An armored individual walked through the night streets of Tora looked around waiting for his prey. A man with purple skin ran at him with a sword but was blocked with a wrist gauntlet and a blade jumped out of the top of the right arm wrist, cutting the man's hand showing the stump had wires at the end. "AAHH!" The droid screamed in pain but stopped when he saw the Tulan stabbing through his chest destroying its processor.

He looked at a dumpster and clicked twice with his tongue and a child wearing a rabbit mask jumped out of it. "Dad, why did he follow us?" He showed her the sword that the carvings in it and the children rubbed her finger on the carvings. "Clan Gal, the sun carvers." The father signed his fingers and the girl stared as she read the hand signs. "He stole it from another clan?" The Tulan removed the blade's sheath from the droid, he gave it to his daughter. "But—" He interrupted moving his hands rapidly, she nodded now understanding the meaning of the blade being given to her.

They rode on a ripper bike, as it rushed through the city and then through a forest to a wrecked ship. "It's time now." He spoke to his daughter causing her to gulp as she followed behind him, entering the wreckage. The two looked around with skeletons of humanoids either limbs cut off or holes in the armor of the dead with all of them having one dot with waves coming from it. They reached the room with the sound of metal steel being hammered once they each the room they see a man sharpening the blade of an ax with the backside of it being a hammer.

The smith's helmet was made of multiple downward going slits he wore a full set of lamellar. "This is a rare sight." He said looking at the two. "A Tulan and is that a cub?" They both hit their chest and then the smith nodded. "Good, gunjtun come to me and without your nuur." She took the mask off revealing a brunette human girl with her hair braided with pearls in it. "Your mother taught you well. Have you ever taken this mask off, to anyone unknown to you, until this point?"

"Can you speak in our signs?" She made the hand movements and he nodded. "Good."

She shacked her head. "Have you killed before coming to me?" She nodded. "What?" She signed with her hands and the smith hummed sounding impressed.

He started examining the girl's head and his finger over her forehead. "No, not a sallet helmet nor a manor, would not protect you from blaster fire. Does your father have an item to reforge?" The man in took out a large helmet with the back of it looked like fire erupting from the back.

The father spoke "Clan Amar." The smith took the helmet the face had a hinge to show the wearer's face.

"The name?" He looked at the helmet.

"Arga was forged during the faceless war. " He placed Arga on a table as a force-shield formed around it and crested vacuum and started melting the alloy. They watched the molted metal float and it turned into a sphere.

He poured the metal into a mold and after hours it was presented to her. "Your blood will be the first." She cut the can with a knife and let it drip onto it, sizzling as it was still hot. The smith took the helmet and placed it in a tube filled with the water both cleaning and cooling it "Say, your name and make your mark on it."

"My name is Delbee Davaa Jamts." Delbee took the helmet and was brought to another room.

After hours placed the helmet on the visor lights turned on showing everything moved near her. "And my armors name will be Zambaga." Davaa and the smith nodded. Davaa stood up and left with Delbee following him he then stopped them.

"Wait!" They stopped looking at the smith when he took off his face covering to reveal a four-eyed and canine teethed man. "What is your next path?" Davaa signed and the smith looked shocked. "So you're looking for the ring of Khatun?" Delbee nodded. "See through the hole to find the Tengri." They bowed and left the smith.

They walked through the crowd presenting an Artifact. The historian or better said cultist stood next to the display. "The shield of khatun was wilded by tulans nobility or better say the chieftains concubines." He chuckled a few in the crowd joined. Davaa held his hand close to his revolver. Delbee raised her hand and the historian looked toward her. "Yes, young lady?" She smiled innocently.

"If they were concubines why did they have shields?" The historian stuttered. "and weren't the Tulans, not an advanced spacefaring culture? I mean a caravan of Tulans from the other end of the galaxy can still communicate with another clan they hadn't spoken to in five generations." The historian looked irritated at the young girl and walked toward her. "What? Get back to talking to your imaginary friend!" He raised his hand and he got kneed between the legs.

She took her helmet and put it on shocking the crowd And her father took his hood off and threw a flash bomb blinding everyone except the two Tulans as their helmet's glasses darkened before the flash bomb exploded. While the bomb floated creating massive amounts of light the two Tulans broke the glass boxes containing multiple artifacts.

They ran out and jumped on their ripper bike and they flew away from the museum. The city of Quang one of the capital of the starless empire Hundreds of hovercars flew through the air and many skyscrapers that tower over the ground shoot looking over it"s people. "We're being followed." The girl looked around until her father signed her to look at a hovercar on the lower lanes flying behind them. "They have been on our tail since this morning."

"An apostle of the voice?" She asked taking a bomb from her bag but stopped when Davaa shacked his head. He took a right turn down into an alleyway. Their would-be assailant stopped their car and walked to the alleyway only to meet a gun to his face. "Well, why are you following us?" He then looked at the Cap shooter especially the engravings of many Tulans fighting a mechanized army. He took it from Davaa surprising and causing the two to take out their plasma pistols. Delbee held two, pointing them at his center of mass while Davaa had one and it was pointed at the man's head. The man gulped and started signing rapidly shocking the two which led to Delbee lowering her guns. "He speaks in our signs."

