So Muddy is gonna have to learn how to be a Human, also if you can guess what organ Muddy no longer has after becoming human the bird will come down!

Muddy gazed at her reflection in the water struck by her own beauty "How beautiful I am..." She crooned to herself "What beautiful pink hair!"

This caused Noah and his Wife to exchange worried glances, because this wasn't an Anime, in these ancient times a human with technicolor hair would probably be seen not much better than a talking animal.

"Yes." Noah's Wife said "However it is very unusual so we advise you keep that hair hidden under a veil, other humans...Might not understand..."

Muddy immediately saw where they were coming from and once again stood.

"I never realized it before..." She said stiffly toddling over to Noah and his Wife... "But walking is terrifying! It's like being suspended in air on stilts! I fear constantly that I will fall!"

"When we fall." Noah said "We simply get up again! We are young and healthy and a simple stumble or trip isn't going to hurt us that much."

"Yes..." Muddy sighed "...Well previously being a much more delicate creature I feel constant fear I'm going to hurt something important!"

"We're going to have to teach you how to walk." Noah's Wife said "Right now you are toddling like a baby which I suppose makes sense for this Girl has essentially just been made, and I suppose we may have to teach you everything else you may need to know about your new body..."

"One thing I did notice..." Muddy said "...Is ever since I woke up in this new body, with all the new stuff that was added, I could also feel something was...Missing..." She said feeling the sides of her torso "...Something from the inside...Oh well, if I can't think of what it is, it must not have been very important!"

So over the next couple of days, Muddy practiced walking and also doing things with her arms, since all her life she had been doing things with her mouth or her prehensile tail.

Noah began teaching her how to write, since Muddy said she was simply a 'Storyteller' Noah assumed she didn't know how to read or write, he began teaching her the current Alphabet which was very different from the Alphabet Muddy knew, for one thing, there were no vowels!

She practiced writing with what was essentially a calligraphy brush and a piece of papyrus. She practiced writing this strange alphabet over and over but she struggled to make words and sentences.

So bringing the story back to writing and I'm remembering struggling in French Class because I just couldn't handle the different sentence structure and ended up falling asleep