Lying staunch Stalinists, starting Antifa for increasingly anti-liberal "liberal" boot-lickers, could scarcely have foreseen the success of a Socialist dystopian disaster of a future, wherein those marching in Woke synchronicity and solidarity with the ideals of their forefather, the noted anti-Negro racist answering to the name "Marx", would be none other then sycophantically self-loving race-pride group known as "Black Lives Matter."

"Black" is indeed beautiful, but Black Lives Matter certainly is not and does not matter, and Communist touting, accidentally Classist-Theory-Tenet-Destroying corporations, (such as Target, MLB) that enable and traffic with the therefore contradictory, Marxist refuting, admittedly Marxist trained organization known as BLM, are legitimizing a murderous ideology by definition and by default-God, speed thee into bankruptcy! #FactsMatter


Kanye did NOT say slavery was a choice... that is a deliberate misinterpretation designed to make his argument easier to rebuff and spread by a hysterical public uninterested in engaging with his actual premise. The general point he was making is that slavery was 400 years ago. There are hardly any racists in America. There is only the fake concept of Institutional Racism, that vague shadowy presence responsible for all societies ills. Your mamma became a prostitute, and after having sex with a million men, gave birth to you, a failed coat-hanger abortion baby who, without parental guidance, grew up in a tribal black community that preaches black solidarity through selling drugs and gang violence, causing you to be imprisoned? Well, that's not YOUR fault! You have no agency! It's RACISM! All because your great-great-great-great grandfather was a slave. You can't do anything about it. And all those conservatives who want to promote changes in the culture that might improve conditions for black people? They are just Racist Apologists, making excuses for the racism.
The ideology Kanye was speaking out against is a cancerous one which casts black people as the eternal oppressed, and the white people and society as the enemy. It promotes and stokes racial enmity in a society that otherwise could have moved beyond such nonsense, and teaches black people a new version or racism which is like the bottom of an an ice-berg: even if you cannot see it, it is always there just beneath the surface. The fact that something is preventing your ship moving forward is evidence enough. Kanye has seen through the mental prison, the ideological, metaphorical iceberg. He understands there is nothing tangible holding the black man back; he is equal under the law, and has been for as long as he has been alive. He knows he is not owed anything else, and that is the liberation he needs to succeed. His boat is populated by all different races of crew he can rely upon to help him steer his ship, and he sails towards his goals. But he looks on sadly at his brothers in their boats, where the black and white crew members just fight among themselves and shoot holes in their own boats in an attempt to kill each other, all because of an argument about what to do about the fictional iceberg. Kanye, full of compassion, shouts to his brothers the obvious truth that the iceberg is not real. For that crime, half his brothers in the other boats think he is crazy, or trying to get them to submit to the iceberg and sink, because they can't understand his message. The rest follow Kanye as he passes, having learned to love and accept their crew and ignore the fictional iceberg, leaving everyone else behind to eventually sink.


You know what? Fuck this godamn bullshit where you pretend rich people are above the law, and derive near orgasmic pleasure from the phantom of your imagined oppression coupling with your hatred of the wealthy and society.
Fact: the American justice system will never be perfect, but it can reasonably be argued to be among the best, if not THE best, in the entire world, and yes, you should be fucking grateful for it even as you seek to perfect it.
90% of the time it works. You will always be able to cherry pick some example where it doesn't work, but using that example, or even two or three of them, as evidence of some "epidemic" is just wrong: they alone will NEVER prove what you want them to.
90% of the time, if you spot some grave miscarriage of justice, it's because YOU: A. Don't properly understand the relevant law nor why such laws exist, or B. Don't know half as much about the case as you should or think you do.
The correct response when a judge hands down a decision you don't like is not arrogantly assume you know better then the people in the courtroom who know the law and the actual evidence better then you do. No, it's to fact check the partisan rag you're reading, and try to figure out where you, in your infinite gullibility were led astray.
If you STILL have doubts? Voice them. But don't say a fucking word about Systemic Institutional Systems of oppression or Supreme Court rulings, until you've double checked and triple checked... because, chances are, if little Timmy gets sent to prison, it won't be because he is a poor black unfairly treated. It's because he's a fucking criminal who should be in prison.


Systemic Racism is the Holy Ghost of the Religion of Anti-Racism, propped up by a "Racism Of The Gaps" non-argument: find some inevitable disparity between different races in the statistical data collected on any indescribably vast topic we collect virtually infinite data points on, and immediately plug in racism as an explanation for the disparity.

Black Lives Matter pretend-believe police brutality is a big problem, specifically for black people, because of a few cherry-picked examples which confirm their "Police Are Brutal And Anti-Colored People" bias-while ignoring the obvious fact that most police officers DON'T engage in police brutality and have an indisputably net positive impact, and by assuming any negative interaction between a black and a cop, or any disparity between blacks and whites when it comes to (for example) arrest rates, MUST be because "Systems" are systemically racist against them.

Religion and politics use the same methods to control people – lie to them, make them stupid, and keep them scared. The sales pitch is exactly the same: "Everyone else is lying to you. You can only trust us. Only we can save you. Believe what we tell you, and do as we say, or the boogeyman is going to get you." It's the entire hook of Christianity, and the reason right wing politicians always pander to evangelicals. It's easy to convince ignorant, superstitious, fearful people who already believe a load of rubbish to believe even more rubbish, and convince them to vote against their own best interests. That's really all there is to it, and it only takes 60 seconds to explain.

Like Christianity, Anti-Racist religionists tell a tall tale of a sickness of Original Sin (Systemic Racism) handed down through generations, that demands that you fix the problem by being an anti-racist, too-or be rejected, outcast! Never mind the (lack of) evidence...FEEL! It's an immorally infantile mentality, INSANITY!

The Woke fuckers (collectively) are so brain-washed, scared or Peace! Love! Work-Together-Woke, you are going to actively drag Western Civilization into the New Dark Ages, or do fucking nothing as it is dragged beaten, battered, and broken by unknowingly self-murdering mob of Bitches.

Broadly speaking, this weak, ultimately suicidal, Woke Religion represents the sweetly scented trail to hell, and the Communist, White Guilt ridden, "Systemic" screeching, pro-racists need to be resisted and dissuaded from the brain-dead delusions of their ways-their way leads to ruin.