So originally I didn't think I had anymore to add to this story, the only thing I could think of was Peter's Mom telling Peter the truth about who his Dad was, and the only reason she seemed to do that was because he seemed to become destined to be a Rock Star like his Dad was, but suddenly I got an inspiration to add a love interest, that would make more sense to spur her into talking to him about his Dad, for fear he might treat women the way he treated her, and so this character I'm introducing is a character from some 'Brainstorm Stories' or 'Doodle Stories' as I call them that I write on lined paper, Bree Lahuahua is a Chihuahua Girl who is obsessed with a Mizzer Franchise of Horror Films called the 'Monstermen' Series I've only described the first movie in the series The Green Man' which is a thinly veiled parody of 'The Toxic Avenger' but anyway Bree's stories have been a way for me to comment on movies and fandom I also realized I established Bree goes to Summer Camp so she could be another Cub who was at Camp Atlas when the Wranglers Attacked

The next day, Simon Pugmire and Portia took him to a Downtown New Hollywood Studio to show Peter how music videos are made.

Peter was amazed by what he perceived as all the glitz and glamour of showbiz...As they walked past a Craft Table someone recognized Peter.

"Hey Peter!" Came a voice Peter felt he knew but couldn't place the name of "Fancy meeting you here!"

Then a small four foot tall Chihuahua Puppy-Girl with two large tan spots on her head and back and white everywhere else, her head fur was the same as her tan fur and normally tied back in a ponytail, she was Bree Lahuahua, Peter recognized her from science class, even among the Dahlia Pups she was particularly 'Well-To-Do' because her Mom was famous in Dahlia as a Fitness Celebratory, hosting her own workout show on TV, and because her show included Humanimals of other species and even humans it was clear the family were 'Mavericks' not intimidated by other species of Humanimals or Humans and proponents of the idea all the Species of Humanimal should freely intermingle.

Peter also knew Bree was an obsessive fan of the Cheesy Series of Horror Movies the 'Monstermen' series she gazillion action figures and comic books, so Peter knew her mostly of 'The Girl who won't stop talking about the Monstermen Movies' and didn't think much of her because of that.

"Hey Bree." Peter said "What are you doing here?"

"It's 'Take-Your-Cub-To-Work' Day Bree said "So naturally Mom took me here to show me her new version of the 'Sweating to the Oldies' being made "I haven't seen you at school recently come to think of it."

So Peter told her about his bold move to get on Animal Idol, sneaking out in the middle of the night, braving the gusting winds and camping outside the studio door just to get a chance to perform for the judges!"

"Wow!" Bree said after hearing the story her tail wagging furiously "That was pretty gutsy of you! I didn't know you had it in you!"

"And so I don't have to go to school anymore." Peter said as he felt himself blushing under his fur "I'm being tutored now, and I feel I'm learning better with the tutor than I did in school."

"My Mom would never let me do that!" Bree said "Anyway I'm famished! Want a bite to eat?"

Peter asked Simon and Portia if they could break for lunch, the Pug and the Pig said OK.

He followed Bree to the Crafts Table.

"Pepperoni and Jalapeno Pizza!" Bree said licking her chops "Mom got it specifically for me, because she knows its my favorite, want some!"

Well it probably figured a Mexican Dog would like such spicy food but one with of that Pizza and Peter remembered the instructions he had been given about taking care of his voice, avoid insanely spicy food.

"Sorry." He said quickly "But one of the rules I've been given about how to take care of my voice was to avoid really spicy food!"

"Oh." Bree said "OK." She took a slice of pizza for herself.

There were other things at the Crafts Table, Peter took a tiny ham sandwich and popped it in his mouth

"They told me to eat soft, sweet foods to keep my voice sweet." He took a carton of milk "Drink milk, lots of milk, milk is good for your throat...What's even better is chamomile tea, but to me tea tastes like hot plant water, even with honey added it still takes like water leaves walked through."

"Yeah." Bree said as she took a bite of pizza "It's kind of gross to us carnivores.

Peter was realizing Bree was actually a pretty fun gal! Previously the Girl he had most imagined impressing by becoming a Rock Star was that adorable Shiba Inu who didn't talk very much but Man she was near literal Fox! But he was beginning to realize Bree never made fun of him for being a Mongrel, I mean they never really interacted much in general but Bree always seemed to be polite to him in Science Class...

Bree mentioned that in a few weeks after school was over, she'd be going to Camp Atlas as she did last summer and it was one of the longer Summer Camps at 10 weeks,

So here we've got the classic Lady and the Tramp situation of 'Female Purebred/Male Mutt' though given what I've established I'm pretty sure Bree's parents wouldn't mind