Below are the prompts I pulled to write this,

Prompts: a use for a different collared pill opposed to the blue pill Viagra. A weird flex but ok. Mellow yellow, super spreader, I muted myself, mad coin. Short term memory loss. things are better face to face. Spontaneous incontinence. with a thermos.

Synopsis: This story takes a look at why drug use happens and reflection on the dark side we have that loves others being pain thought this is not something we openly share. Is told as a podcast,

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A podcast of Pain Transfer

By Farris Temaire.

Welcome listeners! Thank you for logging on once again to another week of the Decoders of Today's Super Spreaders. Where we take a look at what is trending on everyone's posts. This episode is sponsored in part by Becel, your premiere choice for the mellow yellow delight on toast.

Now that I have fulfilled my advertising requirements let's get down to what this weekly broadcast is known for, me leading you down the rabbit hole in examining some of the newest hottest and sometimes wacky ideas that have been popping up and gained speed in this oversharing world.

I know that this is not what this broadcast is usually about, sorry to all my fans, but this week I am looking for your opinion instead of sharing my incites to why things are popular.

I have been obsessed with this idea, and so have slightly slacked in my research about what is trending right now. I just know that you, my viewers, who love tearing apart the weird and unusual ideas, are the greatest resource I can turn to for incite.

I need your help to determine if I should go into a side hustle that might just be weird enough to gain widespread acceptance. As much as I love my podcast the green is not enough to keep me well stocked. To keep in the spirit of the show I will start my pitch with one of the topics of last week, the weird flex.

This might be a weird flex but I don't know what else to say but that I am loving the unpredictable side effects of my new slew of pills. I mix drugs for a ephemeral high, and I am not of ashamed of my risky business, we all half to die someday and I plan to go out blasted out of my mind.

And I want all you viewers of the Decoders of Today's Super Spreaders to help me decode if this is something that will be able to attain greatness as one of the slew of things competing for popularity in the newest fades.

I truly want and respect your opinions, you can't not be a unthinking lamb of life if you listen to this program, so please post your thoughts below if you think this side effect Is cool enough to be a lucrative mad coin making opportunity. I really think I could make a killing by taking these drugs to the street.

It took me some real gut spewing trying to figure out which pills are reacting to each other in this amazing way but I have narrowed it down to 3 pills that I could crush and mix to make a truly unique street drug.

I know some of you will rage and rant that this world does not need another dangerous street drug harming the less fortunate that take drugs to improve their shitty lives. But as I am part of this lower class let me tell you I love this rush. But this is not a combo of toxins that will give someone a psychedelic high, this is something else entirely. So hang in there a little longer and let me finish before you sign of in a disgusted huff.

I don't want to give this mix of drugs away, but there are 3 of them 2 I take that I take for my well being, so I highly doubt this will kill anyone from an overdose otherwise I would not even consider it. I might be cool with my life ending but I am not a murder.

Let's call these delightful pills the blue pill, the yellow pill, and the red pill. I have chosen to name these pills after our primary colors in this broadcast for the truly sentimental reason that I think that this outlet has been giving new color to my selfish heart.

If you are still listening I know that I have caught your interest and I won't keep you in suspense anymore, the mix of these three drugs make it so your pain receptors broadcast outward instead of going to your brain.

Now pain relief is always something to celebrate, but if that is all this combo did I would not be giving it another thought because while the satisfaction of a pain free day is good, there is enough pain relief in this world to mute everyone's pain for the rest of our days. The distinguishing factor for these drugs is the broadcasting element. Let me spell it out for you, this literally makes it so that all your problems become someone else's problems.

Don't we all have someone that we want to inflict pain back on for the heartache they have given us, this makes it so, so devilishly easy.

To effortlessly inflict the pain I have been suffering this past decade on one of my tormentors in life has been so uplifting to my soul. to watch others deal with the pain that I have woken up to and had to suffer while I waited for my pain med to kick in has been truly therapeutic.

Perhaps it is ethically wrong to have all the pain you have, affect someone else but I say who gives flying fuck if it allows me to mute my pain while I get to watch someone else suffer for me. We all have that dark glint inside that makes us cringe when you really analyze yourself, but we have decoded the hip of the world long enough together for me to know that you have faced that fact is just a part of life. We love seeing someone suffer, otherwise why post so many crotch shots to funniest home videos. Watching someone else suffer pain gives us the naughty shivers, that we cover in laughter. To know that it's your misery you are doling out gives it a whole other level of satisfaction.

I am sure some of you right now are screaming at me that I am being a dumb ass, and no one is going to willing let us bring them to their knees in pain, and not get revenge back, but I have not finished.

you might be saying that I and everyone else are going to loose all ties of friendship the first time we got high on this. And you would be right, as much as we glory in others misfortune we are vengeful about protecting ourselves but the great thing is no one is going to remember the torture, if that is not kindness on both sides I don't know what is. I myself have gone over 12 times to watch my complaining neighbor withering in pain sipping from my thermos, and he never remembers, just takes up the conversational thread when I step back. If no one remembers our viciousness, then did the horrid act cause any damage? I say not.

The good thing about this transfer is that one has to be face to face for this transfer to work. About three steps away, which makes me feel better. Even I who embraces everyone dark side would thing twice about inflicting this on a passing infant. I sometimes wonder if the pain is hoarding itself and that is why they whimper so much, or where the pain goes when I am not near someone but the science is not important, the question is do you think there is enough people that have their body's screaming at them day and night that would take great satisfaction that I am gaining, inflicting it on others, well my viewers what say you?