Formerly filling as the finance lead, Kenneth Kremsky gave money related investigation to the Kraft Austerity group with the objective of lessening crude and bundling material misfortunes by 5%, and decreasing fixed costs by 15%, which was accomplished. He has developed a daily management review process generating reports for reviewing the prior day's results regarding variances. Besides, he prepared weekly reports to review the fixed labor and maintenance spending.

Kenneth has spent over 20 years in the manufacturing environment where he served as the plant controller and led numerous projects focused on cost reductions and higher efficiency. Being an affirmed Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt, he holds a broad preparing in Lean Six Sigma costing and budgetary investigation, and produced misfortune remittance reserve funds of ~$700K more than two years at Kraft Food Groups.

Pertaining tohis professional expertise, Kenneth Kremsky filled in as a Senior Manager of Finance and Strategic Projects at Mondelez International from 2012. Here, he worked until 2017.

Currently, he is working as a consultant for a private equity firm in Pennsylvania. Here, he implements the new ERP accounting software and facilitates A2R process for the acquisition of the company.

Holding expertise of more than 22 years in corporate and field producing, Kenneth Kremsky deals with the entire accounting faculty and keeping up all the accounting and money related announcing frameworks. Kenneth took an interest in Oreo and premium systems group which drove them to spare of $3mm every year, essentially through the 'One Cookie Out' activity and the Premium oil decrease venture.

About Kenneth Kremsky

Pertaining to his education credentials, Kenneth Kremsky pursued Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Pennsylvania State University. Thereafter, he completed his Master of Business Administration in Finance from LaSalle University.