Notes:'s been a while.

So for my regular readers, I guess the big question is where have I been? The answer to that is partially dead. I have had no motivation and my health has been a wreck recently so yay.

Now for everyone, I'd like to say the reason that I'm making this story and I'm sure any fellow actually autistic people will already know the situation. Essentially a very famous person (*cough cough* SIA *cough cough*) made a very ablest movie (*cough cough* MUSIC *cough cough*) and basically attacked any autistic person who questioned her decisions. (*cough cough* hiring a neurotypical actress to play an autistic character *cough cough* who was possibly forced into the role *cough cough* also teaming up with an autism hate group *cough cough* and comparing autistic people to inanimate objects *cough cough* I swear I just cleaned my room a week ago.).

It inspired me to make my own story. An autism story by an autistic person for the autistic community.

Now as a brief disclaimer: I have three out of four of the conditions the three main characters experience. I have autism, EDS and gender dysphoria (my pronouns are they/xe for those wondering). One of the characters has depression, which I do not have. I'm trying my best to research the topic and avoid stereotypes of people with depression. Also my case of EDS is different to the type one of the characters has in this story so that one is also partially research as well.

Now for another disclaimer: It's not in this chapter. This is a nice calm chapter but later on there will be mentions of abuse towards one of the autistic characters including mentions of severe ABA therapy. I will put a trigger warning before every heavy chapter and this story is rated T for people aged 13 and over. If it gets too mature, I may boost that up to an M for people aged 16 and over.

Anyway, enough of my blabbering, let's get into this.

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Rosalba Frida burst into her new dorm room gleefully, dragging her large suitcase behind her with one hand and staying balanced with her crutch in her other hand. She was so excited to see her new roommate and new home. She shoved her suitcase to the side and ran up to the couch where her new roommate was sitting, watching a video on YouBube.

"HI!" She loudly cheered, her voice being louder due to the excitement of meeting them. Her roommate yelped and fell off the couch. Rosalba was about to ask if they were alright but got distracted by a older woman with pink hair tied up in a mohawk-like style coming out of a room beside the living room.

"Oh, you must be Rosalba. My name is Oriana Phoenix but please, just call me Ori. Oh, and you must be Rock, when did you get in here?" The older woman asked, trying to help the roommate off the ground. Rosalba's roommate got off the floor without any help and just looked at Rosalba with a stern look on their face. Despite this, Rosalba continued to smile, still excited to get to know her new roommate.

"Yes, I am. You can call me Rose by the way. It's so nice to meet you." Rosalba smiled, hoping she was making a good impression on everyone in the room.

"Ah, yes, I had to practice saying your name plenty of times and I'm still not sure if I'm saying it right but Rose sounds like a nice compromise. Anyway, Rock, I see you haven't said anything. You're probably stressed from moving. You stay here and watch something on your phone or the TV while I show Rose your room, okay?" Ori asked. Rock just nodded and went back on their phone. Ori led Rose to the stairs and helped her up the stairs before heading back down to grab her suitcase.

Rose smiled as she looked around her new room. It was exactly as her foster father had requested for her. The walls on her side were painted wine red and a soft, fluffy white carpet she had shipped the previous week was laid out on the ground. Once she got her suitcase, Rose started unpacking her clothes into the chest of drawers and placed a stuffed animal on top of it. By the time she was finished, Rose had noticed a few new cuts on her body from the movement. She had previously lived in a bungalow with her foster family so her body wasn't quite used to the movement. She put Band-Aids on her cuts before Ori came back to check on her with Rock beside her.

"Hey Rose, everything okay. Now, this is Rock. They're your new roommate. They're semi-verbal so please don't be too loud for them. Now, I'll leave you two to it." She said before leaving.

After she left, Rose and Rock did little but stare at each other. It was the first time Rose actually got a good look at Rock. They were tall, dark-skinned person with a body that was a bit on the muscular side. They wore a black zip-up hoodie which was unzipped to reveal a white t-shirt. They also wore grey sweatpants and white socks. They had a black pixie haircut and a large scar across their nose. Their feminine facial features and masculine body made it difficult to tell what gender they were.

Their look was completely different from Rose's. Rose was a petite light-skinned girl that was a bit overweight. She wore a yellow t-shirt, red knee-length skirt and red flats. She didn't wear socks because the texture on her skin made her angsty. Her hair was blonde but she had dyed it red at the ends. Her hairstyle was long, wavy and unrestricted by any hair ties or clips. She did have some scars on her thighs but they weren't visible due to the length of her skirt. It wasn't that she was ashamed of them, her foster father just didn't want them to scare off her new roommate.

