"Zeleni" Kotik A.k.a the "Green Cat"

Green Cat - best of the best among the Masters of the Neuroverse.
He is dexterous, cunning, and tough.
One day he got a task from his bosses to retrieve what's so-called A Fallen Protuberance.
Ingenious code, of a priceless origin and utmost significance.
The Device was capable of bringing to the knees ANYBODY Who wanted, by the call of Progenitors (like a mouse in a cellar!) to appropriate a piece of the Data Cheese.
The Cat was captured and beaten and his will was subdued.
Just because at his mission he chose by coincidence, to pass through the wrong part of the neighborhood.
The first part of The Cat's journey is already out there.
Come, jump in the world of Cyberspace. It's hither, yonder, and everywhere!

...Cerebral attenuation is a sickness characterized by implant superseding. In general terms, it can be described as changing in the patients' behavior that invariably leads, if not set right, to permanent brain damage.

I was wading through my dreams. Fiercely tearing away the absent constructs. Those resisted with such a blunt force that I could feel, - even though the agonizing slits in the protective P.A. membranes, - how they pushed my Sling down and away, letting it scrape against the bottomless nothingness of my screeching psyche.

An ocean filled with crystallized azure dots. The dots formed cloud-like patterns making the whole picture of my dream look icy. There were smears of calligraphic black and white memories all over the place. They were standing tall, reaching inadequately for the glassy domed top, at the center of which as if waiting for somebody of something, stretched a giant vortex, bosoming, embracing restructured streams of Data Collision Coagulates.

The DCCs were my only source of salvation. After they caught me and put me into The Sump, the sole deemable way of escaping was to seep up through the drainage mechanisms. Like a crystallized butterfly, I spread what's left of my fading consciousness and lunged at the center of the vortex.

At the bottom of the DCC's main junction a thousand Mainframe Fryers jabbed me, trying to stop an unidentified percussator but since I was not the ordinary part of the code, a slice-projected copy of a human psyche, the Fryers staggered, glitched, trying to analyze the new threat. This gave me enough momentum to pass.

When I jumped "ashore" the whole world around my quivering sight changed, forming an illusion of the Real-World. I noticed the rapidity of its formation which was reassuring. Perhaps, I thought, pondering on my next move, it was a sign that the vicious virus, uploaded by the Conscience-Killers, lost its powers over me.

I stood up and carefully examined the R-W construct. The E.P-s., Exit Points, usually manifested themselves somewhere at the borders but this time I had a hunch that something was wrong. And something was wrong indeed and I realized it with all strength, when some "blyad" [whore - Russian], for the lack of a better word, put a gun to my head.

"Let's pick up where we left off, Andryusha"

The C-K bastards were camping in the R-W the whole time, surely not leaving anything to chance.

"Vashu mat [for fuck's sake - Russian], why can't you just leave me alone!"

I lunged at them with all the force I had and to my surprise, they started backing up. I fired "Digits" at them over and over until the dimming figures disappeared in the thick muck of the Neuroverse.

"Yeah eat this, pridurki! [fools - Russian]"

I stood in the wheezing emptiness of the Neuroverse for a couple of minutes making sure the bastards left the "Statum" for good. Then I made my way to the exit station. It didn't strike me, until after I made my way up the "Staircase", that the Seekkers gave up way too easily. Then my thoughts went deeper and I dug out a dreary epiphany.

THEY (or whoever stood behind all this). WANTED. ME. TO EXFIL. But why? ...

Hola amigos! Hello and Priviet, Comrades. This is a second story from my science fiction cycle set in a distant cyberpunk future. Note that I speak 3 languages and sometimes make up my own words that don't follow the rules of English language. Any feedback is greatly appreciated, any suggestions for improvement my work of fictions are priceless that's why please comment. I am new in the writing word and want to learn!