It was late into the night on a muddy field. Trenches were dug into the earth and soldiers were packed into them. They had their wands pointed out towards the enemy's front and were clearly on edge. Some of the shorter soldiers had to use ladders to get themselves at an acceptable height, the taller ones had to crouch down so they wouldn't give away their side's position. "Sweet Ones!" muttered a Goblin soldier. "The fog's playing havoc with my eyes!"

"Doing the same to all of us, Sir," replied a Sky Elf soldier.

"Yeah, I guess it is," grumbled the Goblin. "…Did your family make it out?"

"They're safe, much to my husband's chagrin."

"…His chagrin?"

"He wanted to fight alongside me."

"No offense, but he's not the most physically fit Elf."

"That's what kept him from the front. He's Depths-bent on fighting, I had to talk him out of it as we evacuated the city. 'Come on, Londoo,' I said. 'It's time you were at the shelter.'

"'I'm not going to any shelter!' he snapped. 'This is my barber's shop and I'm defending it!'

"'Really? And how do you intend to accomplish that?' He then pulled out a box. '…You're going to hit them with that thing?'

"'No, this is my focuser knife, the one I used to carry during my pre-war Realmfleet stint.'

"'I thought you were the ship's barber.'

"'That's right, and everyone thought it was a beauty parlor. If the Trinnies get through you guys, I'll be ready for them!' He opened the box, but there was no knife of any kind, just a piece of paper. I read it aloud. It was from his brother, saying that he was borrowing it and would return it soon. '…I will KILL him!'

"'With what?' Without a weapon, he couldn't…" The Elf's story was cut short as his badge flashed orange, as did the Goblin's.

"Someone's coming," gulped the Goblin. Everyone steeled themselves, preparing for an enemy, but hoping it was a friend. Everyone waited…and waited…and waited some more until a figure appeared in the fog. It stood there, motionless, until more figures appeared. The first figure then summoned a fireball in each hand as he raised his hands near his head, though not near enough to burn it. The light from the fireballs gave the soldiers in the trench a good look at the figure's face. The figure was a Blaze Elf with ashen skin, glowing blue eyes, and blue veins of light snaking across his skin! The Goblin goggled, then pressed his badge, switching it to red. The other badges followed. "OPEN FIRE!" shouted the Goblin.

"TAKE NO PRISONERS!" shouted the Blaze Elf, the first Revenant, Yulduk. His army of Revenants, Robots, and Golems then charged across the field, simply shrugging off the wand fire. They entered the trenches and began their bloodbath. The Golems took care of the taller soldiers, the Dryads and Trolls, while the Revenants took care of the rest. A Troll Revenant enjoyed squashing the soldiers beneath his feet. As the fighting went on in the trenches, the Robots went straight for the cannons. They dispatched the soldiers guarding them, then took over. Yulduk's enemies were rapidly decreasing.

"The trench is lost! Fall back!" ordered the Goblin. Out of an 800 strong trench, only 17 escaped.

"We got them on the run!" called a Golem.

"Moving to engage," droned a robot.

"No, let them go," answered Yulduk. "We have no need of them. Recalibrate the cannons and target the city. This continent will fall soon, and it will start with Realmgate City."

"What do they hope to accomplish?!" growled Realmgate City's King, Erodeth Worodai, a Fire Dragon.

"Easy, my dear," soothed one of his wives, a Stone Dragon named Toyaktii. "We'll stop them, whatever they wish to accomplish."

"They just took over the periphery trench like it was nothing!" went on Erodeth. "Please tell me someone got a message out!"

"Marutam managed to raise Realmfleet and reinforcements will arrive within the hour."

"That will give us some time, the trench is about 5 hours away from the city's edge." Fire then leapt from the floor and formed into a male Dwarf in red. "Lord Mordek!" gasped Erodeth.

"A pleasure to see you, old friend," returned Mordek, one of the Red Divine Ones of Fire.

"Shouldn't you be on the Endeavor?" asked Toyaktii.

"Arsha sent me to give you a heads-up about her timing," explained Mordek. "It's still the same and she will be arriving within the hour. I will stay and help you prepare the defenses as best I can."

"How many ships?"

"…Just the Endeavor."

"Realmfleet can't be serious!" protested Erodeth.

"After the losses we've sustained in the Drelda Forest, Realmfleet is reluctant to lose any more ships. We don't have the time to construct new ones as of now."

"So, the Drelda Forest is more important than Realmgate City?!"

