Wes POV:

Wes had made it about one hundred miles before succumbing to the want to go back and find Jo. Belle had not stopped trying to distract him. Everytime he sat down, she sat down next to him. Every place he slept, she had to stay right next to him.

It had been about a week of such acting until one day while he was building the fire next to their makeshift camp, Belle had gone through his bag and found the albums. To say he was mad, was an understatement. She had come up to him once the fire was roaring and yelled at him for still caring about Jo. She said that the girl was probably dead and obviously didn't want to be with them anyway. With that, she threw one of the albums into the fire. Luckily, Wes was able to snatch it out of the flames before the pages were too burned but his anger increased tenfold. He stood up slowly and spun around to look at Belle.

She must have realized that she had overstepped because her face was covered with a look of fear. She opened her mouth, probably to apologize.

Wes didn't stay to hear it. He cradled the scrapbook in his arms and marched into the nearby trees. Behind him, he could hear Emma and John yelling at her, letting her know of the unkindness.

Wes sat down on a stump and stuffed his sleeve into his mouth to muffle a scream. He'd been so stupid. Jo probably was dead. She could barely stay standing for long when they had left her. Now she probably was lying dead in a ditch. Wes felt a tear fall down the side of his cheek as John sat down next to him. Wes wiped it away and sighed trying to release the last of his anger.

"You don't have to stay here." was all John said.

Wes looked up in surprise, "You wouldn't care if I went back?"

"Oh we'd care, we just know that you're dying here. It wouldn't be the end of the world if you tried to be happy. The end of the world already happened anyway."

Wes chuckled darkly. "And leave you guys with the witch?"

"We traveled with her before we found you and Jo."

Wes considered it. "If I go, will you guys mark your trail so I can find you once we keep going."

John smiled, "I was going to anyway."

With that, Wes packed his things not telling Belle but saying goodbye to both John and Emma while she slept.

He'd found a car and hiked some as well. He tracked every house that he and the others had been to. Occasionally, leaving more food for himself while doing store runs. He'd been looking for days.

Once he had found the large mansion that they had passed, he breathed a sigh of relief. He thought of taking a break in order to keep up his strength, so as darkness fell, he went into the house and placed his bag down. Only the food that he'd left on the kitchen counter was gone.

Wes pulled out his knife and prepared to fight. He hoped for Jo but there was no guarantee that she was the one who had made it this far and taken the food. He pulled out a flashlight and began to peak around corners.

He heard a small thump and he feared a zombie was upstairs. But in hope of seeking any sign of human life, he called out 'Hello' in the hope that someone was there, but there was no answer. Only more shuffling echoed through the large house.

He ducked behind a corner listening for the presence of a monster. Wes heard a bump against the wall right next to him, so with one last deep breath, he stepped out and shone his flashlight at the being.

Jo stumbled back covering her eyes. She stepped onto her bad leg and it buckled. Her head falling back into the wall. Wes's heart panged in joy.

"Oh my God!" Wes lunged forward to pull her into a sitting position by grabbing her shoulders. "I thought I'd never see you again!"

Jo looked up while reaching back to hold her head. "This isn't a dream is it? I thought the mansion was good enough but now this is just teasing."

Wes smiled, "No, this is real. I'm really here."

Jo's face faded into a grin. She leaned forward and hugged Wes, her arms circling his neck. Wes in turn wrapped his arms around her waist, burying his face into her neck.

Her arms were strong and she didn't seem the least bit weak, but Wes picked her up anyway so she could stand.

They didn't separate for several minutes and when they did, Wes couldn't help but lean his forehead against hers. Her brilliant eyes were still visible despite the dark light.

"Always a step behind aren't you?" she said before leaning in to close the gap between them.

Wes reveled in the softness of her lips and pulled her closer, if that was even possible. She in turn ran one of her hands through his hair. At one point, they had to pull apart, if only for two reasons: the need to breathe, and the fact that they were smiling so much. They didn't stay separate for long.