In an empty room of a vacant building, a man was sitting in the room's corner, all curled up against it to make himself seem small.

He had his hands covering his head and darted his eyes around nervously, looking terrified about what was about to happen to his room.

He has fair skin, with long jet-black hair and sky blue eye color.

The man wore a pair of half-frame black glasses, a short-sleeved white shirt with a long-sleeved dark gray hoodie, black jeans, and black shoes.

Things have not been like themselves for a very long time, and everything was crumbling all around.

It all started many months ago when he was a normal man and nothing horrible was happening in his life.

He was fresh out of college and looking forward to a bright future to start anew, perhaps start a family too after finding someone he likes.

But everything changed on a faithful day while he was searching through the newspapers for any jobs to take to help him take an apartment to live in.

The news came onto the TV, and he listened to the announcements with confusion as the woman explained that alien robots were attacking the northeast side of the United States.

At first, he scoffed at the thought of alien robots attacking the United States, believing that someone was making up news to scare everyone else to stir things up.

…Until the pictures and the videos were shown on the TV that scared him right down to the core.

Realistic robots marched around the United States in large numbers of groups, each towering over either forty, fifty, or sixty feet tall.

Each of them was covered in metal plates in different colors and looked like giant warriors with appearances of helmets, armor, and weapons.

Compared to the others, these 'warriors' had either wheels, jet exhausts, treads, and other vehicle parts on their 'armor.'

Did these creatures copy off from the series Transformers?

He shook his head in disbelief at the pictures and videos of the monstrous creatures.

They looked realistic, as if they were real, and had come to Earth to attack it.

A feeling in his stomach clenched at the thought of the people who took the pictures and videos.

They must have died during the attacks and now are sending a worldwide warning to everyone.

But he shook his mind from the thought and tried going back to what he was doing, although hesitant to use vehicles to get to work.

So, he made plans in his mind to work with a bike to make himself comfortable, despite knowing that these types of creatures might be around.

But, through the weeks, he had no luck getting a job, and making things worse, his paranoia seemed to get to him, always flinching when a car horn honks.

Things even worsened with the war between the giant alien robots and the USA, where the weapons did nothing against the metal armor and the attacks.

He felt more and more anxious about what else might happen, worrying that one day, things would be in a nuclear blast.

His mind continued spinning out of control with all the hunted thoughts in his mind about the war, aliens, and other things that would snowball.

The lack of self-care seemed to slip out of his mind from all the stress, thinking, and worries, allowing his hair to grow out and wear the same clothes for weeks.

Soon, more aliens appeared on Earth and continued attacking the army, and the cities, leaving destruction and death behind.

Guilt then grew inside him at the thoughts of the poor people being brutally killed by them, along with the soldiers who fought in the war.

Things spiraled when they began to head towards Japan for the next attack after the USA dwindled from attacking the army.

That is when his fear took hold of his mind, deciding that it was a perfect time to 'get the hell out' of his home country.

He went to collect everything he had in the small apartment, packing the backpack as much as he could to survive through the panicked crowds.

But… they arrived too early.

A sudden blast snapped him out of his thoughts, perking when he felt the ground tremble from underneath him.

It came miles away from where he was... and was slowly heading towards his apartment.

He has to get out of there.

Quickly standing up to his feet, he snatched his backpack up from the bed and opened the door promptly, stepping into the hallway.

Without slowing down or stopping, he sped down the hallway as fast as he could at full tilt down the emptiness, heading towards the exit.

Instead of heading towards the entrance, he immediately bolted towards the fire exit, not wasting a second on hesitation or slowing down.

Once he was close to the fire exit, he slammed the doors open and sped down the abandoned road as a large blast exploded away from where he was.

He sped faster after hearing the explosion and zipped down the road, wanting to find something or someone to help him get out of the situation.

Or better yet, find an airport to get to a different country to get out of Japan.

He turned around the corner of a building and headed down a different street, looking up at the signs to see he was heading in the right direction.

Suddenly, an earth-shaking thud rumbled in front of him, causing him to stumble from their running before instantly coming to a stop.

Standing in front of him… was a giant alien robot.

The giant alien robot somehow sees the small human in front of it and smiles with an evil smile on its face.

Instantly, the human turned around and ran the other way as the giant alien robot started charging towards him, stomping its feet to crush him.

He ran and ran as fast as he could to get away from the giant alien robot before he became a bloody human splatter on the concrete ground, but tripped over a rock and fell on his front.

Pushing himself up from lying flat on the ground, he turned around to face the giant alien robot as he loomed over him before lifting a foot up to step on him.

