Phase 1: Part One

Behold, the Death Game!

November 23th, 20XX

It had just been a normal day of school for him. And sadly….that included blowing up a school toilet?

We zoom in on a high school's male bathroom, which currently contained two boys. One seemed to look like an emo, dark hair partially covering his face. That boy was currently in a stall , setting up a "cherry bomb."

The other looked like a typical nerd, although his glasses were more narrow than the usual stereotype. He was leaning on the entrance of the stall, a nervous expression on his face, his eyes glancing around nervously.

"Y-you know Walt, this could get us suspended.", the boy muttered, fiddling with his glasses. The so called "Walt" laughed it off, now ready to drop the accursed bomb into the toliet.

"Who cares, dude? Half of the staff are comatose and the rest of them are probably off smoking pot or some shit. Lighten up!" Walt shook the bag that contained the mixture, grinning. "And now the payoff."

The glasses kid huffed, looking into the stall and crossing his arms. "I'm not taking blame for this, you know!" Walt didn't respond, dropping the bag.

The explosion never came, and Walt's face dropped flat. "Aw, it was a dud…."

He sighed, leaving the stall with a rejected face. "You win this time Ben. Maybe next time it'll work."

'Ben' shrugged, heading for the exit. "Or you could stop obsessing over destroying school property. You could be a model student even with that shady haircut." He said jokingly. Walt gained a mock offended expression.

"Oh, those words! I am hurt, Ben! Truly shameful!" His response was an eyeroll, as Ben left, Walt behind.

Now, the school day hadn't even started, so the halls should have been filled with moving students, and the chatter should have been loud enough to hear as they exited. But…..there was nothing?

Ben looked both ways down the hall, frowning. "What the hell? Walt, you seeing this?"

The dark haired boy laughed, moving in front of Ben. "Dude, you know what this means? We could leave the school, we could skip class!" Ben shook his head frantically.

"Come on, value your education somewhat, would you?" Ben asked, exasperated. That's when the overhead lights flickered out, relieving it of it's usual hum and the only source of light was from the few windows in this hall.

Ben shuddered, backing up into a wall. "Ah, a power outage? This is getting creepy, right Walt?" He received no response. "W-walt! This isn't funny!"

He frantically looked around, and even headed into the bathroom, which now looked like a scene from Saw, the creepy dim light filling the area. Walt had somehow disappeared.

This situation was now looking like a horror movie. Pitch black areas was terrifying for Ben, or at least...what was IN the dark. He frowned, shaking his head.

"Come on, think! What the hell am I supposed to do?" he muttered to himself, trying not to panic anymore than he already was.

Now, in hindsight, he should have heard the door open. But he didn't, so he was definitely taken by surprise when he was looking in the mirror and saw someone behind him that definitely wasn't Walt.

"W-wait, please!" were the last things that left his mouth before the intruder slammed down something on his head, knocking the student out.



30 remain.

When Ben came to, he saw Walt sitting across from him, head lolled down, as if he was sleeping. He looked around, trying to understand his surroundings. This certainly wasn't the school.

What the hell happened?

Memories rushed back. The emptiness, the blackout, Walt's disappearance, and….him being knocked out by some mysterious figure.

There seemed to be a cage around them, within a large room, the walls pitch black. In fact, the only source of light was a chandelier hanging above the two teens.

There was a table in between them, and….a revolver? What had he and Walt gotten into? Why were they here?

On cue, Walt woke up, sluggishly lifting his head. "Huh? What's going in here? Yo Ben, the fuck are we?"

Ben shrugged, pulling on the bars next to him a little. It didn't give.

"I-I don't know, I suppose we were kidnapped? But why? Why us? Why-"

Walt interrupted him. "Calm down Ben! We'll figure this out, alright? Just relax…" However, the boy himself looked panicked as well, slamming himself into the bars, also yielding no give.

"What the heck, nothing? This cage must be bolted to the ground or something…."

The sound of a crackling speaker got the teens' attention, as they looked towards the source.

"Please sit down, or your collars will explode." A robotic voice stated from the speaker.


Ben placed a hand on his neck, feeling a thick metal ring around it. He tugged on it, but it was tightly around his neck. He looked at Walt's neck, as said teen was trying to get his off as well.

The voice spoke again. "This is your final warning. Sit down."

Gulping, Ben sat down on his chair, nervous for what was to come. This looked like something from Saw, just more tame…

As Walt sat down across from him, the voice spoke again.

"Welcome, Benjamin Neru and Joseph Danube. You are currently in a Luck Trial."

Ben felt a bead of sweat trickle down his face. "H-how did it get our n-"

The voice cut him off with a sentence he really did not want to hear.

"There are currently two in this room. However, only one will leave this room alive."

Walt grit his teeth. "What the hell is that thing going on about? Is this some sick prank? Let us out already!" he roared, still trying to remove his collar.

"In front of you is a revolver. 5 chambers are empty, and one is loaded. The rules are simple. You are to play a game of Russian Roulette. The survivor gets to leave."


One of them had to die?

This had to be a dream, right?


Ben's hands shook frantically and he held his head. "No no no no-" He was interrupted by Walt slamming his hand on the table.

"Ben, listen to me-"

"If there is not a winner in 7 minutes, both of your collars will explode. The First Trial begins now."

Two 'blep's were heard, and Ben saw Walt's collar display a 7:00, which then became 6:59, 6:58…..a countdown. Ben assumed his collar showed the same thing.

A heavy silence filled the room, as the two teens tried to make sense of this.

"Well…..what are we supposed to do?" Ben asked anxiously. One of them had to die. Ben valued his life. Walt valued his own. How was this going to play out? Walt sighed, picking up the gun. "Ben, we need to play this game, or we both die. We need to accept we could die and finish the game."

Ben shivered. Walt was right. They both wanted to live. They might as well play the game, and save someone. He nodded his head, accepting this. "Y-yeah…"

Walt smiled sadly, cocking the revolver. "Here's to living, Ben." He pulled the trigger, and a dull click was heard. They both let out a sigh of relief. Walt handed Ben the gun. "Your turn."

Ben shakingly put the gun to his head. The cold metal in his hands could end his life right now, with a simple click. Ben placed his finger on the trigger, but he couldn't pull it. But then he noticed Walt's collar. It read 4:34, and it was ticking down. They were running out of time. He had to act. He sighed, and pulled the trigger. Thankfully, a dull click was heard throughout the room again.

Ben dropped the revolver, letting out a shaky breath. He hated this so much. His best friend or himself would die in this, how was he supposed to properly react?

Walt reached over and grabbed the revolver, wiping sweat from his forehead. "You know, Ben. You are my best friend, you know that? And, you've always had this amazing luck, even I'm jealous of it. And, let's be honest, I'm probably going to die." Ben interrupted him. "Don't speak like that, p-please! This is bad enough…" His heart beated a little faster after noticing his friend's collar again. 3:30…..

Walt shook his head. "Nevertheless, you were always there for me, and I just wanted to say thank you. Since, either way, I'll never be able to say that to you again." Walt gave him one last smile, before putting that accursed revolver to his head and firing.

A gunshot rang out as Walt fell to the floor, lying still and limp. Ben quickly got up and went to the body, but he knew it was no use. He felt tears fall down his face as he weakly shook his friend's body. "C-come on, get up…."

No response. Why would there be? Walt had quite literally blown his brains out. For Ben. He had died so Ben could continue living.

Ben got up, vaguely hearing the sound of a cage being lowered.

Through his tears, he took one last look at Walt's body. "I'll do it for you Walt….I'll survive...I'm so s-sorry…"

He saw an open door, and he staggered out, wiping away his tears.



15 remain.