck who is looking for help from the throne."

"You may be able to pull that trick on people in the street, but you won't get that from us. Your clothing looks worn and torn but that's because you made it to look like that. I've seen clothing that has been genuinely worn down and yours looks too neat at the edges for that. The other is that it's covered with dirt, hence you attempting to make your clothing look worn. Well, the dirt is far too fresh to be worn in, like you simply picked up a mound of dirt and rubbed it onto your clothing. Guards, take her walking sticks!"

The guards weren't sure whether they should for a couple of reasons. The first was that they didn't think he had the authority to order them around, especially since there were much higher-ranking people there. The second was that they were somewhat convinced as well by the woman's demeanour but when they saw no reaction from Alana. They did step forward and went to grab the walking sticks off the woman.

She screamed at them to stay back and she tried to step away but her pace seemed to be faster than someone would expect for her disability. There another guard behind her who grabbed onto her shoulders and forced her to stand up straight while the other two guards grabbed onto her walking sticks. It took no effort at all for them to take it away from her and the third guard released their hold on her shoulders.

The Woman had showed no pain whatsoever when she had been forced to stand up straight. If she had of been injured like she had said, she would have fallen over but instead she continued to stand. When she realised this, she did consider falling down but she had already been standing for a few seconds, too long for anyone to be convinced that her injury was genuine.

"As you can see, there's nothing wrong with her," said Remy as he felt like he was hitting his stride. "I've seen people like this before, faking an injury or disability to try and earn sympathy from people. Only this thief tried to do the same act to the highest authority in the land."

"You horrid thief!" stated Alana with anger in her voice. The thought of someone trying to con Princess Chrissie did make her blood boil. "You enter this hall and try to steal from the Princess, I can't think of a worst thing that anyone can do. Maybe some time in the dungeons will teach you a lesson. Guards, take her away!"

"No! No!" shouted the Woman as she saw the guards getting close to her. Two of them grabbed onto her arms and lifted her up. "Don't touch me!"

Despite her pleas, she was taken out of the hall and the minds of the people within. Throughout all of this, Princess Chrissie remained quiet as she simple watched. She didn't really understand what was happening and simply sat there and watch the woman get taken away.

Once the commotion had died down, Remy turned around and looked up to Princess Chrissie. He had his own concerns and he wanted to make sure that she was fine after everything that had just happened. The last thing that has to see her upset as he knew that it would take a lot of effort to calm her down.

"My apologises that you had to see that your majesty," stated Remy. He bowed to her a little while he said this as to show respect. "But I thought that it was best to reveal her lie and ensure that she didn't steal from the crown."

"S-She tried to lie to me?" replied Princess Chrissie with confusion in her voice. She didn't really know how to react in this situation and instead just looked down at her best friend and stroked the puppy that was still on her lap.

"I'm afraid so, but don't worry. I doubt that she'll ever lie to you again." He wasn't sure how long the fraudster would stay in the dungeon for. But it was going to be at least for as long as Princess Chrissie was the interim Queen.

"But why would someone try to lie to me? Why can't people just tell the truth all the time, then everyone would be happy."

"I don't know your majesty." He remembered to always be courteous to her, even though to her, he wasn't some kind of official. Instead, he was her best friend and wouldn't mind if he didn't call her princess and just referred to her as Chrissie. "The world is not a perfect place, but we can make it like that little by little with the small things we do every day."

This did put a smile on Princess Chrissie's face as she absorbed every word that he said. Alana on the other hand subtly shook her head as she could see that he knew exactly what to say to make the princess happy. This did worry her as she thought that he could whisper in her ear and make her do whatever he wanted like a puppet. The only person that Princess Chrissie whose words had more value to her was that of the Queen herself.

For the next hour, the royal court continued to listen to grievances from the people. Most of them, the royal court was more than willing to help. However, some of the times, they were matters that were either too small or petty to warrant the interference of the royal court. Princess Chrissie didn't really say much to say that wasn't from her advisors. Ultimately, they were the ones running the proceedings while Princess Chrissie was just the mouthpiece of it.

Once they were finished, the smaller giantess wanted to climb down from the huge throne. She was able to do this with the help of Alana while Princess Chrissie kept a hold of her new puppy. He had fallen asleep on her lap during the proceedings as there hadn't been much for him to do. But when he had felt her moving around, he soon woke up and began to bark somewhat.

These barks subsided when he looked up and saw Alana. Since she was much bigger than Princess Chrissie, this intimidated him and she didn't seem to have much patience for him. Because of this, he did whimper and looked up to his new friend in order to get some protection from her. He didn't realise that he had nothing to worry about as Alana wouldn't harm him.