"Erodeth!" snapped Toyaktii. "You know the Capital Tree's the source of mana for all the Realms! We lose that, the mana mines dry up in two days!" Erodeth snarled at Toyaktii, then sighed.

"You're right, I'm just worried for my people."

"Arsha has a reputation for miracles," assured Mordek. "You have my word that Realmgate City won't fall."

"I'm gonna hold you to that, My Lord."

The Endeavor arrived to see everyone preparing for a siege. Given that Dr. Borg's army was formidable, both physically and mentally, the crew wasn't too terribly surprised. The ship's entrance ramp lowered to deposit a young Human/Kitsune Blender woman with a rose hairpiece adorning her hair bun, a Neko/Cecaelia Blender woman with blood-red hair, and a woman with purple skin, horns, and a tail. They all had their duty uniforms on. King Erodeth approached the Human/Kitsune Blender and shook her hand. "It's good that you could come, Captain Royana," he began.

"Glad I could make it," replied the woman, the Mid-Realm Crown Princess, Arsha Royana. "Let me present my first officer, Commander Denstra Welmeva…"

"Hello, Your Majesty," greeted the Neko/Cecaelia Blender.

"…and my Chief of Security, Lieutenant Commander Dalengor Mardem."

"Pleased to meet you," greeted the purple woman. Erodeth sniffed the air.

"You…smell like a Dragon…" he muttered.

"But not like any you know?" asked Dalengor. "I'm the only remnant of the Shadow Dragons."

"How is that…? Never mind, we have more pressing matters," dismissed Erodeth. "Arsha, no offense, but I expected more ships."

"So did I, but Realmfleet said we're the only ship available," answered Arsha.

"You got told that too, I see. Well, you're known for being a miracle worker, let's hope that's enough."

"What's the city doing to protect itself?"

"We've got our siege walls erected and we have cannons and catapults ready to rain Depths-fire on the enemy. I know they're resistant to damage, but if we can hold out their fire, they'll collapse."

"How are supplies?" asked Denstra.

"…Therein lies the problem. We've got enough for a few days; they'll probably last a week before they collapse from hunger."

"We've gotten supplies to add at least two more days," reported Dalengor, "still not enough. Mordek's not one of the Green Divine Ones."

"He's currently blasting more trenches around the city. Hopefully, it'll be enough to slow them down so we can push them back."

"How close is he to finished?" asked Arsha.

"Just got done," called Mordek's voice. He flew towards them and landed by them. "We should start planning our defense strategy."

Arsha, Erodeth, and Mordek met in the Castle's conference room. Erodeth unfurled a large map of the city, its southern and eastern shores, and the lands surrounding the north and west. "The enemy is approaching from the Northwest," reported Mordek as he traced the path. "They're a 700 strong army, originally 800, but they took the perimeter trench and pointed the cannons at us. Their objective seems to be Gatepoint." He pointed at the city's northern point, where the northern ground entrance was.

"If they take that, they'll spill into the city," muttered Arsha. "It's not exactly a bottle neck."

"No, but if we have fliers," mused Erodeth, "we could force them east along the wall into the Pinch." He pointed to where Gatepoint and a straight wall met and made a narrow angle.

"We'll need the help of Realmfleet Air Fighters," remarked Mordek.

"Captain Roltam's squadron was stationed here a week ago," answered Erodeth.

"Roltam?" asked Arsha, her ears twitching in curiosity.

"Captain Quenthem Roltam," explained Erodeth.

"Quenthem? Purple Pixie?"

"…Yeah, why, do you have a history with him?"

"He's my Ex. Don't worry, it was a mutual breakup and we're just friends. Haven't spoken to him since the war started. So, he's an Air Fighter Captain?"

"One of the best."

"With that on his record, we'll beat them back!"

Yulduk's army was halfway between the trench and the city as they rested. One of the Revenants looked at his rations. "Real flavorful," he grumbled.

"We will eat sweeter meats once we take Realmgate City," replied a Robot.

"You don't even have a mouth, much less a full digestive tract."

"I was practicing speaking metaphorically. I have yet to fully master it."

"…Why do you want to do that?"

"Because I envy you organics."

"…Hey, when all this is over, can I help you learn to be more like us?"

"…That is an unexpected offer…but not an unwelcome one. I would appreciate the help. Thank you."

"No problem at all."

"Up you get, guys!" called Yulduk. "We march again!" Everyone packed up and began their march.