A/N: Hello everyone, and thank you for reading! This is my first attempt at poetry, and I would love to get some feedback. Let me know what you think. Cheers!

The lady and the dragon

Pushed back by mighty dragons wings,
The lady falls, her head against the stone.
Curled inwards she fears the evil beast.
Head like a snake with the tongue twisting out,
long horn fighting through the skull,
pointing with malice of steel.
Wings broader than the biggest bird,
and scales, scales everywhere.

Spiderwebs, frozen and never thawed
wrap around her fragile body,
protecting, sheltering like a butterfly's cocoon.
She rests in her haven, for a minute or two
though in her slumber,
a moment in our world is an eternity in hers.
And when she wakens, she is good,
all darkness charred from her soul.
So good, it oozes from her flesh,
thawed the spiderwebs, never thawed before.

For a moment, all is silence.
And then ... drip,
drip...drip... drip
Silver droplets at her feet,
trickling through the grass,
forming a miniature stream.
Mesmerized by sound and image
the dragon moves his head in tandem with the flow,
eyes transfixed on the smallest of drops.

The lady raises her head and she sings.
In a language older than her,
the words without meanings, but emotion so deep.
A tear in the dragons eye, and it cries.
Silent tears falling,
like the droplets on the ground.

She uncurls her fist,
clouds depart and there is light,
sun reflecting in translucent pearls.

The dragon is enchanted,
movement slowly stilling, and he closes his eyes.
The ladies fingers drip with sunlight,
Touching the dragon, wrapping around his body
and the evil cannot do but scream.
The lady is good.
Heavy eyelids close as the dragon sleeps.
And just like her, it sleeps only a moment.
In his world, and an eternity in ours.