Normally after the hearings had been completed, Queen Claire would have some free time that she would normally spend with Princess Chrissie. Since the Queen was away, it meant that this couldn't take place. Instead, she simply took her puppy and made her way out to the palace gardens. Alana did follow with Remy having to run in order to keep up with the giantesses.

By the time he reached the gardens, he was completely out of breath. It was so much that his face had turned red and he was having to lean forwards while he was catching his breath. Sweat ran down his brow and he wished that he was a little more fit before he had decided to become Princess Chrissie's supervisor.

Once he had reached the palace gardens, he could see that the gigantic Princess had placed her puppy on the ground and he was moving around a little. He still wasn't very comfortable around the giantess had it had only roughly been twenty-four hours since they had first met. Although Remy Jr. was warming up to Princess Chrissie, it was still a process that was going to take a little time.

During this entire time, Alana watched on as she more than intended to carry out her duty in protecting the princess. More than anything, she wished that the Queen was there but she had her task and she knew that she had to see it through. Although there were few people in the kingdom who could harm the giant princess, she still needed to be protected.

Princess Chrissie giggled as she picked up the ball that she would normally use to play with Remy. She rolled it onto the ground and intended her new puppy to bring it back to her. It was a very large ball and was difficult for even someone like Remy to move. The puppy didn't stand a chance as he pushed his head against the ball and tried to make it roll back towards the princess. His efforts were not successful and he had to take a few steps back as he admitted defeat.

"What's wrong Remy Jr.?" asked Princess Chrissie with a small hint of concern in her voice. "Can't you roll the ball back to me?" This was when her puppy turned around and began to bark up to her. "Oh, the ball is too big for you…" She then looked up to Alana who was standing close by. "Alana."

"Is there something that you need princess?" replied Alana who quickly stepped forward and knelt down so that she was at eye level with Princess Chrissie.

"Yes, the ball is too big for Remy Jr. to play with. Can you please find a ball that's small enough for him?" She placed her hands together as she asked and gave the larger giantess her puppy dog eyes. She did this a lot when she asked for something and because of this, it made it hard to say no to her. The thing was that she didn't even realise that she was doing it, it was simply a natural reaction for her.

"Unfortunately, I cannot leave your side. But I can make sure that such a ball is brought to you as soon as possible. Now you just continue to play with your puppy until we're able to get you a ball."

"Ok Alana." She then felt the Princess hug her and she couldn't help but hug her back. There were many who thought that her mental disability made her just a simpleton. Alana saw that this wasn't the case. It was one of the factors that made Princess Chrissie the kindest being that she had ever met. She doubted that there was even a shred of malice or ill intent in her body.

When the hug was over, Princess Chrissie went back to her puppy and simply watched as he began to run around. Little by little, he was becoming more comfortable with his surroundings. A part of him still thought that this was only temporary so he was going to enjoy the comfortable living for as long as he could. He didn't realise that the Princess intended him to be by her side for the rest of his days. Then he would never know hunger again.

Alana did turn to Remy and call him over; he had been supervising but had spent most of his time in the garden trying to catch his breath again. He hadn't expected to be called over but when he realised that it was Alana who had done so, he didn't waste any time in going over to her. He knew that she would be none too happy with him if he were to take his time when going over to her.

"You need my assistance?" asked Remy in a courteous tone. He didn't think that he needed to take such a tone with her, but he thought that it was best to do so anyway.

"The Princess has requested a ball small enough for her puppy to play with," replied Alana. She was looking at Remy but every now and again, she would look to Princess Chrissie. She was keeping her eye on her as best as she could. "Find one and return here as soon as possible."

"A-A ball?" He was confused for a moment but he thought that it would be an easy enough task. Although, it did mean that he would have to leave the palace for a few minutes in order to find one. "I'll go at once."

As fast as his legs could carry him, the already fatigued Remy began to make his way out of the palace and out into the market that was close to the palace. It was one of the few times that he actually left the palace as the majority of his duties meant that he needed to stay inside and by the side of the princess.

However, Remy couldn't help but feel somewhat vulnerable while going out into the market. He knew that there were pickpockets and other thugs that patrolled them. There was a chance that someone would recognise him and realise that he was a man of importance, especially to Princess Chrissie. If he were to be kidnapped, it was likely that the kidnappers would be able to demand a high price for him.

Right now, speed was important. He had to find the ball and then bring it to Princess Chrissie so that she could use it to play catch with her puppy. It seemed like a foolish task but he would have to do so anyway. If he were to return without one, he didn't want to feel the wrath from the captain of the guard.