Pieter Stalenhoef, who is currently serving as a Financial Planner at Highland Financial Group, Wellesley, MA has many interests outside of work that keep him busy. One of them is his passion for writing. As an aspiring novelist working on two books, he has learnt a lot about the writer's block and calls it nothing but an excuse. He believes that writers who have failed to undertake proper planning and are engaged in work lacking clear structure often suffer from writer's block as they seldom have an idea about how to go about their writing.

Pieter Stalenhoef further says that more often than not the writer's block arises when the writers do not give their ideas enough time to germinate before attempting to commit them to paper. With his knowledge of writing, Pieter has helped a number of young authors in improving their writing styles.

Apart from writing, Pieter's interests include photography and sports, such as tennis, skiing, cycling. He also believes in giving back to the community and has been a volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay for more than 10 years.

About Pieter Stalenhoef

Pieter Stalenhoef is an aspiring chef and novelist who is currently working for a longstanding financial industry firm. He is a Bachelor in Business Administration from the University of Vermont and a Master of Investment Management from Boston University. He has been a member of the Boston Security Analysts Society for more than 18 years now. In addition to that, Pieter has also made an appearance on Barron's Magazine for his interviews about Femsa, a Mexican convenience store chain, and MBT, a Russian telecom company.