Davaa looked at the young man most likely straight out of university. "Place the gun in my hand or your skull will have a new lecture hole." He did as told. "Now explain how you know Tulan signs, Arnold was it?" He spoke with rage.

The younger gulped. "I found it in a bivaren trade book, written centuries ago, and was able to learn it for a Report on Tulans and I wanted to know if I could interview you and ask a few questions." Davaa made a clicking noise-causing Delbee to look away while he signed a curse at Arnold. He then looked at Delbee and they jumped onto their ripper. "Wait I can pay you! The zealots gave me a huge grant to study your artifacts, I will even get you off-world." This caused Davaa to freeze and sigh as he started taking pieces of the ripper.

They all took seats in the hovercar and flew off to the spaceport a massive area filled with multiple ships when they started walking toward Arnold's ship Davaa sighed as it was a simple civilian transport and then his eyes turned to a patrol ship with four guns and enough power to jump three stellar systems in an hour.

Davaa and Delbee Shot the two maintenance droids and went inside as Arnold looked around as a female spoke. "You're under arrest for attempted theft of this ship, the correct authorities will come and impriso—" Davaa inserted the device he took from the ripper bike and an Ai start. The changed to a masculine one. "Oh, finally a body worth some alt! So where in the Tengri's name are we headed?" He asked one of the screens taking on a face grinning at the two Tulans.

Delbee grinned. "Grandpa Bürged! I turned ten today and got my Duulga! We met a man named Arnold and his paying dad to answer questions and he's wearing my old nuur." One of the cameras looked at Arnold and the great ancestor growled at him.

Davaa took control causing the ship to take off. "Why did he growl? besides the point is he really your ancestor?" Davaa nodded to Arnold as multiple fighters followed them. "I made a—" The Blasters were taken over by Bürged and fired causing one of them to treat another to be severely damaged. "great decision!" He said saving face before the floor electrocuted him with a low voltage shock, in a few minutes the ship cut holes into space transporting them to interspace.

Arnold took the mask and put it on. The ship's announcement system burst out laughing. "He laughed at you because you're wearing a children's mask," Delbee said causing the Ai Bürged to laugh louder. "It also has a flashlight and a sonic scream function." She took the mask and opening the departments showing where the two devices.

"I can't see through this thing." She took and pressed the nose cause the black inside of the mask to turn on showing him the image in front of it. "Wait so you have to turn it on?" He got pulled by the tulan girl to see the room.

Davaa POV

I stared at the shield. It was an artifact Tengri's first wife wielded and it would be the start to ending the arms race. "The Purge of Tulan was a mistake for them right?" Bürged to lock the doors. " The destruction of Avarga, The silent massacre and It."

Bürged sighed. "We were pushed to the bring extinction the apostles lost 80% of their follows and most of the larger empires gained a massive scar trying to kill us and stopped listening to the preachers." He chuckled. "I remember destroying one of their receiver moons near Chagan Gal! HAHAHA!" I rolled my eyes dead or alive the elderly will always talk about their prime but in this case, it altered many things like building thrusters on a moon and how big space stations are allowed to be.

I wrote the directions into the navigation system and reemerged into common space in astroid and walked out of the cockpit after unlocking the door thanks gramps you grumpy jerk. There I looked saw Delbee and Arnold in front of an open door.

"Yea dad will want this room to give him a lot to work with." Sneaked behind them and saw the near-endless amounts of blasters, combat droid, and rocket launchers. "Oh, Dad! We found you." I smiled under my Duulga as I took one of the blasters. "Can I pick my room?" I nodded looking over the weapons most were ER series five and I looked at the droids, series ten destroyers.

The scholars spoke up. "Could you answer a few of my questions?" I looked at him he seemed slightly scared of if his knees were any indication. "Why did we steal this ship? I mean it's a giant upgrade but we don't need the law after us!" I sighed and took my helmet off to calm him down. "Wait you are humans?! I thought Tulans were a species of multi-limbed humanoids with horns and." I held the bridge of my nose letting the idiot rant his issues. "How are you Tulans? it's if you wore the skin of a true Tulan!" I punched the fool in his stomach and kicked him to the ground.

I pointed my gun at him. "If you have the spirit of a tulan they will take you in. The tulan is the word for the culture meaning they practice similar traditions. Use the tulan sign language as it means you can fight, we carve the history of their clan into their ships, my child wore a mask until she was old enough to have her own dulgaa to guard her against the spirits of forgotten souls. My clan was the creators of weapons and we worship the Tengri as the great uniter. If you dare call me a false tulan you will be swimming through the black ocean." Delbee looked at Arnold who was shaking in fear. "Find a room and don't speak to me until you have something worth asking." He stood, and Delbee pulled him away and I went back to the cockpit placing my helmet on I sighed.

Bürged chuckled. "I would have done the same." I took the controls preparing a second cut into interspace, the endless spirals of light in interspace was hypnotic and the high pitched sound one could mistake for screams or a child crying. Since my childhood this place was odd it was void yet there was a sound outside but no origin to where it came from I was lucky that where we were head as close as I dove out of interspace near the jungle world Moden Tarikh