He gave out a fearful scream and curled into a ball with his hands over his head on the ground.

He wanted all this to end quickly and just end his life already.

But… instead, a loud crash happened, and the shadow moved away from him with a painful roar.

It caused him to feel confused about what just happened at that last second of his near death.

Before he could move his arms down to look at what happened, a bang went through the air and caused him to uncurl from his ball.

He glanced over at the giant alien robot to see what was going on, only to be shocked to see that a smaller giant alien robot was fighting against it, blasting a blaster in its face.

Annoyed, the giant alien monster roared and swatted at the smaller alien robot as it flew away from its hand and charged, blasting it square in the face.

The face exploded and spewed oil everywhere, coating the surface of the abandoned buildings around it before collapsing backwards on the ground, landing with a metallic thud.

He stared in pure shock after witnessing a giant alien robot itself fighting against another and successfully winning the fight, and… saved him from it!

His mind snapped back to reality when the robot landed on the ground, just a few feet away between him and the giant corpse.

The alien robot clicked its blaster and aimed directly towards the chest, charged the gun, and shot it, emitting a large hole in the middle as green goo exploded out from it.

Now that caused him to panic.

At this rate, he will be going to be killed by another robot who wanted him dead!

Before he could make a getaway, the giant alien robot perked after hearing some rocks clutter from his hands to scoot away from it before turning around towards him.

Instantly, he froze as he stared at the robot with frightened eyes, gawked at how… different this one was compared to the one that nearly killed him.

The robot towered over twenty-seven feet tall and wielding a blaster in his hand, which was large enough to be almost like a tank's blaster.

The helmet was in the colors of red, gold, and black, as it had wings poking from the side pointed backwards and had a pair from the front.

The robot's body structure was muscular but excellently fit with the same color scheme as the helmet and has wheels on the back of its biceps along with two on the back of its forelegs.

A pair of wings was on the back of the robot with turbulence jets hidden on its back.

Does this robot transform from jet form to vehicle form too?

Covering its mouth was a silver mouthplate before retracting into the sides of its helmet when it noticed him on the ground.

The face looked almost human, except the skin was in a metal color and the appearance of a male's face.

Instantly, he snapped back into reality when he noticed that the robot's mask disappeared and scrambled backwards.

He wanted to get away from this robot to not get killed by it or get himself blasted by its large blaster.

However, the giant alien robot glanced down at its blaster in its hand, seeing that it was scaring him.

So the side of its thigh opened, and it placed the blaster inside as it closed back up.

That confused him after it placed the blaster away, but his mind went back to the problem that was about to happen.

But the robot measly took a few steps closer to him and bent down to his height, reaching over to him with a massive hand.

He screamed when the hand wrapped around the middle of his body, gently pinning him in the center of the palm with the fingers wrapped around his form.

Once the hand was wrapped around him, the robot picked him up from the ground and stood up to its height as he winced and gripped the sides of the hand, feeling like he was on the verge of either puking or passing out.

But he did neither of them and only froze when he was at the robot's full height, only at the chest of the massive being.

He stared at the robot's eyes with worry after being picked up from the ground, wondering what the giant alien being would think to do with him.

Many thoughts ran through his mind about what types of cruel things the creature would do to him before hearing a blast further away from where they are.

The alien robot perked after hearing the blast noise and glanced over into the distance, watching as the building toppled over to the side from a being.

Another alien robot was coming!

He instantly began to squirm in the alien robot's hand to get away from it and the monster that was coming before flinching when the robot's hand lifted again.

Once the alien robot lifted him to its face, he winced at the thought of being tossed into the air but froze with fear when the creature opened its mouth.

The inside of the robot's mouth was in a light smoky black color and an average human's tongue with no uvula dangling at the back.

But the lining of the tongue and gullet was glowing in a crimson red color.

Surprisingly, the robot has teeth but was not yellow or looked horrible, but straight and in a pearly white color with healthiness, except for the pointed canines.

He panicked and squirmed more in the alien robot's hand to get away from the mouth from being eaten but was forced into its mouth.

The alien robot did not seem to mind as he panicked and screamed, kicking and squirming his body around to get out from his death.

It pushed his body more into his mouth as his shoulders went inside with his head, getting covered in clear saliva as dribbles dripped from the corner of its mouth.

When his head entered the gullet, it took a gulp and took his upper-half of his body into its throat, creating a bulge against its neck.

The giant alien robot then tipped its head back and gulped more and more, taking his body more into its gullet as it held his backpack in its hand that the human was carrying.

