Shoutout: Yo reader, thanks for clicking read! I Call myself Farris Temaire and have one short story published in a Collage Book, This can be read under I give you my heart and is the second book I plan to self publish. by first and greatest love right now is The Spark of the Soul, both are good but you will only get teasers 5 chapters then cut off until I self publish, but I get a lot of great weird and wacky Ideas and those I give freely.

If a story is not your taste feel free to click next as they are all different.

These story's were created in my creative writing much as I love sharing with my 4 writing friends I am glad I have decided to post these weird one offs somewhere as I am proud of them. please post a short story link in the comments if you try out some prompted writing from these prompts I would love to give it a read.

Other chapters will not have prompts because they are from lucid dreams that I thought were interesting enough to type out in the morning.

Sorry for all the rambling but wanted to talk to my readers because I love you all (kiss emoji) and please click to a header that excites the mind