OK Peeps this will be guaranteed the last chapter for a while before we take some time and return to Pinky's story, and yes the title is a reference to the one of my favorite animated movies The Prince of Egypt

"Pray tell me Young Worm-Maid…" Noah said "…Why do you weep?"

"Um…One thing before that…" Muddy said "…Is there gonna be any…Rain soon?"

"Rain?" Noah cocked his head

"Like a lot of rain…" Muddy said "…Like a flood?"

"A flood in the desert?" Noah said "There has never been such a thing at least in my lifetime."

Muddy then concluded it was probably a few years before the great flood, she didn't know by how much for this was when Noah was a Young Man as evidenced by the fact his hair and beard were pure black back in these days Humans lived much longer than they do now and the flood wouldn't be for several hundred years…

Muddy flopped back onto the rock "I was just thinking…" She finally said "…For most of my life I've….Wanted to become famous as a storyteller…The problem is I don't have any meaningful stories to tell just fancy sounding gibberish and I was just realizing how small and insignificant creature I am in the grand scheme of things and what a complete and utter fool I was!"

Noah was a little taken aback by this confession, didn't realize talking animals could have this level of depth in their lives…(He had spoken to talking animals before and like Behemoth they weren't much different from their ordinary counterparts in terms of motivations and goals just smarter than their ordinary counterparts)

"Worm-Maid." Noah said "I see you might have been pursuing fame because of your status as a humble near-the-ground creature trying to rise above your status as a lowly Earthworm…But there are many ways to look at things…And you may not be as worthless as you think you are…"

A single thread in a tapestry

Though its color brightly shines

Can never see its purpose

In the pattern of the grand design

And the stone that sits on the very top

Of the mountains mighty face

Does it think it's more important

Than the stones that form the base?

So how can you see what your life is worth

Or where your value lies?

You can never see through the eyes of man

You must look at your life

Look at your life through heaven's eyes

And that is all for this chapter gonna leave it on that note and a bit open ended