Being a former associate at Shook, Hardy, and Bacon LLP, Tony Diab was involved in scanning the legal documents, preparation of bills that needed to be issued to the clients, retrieving the necessary supporting legal documents, and recommending the tax strategies. He also worked to generate various reports that needed to be presented during meeting with the clients.

He made the best use of his computer skills to update, document, sort, and classify the important legal correspondences, and make presentations. He coordinated with various clients to fix up meetings, conference, and calls.

Being highly tenacious and perceptive, Tony Diab assisted with managing a diverse portfolio of cases. He interacted with the clients to ascertain their needs and represented client's interests at meetings and in court. Demonstrating outstanding research skills, he exhibited some familiarity with all the subspecialities of the field. He utilized the best of his knowledge to successfully conclude the cases as required.

Tony consulted with the clients to ascertain the details and merits of each case. Besides, he conducted research using the legislation and other legal texts. He made sure that the data obtained during the interaction with the clients remained confidential.

About Tony Diab

Being the former associate, Tony Diab actively participated in meeting his clients and tried to understand the issues and came up with the best possible way of action to deal the case. Studying and identifying the laws applicable to the case, he prepared and drafted various legal arguments, drafts, and other relevant legal material and reports. He also generated various reports that need to be presented during meeting with the clients.