Jay Sawyer of Northbrook feels that the American Public has had enough of boring games and players with political view points. As people want to watch an NBA game to escape politics, not get more of it, he isn't surprised why Americans are losing interest in watching the NBA.

Jay Sawyer of Northbrook highlights the poor ratings of the NBA in the recent times. Ratings for the first round of playoffs, he says were down 27% from the last season, according to reported Nielsen Ratings, and down 40% from two years ago. "Boring without fans" said another 28%, while 19% said it was the NBA's association with China.

He also notes that the NFL also suffers from poor attendance. There are too many flag issues and people want to enjoy Sunday football instead of having politics tangled up in the game.

About Jay Sawyer

Jay Sawyer is a long-time philanthropist who is associated with several noble causes. He is an animals' rights activist, environmentalist, and an advocate for world peace too. A lover of nature and wildlife, Jay strives hard to inform and educate the masses about the causes that drive him. He is quite determined about making a long-lasting impact on the society.

As far as his personal life is concerned, Jay is a skilled tennis and pickleball player. He takes great pride in introducing himself as the biggest Chicago bear fan who attended more than 10 games in the year 1972 and every single game in the year 1985.