Representing his clients, Tony Diab worked to manage his own time and workload and integrated best practices and standards in handling the clients and their cases. He worked to provide the legal services to those without the wherewithal to pay and to respond to needs outside themselves.

As an associate, he advised clients in the business transactions, claimed liability and advisability of prosecuting lawsuits or legal rights and obligations. He also represented clients in court and presented and summarized cases. He gathered evidence to formulate defense and initiate the legal actions. He also evaluated findings and developed strategies and arguments for the presentation of the cases.

He managed the litigation cases and resolved the legal disputes on behalf of the clients by developing the agreements, negotiating the contacts, and settling claims and advocating clients in court. He completed extensive case related research into the relevant laws and regulations. He also negotiated on behalf of the clients, drafted and interpreted contracts and legal documents.

He worked to create and maintain a good rapport with the client of the organization. He communicated often and explained complex legal proceedings and concepts. He always kept abreast of the progress of the cases by creating the reports and communicating verbally.

Taking about the skills he has developed so far, Tony Diab has been an excellent communicator with strong interpersonal skills. He has the strong analytical abilities and extensive knowledge in the field.

About Tony Diab

Being the former associate at Shook, Hardy, and Bacon LLP, Tony Diab advised the clients and conducted legal research on their behalf. He worked to develop the legal strategies and supervised the legal assistants from time to time. He managed litigation cases and resolved the legal disputes on behalf of clients by developing agreements, negotiating contacts, settling claims, and advocating for clients in the court.