Does the year even matter? I guess for normal people it does.

The beginning of my transformation wasn't what I would have expected it to be like. In a way it was enlightening. In another way, it was traumatizing.

I think you can guess which one stuck with me. Hint, I didn't become 'enlightened'. No, I was only seventeen, my eighteenth birthday coming up tomorrow.

That tomorrow was in the human calendar as year 2003. 2003 and everything I ever knew, everything I ever was... was going to be thrown out the window and started anew.

Agony... you see, it was agony. But I couldn't escape it. Not even with attempted suicide.

I'm not going to keep my story, 'PG' for you. I'm going to tell you just how terrible life was to me that day I turned eighteen. All the rejection, lies and falsehood I was going to have to deal with.

I wasn't the most powerful being in the universe yet. But my transition to it would start the day I hit adulthood.

And I couldn't stop it.

I couldn't stop THEM.


I was sitting in class quietly, the other kids chatting and talking and filling up the silence with busy words. Guys trying to be cool to girls, girls trying to be in-luring to boys.

And there she was. The girl that had been bothering me for the last two weeks.


I was sitting on my own, just doodling in a notebook. The teacher had had to go out for some emergency, and I did what I always did when left without adult supervision. I withdrew into my own world and pretended the drawings on my sheets were my friends.

I didn't like Emily... I liked... someone else.

She had red hair and braces and leant on the chair in front of my desk.

"Whatcha doing, Lukey?"

"Luke..." I growled and snapped my copybook shut. I had been drawing a picture of the whole school on fire.

"You an artist?" She asked, smiling wider and her eyes fixated on my own lips.

"I am artist," I said back bitterly, looking at the clock on the wall before begrudgingly back at her, "You want something?"

"Only your presence." She said, winking her eyes that had a small twinkle in them, "Anyone ever tell you, you have beautiful blue eyes?"

"Just my reflection," I responded, and she cracked up into laughter at my words.

"You're a real gentleman, y'know that, Luke?"

"Yes..." I sighed, and glanced away from her, seeing Finn had entered the class late. He had sandy hair and well-built physique. The friend I wanted... the only friend I desired.


Though we had rarely spoken.

Emily clapped her hands together, and I jolted back to the moment. In the corner of my eye, I saw Finn smirk to himself. Like he knew something I didn't know... or didn't want to admit.

"Who were you looking at?" Emily continued, and I moaned, laying my head onto my folded arms that were upon the wooden desk.

" one..."

She actually believed me. The room fell silent however when the door opened and the heavy female teacher came in, glaring at us and putting us in our place without even having to use any words.

I wasn't afraid of authority. I followed it to a T.

That would change in the future... I just didn't know on that day that it would.


No one knew today was my birthday. I didn't care. I had stopped caring about what other's thought a long time. Okay, I'm lying. I think every human being, unless they are a complete sociopath, cares just the littlest amount about what people think. It was ingrained in our DNA to need some human acceptance and love.

That's why I wished I wasn't human.

I couldn't believe it when the final bell rang, and not one person had said to me, 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"

It was my birthday... and no one knew. No one cared.

Except him...

He approached me as I swung my bag over my back, pulling my arms through the straps and taking a silent step out of the lockers corridor.

"Luke, yeah?"

I froze as Finn stood before me, his hazel eyes glistening.

"Yeah, I'm Luke..." I said nervously, taking a step back.

"Cool," He said, his teeth white and almost sparkling as he smiled at me, "Which way you heading, north or south?"

"South," I responded, keeping my cool. It's not like he cared. He didn't know me, he didn't care.

"Cool," Finn said again and pulled his own bag up onto his back.

I smiled. I wasn't going to, but it slipped out. My body was shouting to me inside, 'FRIEND!'. My mind however only responded back to it with, 'we'll see'.

We began our walk down the pavement. We were quiet among ourselves as we left the school gates. My heart was trying to panic and beat faster than a driving car, but my brain kept it restrained.

"So, why are you so..." Finn began, not knowing how to approach the topic "Y'know?"

"What?" I snapped at him like he was going through my dirty laundry.

"So... 'anti' social."

He had me pinned to a board in his one simple description.


"Cos'?" Finn asked softly. Dang it... his stupid smooth voice played wonders on my ears.

"If no one is going to try with me... then why should I try with anyone?"

Finn held still as I walked on ahead in cold strides. I finally heard him utter.

"I'm trying right now."

My heart was pierced with an imaginary arrow. I stopped my steps and he caught back up to me. We continued to walk again and he asked nervously.

"Do you like me?"

"I don't know you..." I replied, glancing my eyes down, then straight ahead, not keeping contact with his. My cheeks burned. I hated that.

"Do you want to know me...?" Finn asked. We both stopped once more, but this time at a red light that was not letting us walk across the road.

I stood there silently. I didn't want to look at him, and him to see my flustered expression. I needed to be cool. I needed to be calm. I needed him.

"Do you want to know me?" I finally said, barely looking into his eyes before away to the ground again. My body was figuring out if it wanted me to flight, freeze, or fight.

"...yeah," Finn said, a smile scaling up his left cheek, "The first friend of Luke? Sounds cool to me."

"Yeah, my name really rolls off the tongue," I said with a small smirk. The two of us gazed at one another just then, not hearing the green walking light as it made a beeping for people to hurry across the road.

Finn... it was then I really got a good close up look at him. He was flawless and I was flawed. Maybe opposites attracted? Or maybe he was sussing me out, wanting to reveal the truth about me.

We crossed the road, and Finn turned to go right whereas I was going left.

"Guess I'll catch ya again tomorrow, hey, Luke?"

I smiled. He was being sincere, I knew that much about human nature.

"Yes, tomorrow never comes, but I'll see you again when the sun rises on a new day."

"Kay," Finn said, he seemed content with our meeting and added on, tossing a small package to me, "Oh, and Happy Birthday, Luke. Many more to come."

I caught the brown hard package and looked at it in my hands. My eyes were wide, shocked to be given a present from him. I smiled there goofily, before glancing back at him as he left. He waved softly goodbye and I lifted my free hand, waving it from side to side. It was almost mechanical, as I had never had a reason to wave at someone. But Finn wasn't someone anymore, he was my friend now.

My friend... mine.

I turned and walked the path to my suburb. Within minutes I was alone, strolling and taking the usual shortcuts to my house.

Then, there it was. The thing you've all been waiting for.

A white light. It was almost like a spotlight. It shone down from the evening sky and hit me. I stood there puzzled. I looked up, but the light was near blinding. I pressed the side of my hand to my brow above my eyes, staring at it. A normal human being would have bolted and run from that light the moment it had hit them.

Why wasn't I normal?

Within moments I was being raised into an invisible saucer. A spacecraft that blended into the sky.

What came next... I don't want to scare you... but it has to be said.

They gone messed me up.

Messed me up real good...