I see death

Ever since my fifth-year birthday a creature with a humanoid shape wearing a black robe appeared in my life, it would follow me wherever I would go, its black feathered wings dragged on the ground as they were too long for its body and it always kept its distance from me.

One day playing football with my friends at the play ground the ball rolled to the road I dashed to grab it but almost got hit by a truck but at that moment the hooded stranger appeared Infront of me and with an arc motion of his hand the truck driver collapsed hit the driver wheel and swirled out of the road and crashed a tree on the side walk.

I looked at the being Infront of me and asked "Who are you?" I could hear my voice still trembling from fear of almost having just died but even though I was a bout seven years old by then I knew that this being before me must be my guardian angel.

Staring out the window a Black hooded figure is under the shade of a tree in this sunny day

"Hey Steven what are you looking at out the window" said a sweet feminine voice

Steven looked away from the window and turned his head to look at a petite dark skin with braided hair and tight fitting blue junior school uniform, "nothing Samantha im just admiring the beautiful view outside" said Steven

He looked at the girl as she peeked at the window, "your so poetic Steven but I guess it does look good from the fourth floor" said Samantha

Her gaze went off the window and looked straight at him and asked, "want to make out after school near the window to as you enjoy the view?" said Samantha with a wink

Knowing her wild side Steven nodded

"hmm ohh hm"

"Steven you're such a good kisser" said Samantha as she leaned on the window

Pant! Pant! Pant!

"hey Steven I think I love you" said Samantha

Stunned Steven stops kissing her neck and looks at her moist eyes and he instinctively hugs her "I think I love you too"

Immediately after saying that Steven saw the hooded being lift its head under the tree and raises its bone hand and makes a fist that slammed the ground then the class, they were in started to shake intensely.

"What is this an earth quake!" said Samantha as she holds the arm of Steven tight

Scared out of his wits Steven takes her arm and attempts to run for the door but sadly the moment he grabbed the door knob the building collapsed

"What are you looking at crappy doctor who can't even cure me" said a pale white skinned old man with a grey-haired beard wearing a hospital robe on his sick bed

Steven tried to calm him down "please Mr. Bill I'm doing everything that I can"

"everything you can? I thought you were the best doctor Steven looks like I was wrong" said Mr. Bill

Steven after having his love Samantha die in his arms after the earthquake at his junior high school, he decided to pursue being a doctor and on his twenty fourth birthday he managed to get his Doctors license and ever since he has saved countless lives and also this is an attempt to try and foil the attacks of the hooded being, but lately he had not encountered him ever since the earthquake.

"I can still feel his presence but I cannot see him its like he is waiting for something" said Steven

Clenching his fist "but no matter what time you show up I will stop you"

"hey are you even listening to be you punk I said fix me up right now or I'll retract my funding from this hospital" said Mr. Bill

Steven had to take care of this old man's illness since he was a billionaire who funded the hospital, he worked every day for weeks to try heal the man.

One day he walked in Mr. Bill room trying to have his way with a nurse

"come little girl uncle will give you anything you want I'm very rich you know" said Mr. Bill

"please sir let me go" said the nurse

Steven walked in furious "I've had it with you Mr. Bill you can't treat my staff like that even if you are our number one sponsor" said Steven

"you want to mess with me kid that does it I'm going to let go of your hospital screw it I've been here for weeks and you can't even heal me then if I die, I'm taking down your beloved hospital with me" said Mr. Bill

Angered by what Mr. bill spouted out his mouth, "Maybe you should Die" said Steven.

Immediately Mr. Bill collapsed on his bed and died and behind him the hooded Figure had its boney hands in his head.

"it is finally done" said the hooded figure with a course voice

"You!" said Steven and in a flash the hooded man appeared before him and plunged its boney hands in his chest, grabbed his heart


The bone hands pulled out a silver long sickle with a black staff "it has finally been tempered; boy you were such a wonderful incubator"

"what do you mean incubator" said Steven as he watched a sickle being pulled out of his chest his mouth coughing out blood

The hooded being was a white skull "I am death and I have been using you as my incubator for the growth of my weapon"

"Death to save your life, death of your love and now the Death of someone you hate my ingredients to create a perfect weapon are done now I'm a complete Angel of death you can rest now Steven good Job," said the Angel of death.