It had been eleven years since she had last stopped at McKinley Station, the Knights' gang had disbanded long ago, but still she worried there could be trouble. Old habits were hard to kill and Samantha was a trained killer after all.

Back when the Knights' would run their drug and trafficking operation at McKinley she could either be found infiltrating on the frontlines or waiting in a parked surveillance van with her partner Bobby, eating doughnuts and talking about the next Sox game. She is still haunted by the time they were discovered; the time the bombs went off inside the station. Bobby didn't' survive the incident, but Samantha was able to take some of the bastards out that day. She even delivered them a favor or two later down the line.

If only she hadn't slept through the stop before this. She pulled her hood over her face and stood up as the train came to a screeching halt. She was wide awake now.

She kept her head down, stepped off, then disappeared into the crowd, a skill that she had mastered after years of use, and one she thought she never would have to use again until today.