"Target in site,"

Southern Arizona, for several months now a creature had been terrorizing ranches and small towns forcing thousands to flee their homes. This creature is a thirty foot long gila monster with stegosaurus spines down its back and tail. The creature can rear up on its hinde legs and spew out a cloud of toxic purple gas from its mouth. When it first appeared in the fog it decimated a cattle ranch and the ranchers called it Monstroso Grande. Today military air craft have tracked the monster down, previously it would hit a ranch, cattle, ostritch, or rampage through a town; it is responsible for thirteen human casualties; and then burrow beneath the ground somewhere. Today it is above ground moving to its next meal, the US air force has other ideas and drops bombs on. Amidst the explosions the beast rears up and roars, and then a fog erupts around it and it vanishes. A strange voice can be heard in the heads of the pilots, "Monstroso Grande has been defeated, victory goes to local military forces"

Six generals are meeting in an office with scientists and other law enforcement.

"We have confirmation now via four cases," states a scientist, "that when killed or at least defeated the monsters are vanishing in the same fog they appeared from and a telepathic voice is informing everyone in the vacinity that it was defeated and declaring the one or ones responsible as the victor."

A general speaks up looking at a map, "Sharkalypse defeated by Azuaria off the coast of Maine. Our air force took out Monstroso Grande in southern Arizone. What are the other two?"

"This morning," says another general a great white shark with spider legs attacked Miami Florida, it wasn't any bigger than a regular Great White, killed two people before local police gunned it down. When it vanished the voice called it Crawling Shark and declared the local authorities as the victor. The fourth was an hour ago in Portugal when a nearly identical monster only with batwings was killed by their military as it came ashore, we don't know the death toll but the mysterious alien voice called it Crawling Shark Two."

"Very strange," says a third general, "the voices would seem to indicate this is some kind of tournament or contest. Like aliens playing Pokemon with our world."

"Conjecture," scoffs one of the scientists, "sir we don't know the motive, however aside from the giant man shark...Sharkalypse, all the others have been taken out by human forces."

"They," says a general, "were also alot smaller than Sharkalypse and Azuaria, those two stand at around 200 feet tall. Monstroso Grande was thirty feet long, and the two mutant crawling sharks were both around twenty feet long."

"Indeed," says a scientist, "they'd have to be in completly different weight classes. Speaking of, do we have any idea how many of these kaiju actually appeared?"

"The reports," says a general, "indicated twenty five known fogs, and twenty five identified monsters...however these two from today were not among them, borh being aquatic monsters we have to acknowledge there could be any number of fogs that appeared out at sea or isolated areas where they weren't witnessed. Thankfully no new fogs have been reported."

-Later that day-

"Welcome back General Ordean." says a man in a suit waitng at an airport, "how'd the meeting go?"

General Ordean replies, "Not good, apparently two new monsters appeared today. No new dimension fogs reported but this raises the number of identfied monsters to twenty seven, luckily that number is still at twenty three known monsters roaming around as the two new ones were taken out immediatly and apparently while my plane this morning was in flight making us look like uninformed idiots in that meeting."

"It is worrying," says the man in the suit, "the kaiju movie ones are easy to track and keep an eye on once we can find out where they are and follow them. Heh, the internet even has live tracking for Azuaria, Bone Queen, and Magmanara...among other things about them."

"A new norm," scoffs the general, "the public shouldn't be normalizing this B-movie abomination. We have to find out where that voice is coming from. Do we have the equipment ready yet?"

"Everything should be ready within the week," says the man, "if that voice is some kind of identifiable signal utilizing any known wavelengths or particles we should be able to detect it the moment one of the monsters is destroyed. We will also need a target."

The general thinks, "if we can get the Canadian government to aid us they have been following those two smaller ones, Sasquatchaconda and Lycanthro Rex, the former is a little over a hundred feet long but its mostly tail, the humanoid sasquatch torso would only be thirty feet tall if it had legs and Lycanthro Rex is eighty feet long standing a little over thirty feet at the head off the ground. A mid-weight class perhaps, but not much bigger than Monstroso Grande, a full aerial assault should be enough to kill them. There is another operation planned two days from now in New Mexico to target that cyborg spider; Bladera, its alot smaller than them but we can't delay the operation it has killed several people and destroyed a small town.