OK here I'm beginning a new story.

Somewhere in the blackest reaches of space floated a satellite, far from prying eyes, the Wrangler Empire had sent some scientists there to develop technology that would benefit Humanity.

Instead the Scientists took that grant money and instead chose to develop something illegal and in the Wrangler Empire punishable by death! Time travel!

They sought a treasure from the dawn of human civilization that they believed would make them immortal and possibly turn them into Gods!

(The possibility of the treasure melting their faces off like it did the people who tried to steal the Ark of the Covenant in a certain popular Old Earth movie never occurred to them)

Why did the Wrangler Empire make Time Travel illegal? It certainly anything noble on their part just common sense, if you have people going back and mucking about with the time-space continuum at worst case scenario you could have someone create a paradox that causes the universe to implode on itself, or you could just have some really gross stuff happen like someone mates with their grandma and becomes their own grandpa. Or instead of a paradox that causes the universe to implode you just the present becoming horribly messed up because changed a crucial detail in history.

But these Scientists had tunnel vision; terrified of their own deaths they were desperate to become immortal. So they had nearly perfected their time travel technology now what they needed was subject to test it on, because they weren't gonna risk their own butts…They asked the Wrangler Government to provide a Humanimal for a test but they didn't say what the test was...

I tried to cover the most common time travel story pitfalls