Lemon Tart

Lemon Tart, she was a girl alright, but not like any other. Born March 15th, she grew to be exceptionally smart and could pick a fight with about just anyone she saw. Most of her childhood was spent tinkering around with advanced runic robotics, and complex pastry spells rather than making friends and going out to play. Eventually, through major hard work and planning. Lemon Tart had been accepted to "Mensa Academy." Which then led to her successes during her pirate life, such as building the USS SkyBar jet, and the cure to the Airhead infection. But how did she blossom into a pirate, and an Eclair? Well, this is how it all happened.

I couldn't believe it, Kat Sweetness right in front of me! One of the most prestigious directors of the Mensa Academy. This was like a dream, having her come over here, and talk about Mensa, and how wonderful of a fit I'd be in their school. She came through our door not two minutes ago, and already my whole family was swooning, over her, and Mensa Academy, as per how Kat Sweetness described it.

"It was a pleasure to meet you all. Lemon Tart, I expect you to be at school, 7 am sharp on Monday, and not a minute later. We have more important things to discuss when you get there. You have the opportunity to learn from the best of the best. Do not put it to waste." Said Ms. Sweetness as she passed me a golden brochure and stood up out of her chair.

"I won't waste this opportunity, it's been my dream since I was 5. You have no idea how grateful I am," I replied smiling from earlobe to earlobe looking up at her.

"Good," she replied before waving goodbye and walking out the door.

"Mensa Academy, I had done it," I thought to myself, as I stood at the gates. Reminding myself of this achievement at the start of every year had lifted my spirits up. And it pushed me to do very well in my classes. I had been going to Mensa for about a year and I enjoyed it. I even met a couple of new people, some of whom became my friends. Take Raspberry Cheesecake, even though she's a year older than I am, we still have the best of times. We even came up with nicknames for each other. We became Lem & Raz.

"Hey, Lem, ready to head to our Dorms?" asked Raz, pulling her backpack strap over her shoulder, as she stood next to me.

"Of course, when am I never?" I said smiling looking over at her.

"Oh look! The first-year kids, they bumped into the magic wall. They should've read the syllabus, they know they can use the brochure as a key right?" Said Raz pointing to two first-year girls who were sprawled on the floor.

"Ahh, they'll learn later," I said laughing to myself. Raz I walked up to the invisible wall, pulled out our brochures, and took out a small silver key fob. Holding it up to the wall, it let us pass, and we walked through. Raz and I shared a dorm this year and were ecstatic to live together.

'Dorm room 315. Where is it?" I said as Raz and I walked around searching desperately for our place, in need of putting down our heavy bags.

"Found it! Right over here." Raz pointed to the door, with our names labeled on the front. Raspberry Cheesecake and Lemon Tart. We walked up to the door and unlocked it with our keys we had received from orientation this morning and walked inside. We placed down our bags, each bed had two decorative pillows each, both were queen-sized, and each had an assortment of colored blankets with pretty floral and candy designs to our liking. The beds were on opposite sides of the room, next to our own custom desks and windows, with two bathrooms in the back. A small kitchen, to cook delicious treats with, and a separate living area.

"I love this place! We were right to get a dorm together." I said instantly.

"I agree, it's also very homey," Raz said smiling. Raz picked the right side, and I picked the left. I already had a great start to this year, and I intended to keep it great.

"By the way, what classes do you have?" Raz said over her shoulder as she was unpacking.

"I have Advanced Pirate Threating Techniques, Advanced Sweet Sorcery, Enchanted Self Defense, and Advanced Pastry Literature, and those are all in order," I replied, handing her my schedule paper.

"Really? Me too!" Said Raz jumping all over the place. The bell rang thrice, which meant we were off to classes. As we walked to Advanced Pirate Threatening Techniques, Raz and I talked about our expectations, it was quite a hard class, but we felt we could handle it. Raz and I sat down at our designated desks, which were side by side, and began flipping through the syllabus and reading material. Ms. Taffy, our teacher came in and asked us to introduce ourselves to the rest of the class. I stood up first and said "My name is Lemon Tart, you can call me Lem. I like complex spells and runic robotics."

