Highly involved in preparing for the trials, hearings, Tony Diab is a former associate at Shook, Hardy, and Bacon LLP where he participated in the legal proceedings to gain experience. He worked to maintain, update, and keep a track of the important legal documents covering a wide range of clients so that it could be made available to the attorneys whenever it was required.

Being the former associate, Tony had the ability to comprehend the complex matters and identify the laws that are applicable to them. Besides, he demonstrated exceptional organization and time management skills and possessed a thorough knowledge of the legal procedures. He kept himself updated with the current developments and had a keen eye for detail coupled with good researching ability.

Tony Diab provided the legal services to the clients involved in legal cases. Being highly tenacious and perceptive, he assisted with managing a diverse portfolio of cases. He interacted with the clients to ascertain their needs and chose the most appropriate course of action. Additionally, he represented the interests of the clients in court.

Demonstrating outstanding research skills, Tony Diab made the best use of his knowledge to successfully conclude the cases as required. He consulted with the clients to ascertain the details and merits of each case. He conducted research including the legislation and other legal texts as sources. He made sure that the data obtained during the interactions with the clients remained confidential and stored securely.

Remaining abreast of the changes to legislation, he has been highly perceptive and meticulous with a thorough understanding of the human behavior.

About Tony Diab

Tony Diab has the ability to work independently and collaborate with others. Apart from this, he has the ability to manage several projects simultaneously and has the understanding of the confidentiality requirements. He works to assist and support the senior attorneys in handling the complex cases and handles the proper representations.