"Nice dog." Rock suddenly said. Rose fell backwards onto her bed in shock (her hypermobile joints didn't help in this situation). She took few moments to process what was said and get her brain back into communicating mode before finally replying.

"Thanks." Rose still had no clue what they were talking about so she looked around her room before realising Rock was talking about her stuffed dog that she had placed on her dresser. She grabbed the dog and joyfully put it on her lap as if it was a real dog.

"What did you name it?" Rock asked.

"Ruddy, I used to have a real dog with the same name." Rose held the dog closer to Rock so they could see it properly. Rock stared at the dog for a few minutes before patting it's head.

They then sat on the floor and asked "So, what's your major?".

"Oh, I'm taking up fine arts. What about you?" Rose slid down her bed to sit on the floor with Rock.

"Sports Science and Health." Rock said.

"Cool." Rose said. The conversation went silent for a while after that until Ori returned.

"Hey, how are you two doing?" She asked, making sure the two were alright.

"Why are you still here?" Rock asked.

"The school thinks you two need a hand with living here, especially together. I'm just an OT helping you two settle in." Ori explained, hoping it would clear some things up.

"What if we're not here?" Rose questioned.

"Well, I do teach occupational therapy classes around here so I'll probably be doing that. Otherwise, I'm probably with my fiancés. Now, we're going shopping tomorrow. We need groceries. All we have in the fridge and cupboards right now are all the foods I bought but my fiancés don't like." Ori pushed up her glasses and pulled out her schedule.

"Don't you mean fiancé?" Rock rested their elbow on their knee and head on their hand out of boredom.

"No, I meant fiancés. Now, feel free to make a shopping list if either of you need it. I'm going to order pizza for dinner. What type do you two want?" Ori pulled out her phone and ordered herself a personal pizza.

"None, I'll just have chicken dippers." Rock was already up off the floor and making themself a shopping list.

"I'll take a barbeque chicken pizza with extra peppers please." Rose cheered, leaning on her bed to try to get herself up. Ori smiled and told the two that she would call them when dinner was ready.

After dinner was when things really kicked off. Rose had gone to bed to prepare herself mentally for the next day while Ori was drying her dishes from lunch to make room on the drying board for the dishes from dinner.. Neither of them had any clue where Rock was until Ori suddenly heard the tap running beside her. Rock was standing there, hoodie sleeves rolled up to reveal their slightly muscular arms, washing the dishes.

"Thanks for your help, Rock but maybe you should be in bed." Ori suggested, hoping she wasn't keeping them awake with the noise.

"Can't sleep." Rock replied, placing a clean plate on the drying board.

"Oh, alright then." Ori continued drying the dishes. The two eventually got a nice pattern going with Rock washing and Ori drying every dish. Once they were done, the two sat on the couch in silence.

"Still not going to bed, huh?" Ori asked. She didn't turn on the TV, hoping she could discover more about Rock.

"Can't sleep. Thought water would calm me down. It didn't." Rock was curled up in a ball. Something was obviously troubling them.

"Some things you don't want to talk about keep you up at night too, huh? Anyway, again, thank you for your help doing the dishes." Ori smiled. She didn't want to force any trauma out of them, especially since it was their first day together.

"No problem. Water is safe." Rock still seemed distant from the conversation.

"You like water?" Ori asked, thinking that adding something linked with water might help around the dorm.

"Yeah, I like it...and all the little creatures that live in it." Rock finally smiled. Ori felt glad that she finally got them to smile.

"Well, maybe one day, you'll see them up close." Ori said that then noticed Rock had passed out on the couch. Afraid of waking them, Ori left them on the couch, pulling a weighted blanket she had bought earlier that week over them to keep them warm.


I started this a week ago and it's finally finished.

So for reference:

OT: Occupational therapist - a type of therapist that focuses on enabling those with physical, psychological or any type of condition or disability to live life to the fullest and overall just helps those who may struggle with everyday things do those everyday things. (Excuse my crappy explaining but it's like 10 o'clock at night.)

Uh...I don't think anything else needs explaining but as I said, it's 10 at night so, if you need something explained, feel free to just comment it below. Thanks for reading and I hope to get the next chapter up soon.

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