I sat down and I was happy with what I said. We went around the rooms, learning about our new classmates, and after that was over Ms. Taffy explained that we would be going outside in a few days to test our athletic abilities. We would be figuring out the type of threatening technique best for us, and that this would help you to be a better pirate. For the rest of the class, we had to take a quiz that would narrow down the type of pirate we would become based on our various abilities. The second class of the day was Advanced Sweet Sorcery, there we made spells and had tons of fun, as we learned about the different types of spells you could do. Like the love spells, and the curse spells, the ones that are useless but downright funny! The bell rang, and we made our way out of the class.

"I'm going to head back to the dorm for a short break," I said. Raz nodded and said, " You go, I wanted to ask the teacher about the practical exams." She replied as she went back into the classroom.

After the first two classes of the day, Mensa seemed even better than last year. Moving into our dorms had been amazing as well. A few hours into the day, I sat on my bed reading when Raz came in and shut the door behind her, placed her stuff on her desk, then belly-flopped onto her bed.

"Hey, I made you something to eat, it's on the counter in the kitchen," I told her.

"Omg, thank you I was starving." She said as she went to the kitchen to get her food. When she came back she sat down at her desk, gobbling up the yummy spicy and sour noodles.

"Hey let me know when you're done with that and we can head to our third class of the day, Enchanted Self Defense," I told her. I got up, tossed my book onto my desk, and began packing my stuff for my next class. I sat down at my desk, and began combing through my long brunette hair with streaks of yellow, then twisted it up into a bun.

"Done with my noodles!" Raz chirped, she placed the bowl on the kitchen counter, swung her backpack onto her back. As we walked out of our dorm, two girls ran straight for us, yelling and screaming frantically, bumping into us, Raz and I had dropped everything we were holding. Papers flew everywhere, and pens spilled out onto the floor.

"Excuse me! Watch where you're going," I said at them angrily. "You can't run in the corridors, and you're being rather loud."

"Sorry," Said one of the girls. I knew they were first-rankers, but still, they should've known not to be running and screaming down the hallways, I mean people could've been studying for important tests and all, I sure as heck wouldn't want anyone to disturb me like that.

"I know you guys, you're those first rankers!" Said Raz. "Remember, Lem, we saw them knock into the barrier?" said Raz looking in my direction. I couldn't help but stare back at them, and laugh a little in my mind. I turned to Raz and whispered in her ear. "These pipsqueaks aren't gonna last a day at Mensa, life's not all fun and games." She stifled a little laugh.

The first-ranker girls ran off, and Raz and I were back on our way to Enchanted Self defense. We walked into the doorway of the huge room where the class took place, and frankly I felt like a little bug compared to the size of the room.

"New students over here!" Said a man standing in the middle of the room.

"That's Sir Marlo, I knew he'd be our teacher!" Said Raz. I chuckled and made my way up to the middle of the room, with Raz beside me.

"Listen up! Enchanted Self Defense is very difficult, try to keep up and you won't fall at the risk of failing." Sir Marlo shouted. "Everyone heads to the locker rooms, uniforms mandatory!"

"Wow, these uniforms are actually cute," I exclaimed, pulling the uniform out from my Self Defense class locker. The uniform was blue and yellow, and had such fun patterns on it!

"I agree!'' said Raz, pulling her hair up into a ponytail. We walked out of the locker rooms and sat down on the bleachers. The rest of the day was challenging, we had been assigned difficult assignments that we had to complete that period. Then it was off to the last class of the day. Advanced Pastry Literature.

"This is my favorite class, I mean, learning about pastries and their origins and other sweet facts about them makes me feel knowledgeable really," I said flipping through a pastry textbook at my desk.

"I agree fully."

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