Soon, the human's feet entered inside the robot's mouth, and it closed around it with a gentle click of its teeth, swallowing one last time and sending the human into its stomach.

It coughed a little as the human squirmed down its throat while traveling through its neck before disappearing into its chest.

Inside, the human was screaming and crying while on his trip down the giant alien robot's esophagus, the light from the lining surrounding him showing the way down.

He earlier heard loud pumping noises from the chest area, along with gentle swooshing that went in and out.

He remembered that it almost sounded like a human's heart and lungs.

But he paid no attention to it as he continued struggling, trying to push the moving walls around him to stop his descent.

Suddenly, he felt pressure against his head after a few minutes passed and went through the ring, entering a spacious area.

Realizing what it was, he tried stopping himself from entering but failed as he collapsed on the bottom of the area, feeling it cushion underneath his weight.

He was forced to curl as the muscles pushed inside into the cushiony space, feeling it stretch as the last of him finally entered with him.

He was turned upright from being pushed into the squishy space, his back against the wall and forced to curl slightly.

His knees were up to the bottom of his chest and covered head to toe with saliva, soaking his body.

Once he was inside the space, he wiped some saliva away from his face with a hand shakily before his breathing hitched when realizing what he had entered.

It was the giant alien robot's stomach, with the walls made of wires shaped precisely like the stomach itself, with the lining glowing in the same mouth's color, and the walls are light smoky black too.

Strings of saliva dripped everywhere on the walls around him and covered him in the substance, too, soaking every part of his body.

A small pool of liquid sat at the bottom of his feet, and he panicked again, pushing the surrounding walls around him, feeling claustrophobic.

Outside, the giant alien robot placed a hand on its stomach area, feeling the human it had eaten squirmed inside frantically, creating small handprints and bulges against its stretchable metal skin.

It was bulging out slightly with the form of the human inside, but not enough to be awkwardly protruding from its body.

Another crash came from another building, and the giant alien robot perked after hearing and feeling the destruction and glanced over.

A creature that almost looked like the one it had killed earlier pushed a building over while emitting a loud and bellowing roar.

Instantly, the giant alien jumped away from the destruction of the building.

More appeared and continued with its partner's spree, knocking buildings over and destroying things around as if they were in a playground.

Deciding that it is the perfect time to get out of the destroyed area, the giant alien robot jumped into the air and transformed into a jet, taking the form of a Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II.

The transformation seemed to hide its slightly bulging stomach as armor plates moved over it, gently squashing it to make a flat appearance.

After it transformed, the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II sped off into the distance, dodging one of the attacks from one of the alien creatures when it noticed it taking off but went back to what it was doing.

Inside, the human continued squirming around his prison, worried about being stuck inside forever or worse, digested until there was nothing there.

Suddenly, he heard muffled crashing noises from the other side of the 'flesh' and armor, noticing that it was the sound of a building crashing.

The body suddenly jumped and caused him to be moved along with it.

He crashed into the wall in front of him after it landed on the ground with a thump!

Before he could call out to the alien robot to ask what it was doing, he heard clicking noises, and suddenly, the surrounding walls tightened him slightly, forcing him to curl into a fetal position.

His knees were forced up to his collarbone and were squished between the walls as saliva dribbled over him.

After that, he felt the entire body take off into the air, hearing a blast noise, but everything stopped as he was stuck in a robot's stomach.

Back outside, the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II soared through the air, traveling away from Japan as buildings were knocked over and fires spread all around, covering the sky in dark smoke.

"⍙⊑⏃⏁ ⏚⏃⌇⏁⏃⍀⎅⌇…" a voice spoke, speaking in a different language. "⎅⟒⌇⏁⍀⍜⊬⟟⋏ ⟒⎐⟒⍀⊬⏁⊑⟟⋏ ⟟⋏ ⟟⏁⌇ ⌿⏃⏁⊑ ⏃⋏⎅ ⋏⍜⏁ ⟒⎐⟒⋏ ⌇⏁⍜⌿⌿⟟⋏ ⏁⍜ ⎅⍜⎍⏚⌰⟒-⏁⊑⟟⋏ ⏃⏚⍜⎍⏁ ⟟⏁⌇ ⊑⍜⟟ ⟒…"

The voice sounded like a male's voice with a tone of disappointment and slight anger.

"⊑⋔⋔?" the voice then sounded confused when the giant alien robot felt movement from inside its stomach, noticing that it was coming from the human it recently ate. "⍜⊑, ⏁⊑⏃⏁ ⊑⎍⋔⏃⋏! ⍙⊑⟒⋏ ⟟ ⟒⏁ ⏁⍜ ⏁⊑⟒ ