Oliver woke, only to meet a single ray of sun stream onto his face through Lemon's satin honey printed curtains. He raised himself on his elbow and tousled his hand through his caramel-colored hair softly. His eyes slowly encircled the room as he threw off his sheets, to notice that Lem wasn't already up, throwing punches at her punching bag. Oliver hopped out of bed and rolled his shoulders back.

"Lemmy? Lemmy?!"

No response. Maybe she was with Raz, training. Or she'd skipped workout today, but that was unlikely. Lem rarely cut training...

Peeking in the door slightly, Oliver noticed that Brian was still sleeping and that Raz wasn't up or next to him either. He opened the door and shoved Brian a little to wake him up.

"Raz, don't you think it's a little early?" he mumbled, flopping over on the bed and burying his head in the pillows.

Though it was nice to know that the first thing that comes to Brian's thick head was Raz, that was far from the point.

"You munchkin, it's me, Oliver! Get up, dude!"

Brian tripped under the covers and darted up quickly. His hair was frazzled, and you could tell he hadn't gotten enough sleep.

"Oh-sorry... what's up?"

"Have you seen Lem?"

Brian shook his head. "Why?"

"Nothing? She didn't wake up early or?..."

"Hang on. I did notice a strange sound in the middle of the night, though. I think it was Lem; I heard her voice. However, she may have just dropped a glass or something." He rejoined.

Oliver nodded for a second, then crossed his arms.

"I'm worried. Lem wasn't in her room training, and neither was Raz here with you, Brian."

"Wait. What? Both of them disappeared? And Lem wasn't training?! Where's Raz?"

"Yeah, and before I came in here, I checked downstairs, and with the other boys, the girls aren't here. I thought you might've known something," Oliver said worriedly.

"Where are Liam and Toby?" Brian asked.

"Getting ready, I woke them up earlier and told them that the girls weren't in the house."

"I doubt any of them would just get up and leave without telling us," Brian replied as he jumped off the bed.

"Okay... well, I'm getting Liam and Toby. Change quickly and meet us downstairs."

After Oliver left, Brian nodded to himself, threw on a shirt, and raced downstairs, tugging at his shoes.

Liam talked to Oliver while sitting on the kitchen barstools. And Toby had been trying to reach the girls via phone, Sprinks hadn't answered his calls, and they could tell that Tobias seemed really worried.

"Hey. Any luck reaching Sprinks, Toby?" Brian questioned.
"No. The Eclairs might have their phones down. I haven't called Raz yet; give me two minutes." Toby had tears in his eyes.

Brian shifted over to Liam and Oliver and sat down next to them.

"Are you sure they aren't just pulling a prank on us?" Liam asked.

"I don't know, Liam, this seems real," Oliver replied.

"Your right. Fudgy usually tells me everything and takes me everywhere. It's not like her to go missing so suddenly. And who plays such a dumb prank?"

Liam kept thinking, what if the Eclairs were actually in danger? But they could handle themselves well, couldn't they? Who'd be strong enough to overtake all four of them? He forced himself to push the questions aside and focus. The girls had been missing for a couple of hours now...

Moments later, a muffled ring broke through the walls and alerted the boys' attentions, and it seems to have been coming through the front door. Tobias came rushing in with the girls' rockin chocolate candy guns, tossed them to each of the boys, and cautiously moved towards the door. Oliver, Liam, and Brian followed closely behind, hoisting their guns up as well. Toby motioned Liam to close in on the other side of the door if someone outside was a threat. Toby gripped the doorknob gently, twisted it, and swung it open hard. On the footsteps lay a brown envelope, which Liam hurriedly picked up after holstering Fudgy's gun; he then stepped to look around outside but couldn't see anyone.

Brian carefully peeled off the seal and peeked inside.

"It's a cell phone and a note," Brian said, looking up towards the boys who were hovering over him.

"Correction, disposable cell phone, the person who took the Eclairs wiped this phone clean. Lemmy taught me a couple of things, and disposable cell phones were what she used to give the team if some Compotes were trying to track their locations. I doubt that the person behind this used an actual cell phone that could be traced." Oliver returned.

"What do we do then? We can't sit around here like munchkins," Liam grumbled, crossing his arms.
"I'll handle this cell phone; there's got to be something on this that I can use," Oliver responded, as he hurried down to the basement. The boys spoke for a few minutes before Liam realized that the note was still on the counter.

"He forgot the note," Liam said, flipping the tiny piece of paper open. His eyes widened, and a gloom shadow overcame his face.

"What's wrong?" Toby asked.

"N-Nothing," Liam said shakily.

"Dude, show us," Brian said sternly.

"N-No!" Something was definitely wrong. Liam was the slickest. He was a flipping Compote. If he was scared after reading the note...

Brian whisked around Liam to look at the note.

"Okay, why-"

Brian stopped and tore the paper out of Liam's hands. He crumpled it up and threw it behind him angrily, then shot towards the door to the basement. Liam and Toby stood there in silence.

Brian tore through the basement, shoving his way to Lem's desk past the training area, weapons loft, and lab, where Oliver sat working with the disposable phone.

"Any progress on that phone, Oliver?" Brian grumbled. Oliver turned up from the desk and raised a brow.

"Are you okay, Brian?" Oliver asked, placing down the phone.

"I'm-I'm not okay." Brian slumped down into a chair next to him.

He raised an eyebrow questioningly.

"It's all my fault," Brian sighed.

"It's not you-" Oliver started.

"But it is! I should've gone downstairs when I heard that noise; maybe one of the girls would still be here, maybe Raz would still be here!"

"You cannot blame yourself for that."

"But I still do, and so does the person who took them!" Brian replied.

"You listen to me; we ARE going to find them!" Oliver affirmed.

"Yeah..." Brian answered.

"Oh, any progress on the phone?"

"Glad you asked." Oliver scrambled to another computer across Lem's desk.

"Fortunately for us, I was able to track a number I found saved on the phone. It bounced off of a couple of towers, but I managed to narrow it down to a 50-mile radius." Oliver explained.

"But, isn't 50 miles still a lot to go over? Especially on foot?" Brian asked, leaning back into his chair.

"Ah, but, over the past few weeks, I've been working on something, a surprise per se; get the others, and follow me. Plus, they'd need space to keep the girls, so we'd need to visit warehouses, abandoned apartment buildings, and other buildings."

Toby, Brian, and Liam followed Oliver to a shadowed room behind the weapons loft. They watched as Oliver pulled out a panel through the wall and pressed some keys, unlocking the guarded metal doors. He then gestured for the boys to come in and closed the door behind them. The room was huge and had these strange lights hanging from the ceiling.

"What's this place?" Liam asked, circling the room.

"It'd not be one of Sprinks's rooms! She'd kill me..." Toby softly chuckled. They each choked a laugh...

"Relax, Toby...And boys, welcome to our vehicle room!" Oliver answered. They stood in silence for a minute, before Brian raised a brow.

"What vehicle room..." Brian trailed off as cars, motorcycles, and a pearl white helicopter emerged from spinning platforms below the ground. Liam and Tobias jerked up quickly and scoured the room, gasping at the make and model of a car that had been originally designed for Raz, that is, if they could find Raz and the girls...

"Sick... how long did this take?" Tobias asked, crossing his arms.

"A couple of months, but Lem had helped me. I convinced her to build rides for us as well-" Oliver explained.

"Where are our rides?" Liam interrupted, leaning on the helicopter. Brian motioned to them, hobbled over a large tarp in the back of the room, and whisked it off.

"I think I found them..." Brian gasped. In front of them stood 4 metallic motorcycles, fully furnished with electric systems and the boldest colors.




Pearl Grey...

Brian was going to do this. He had to get to the bottom of this. He had to save Raz.

"Let's get this show on the roads, boys, helmets on!"

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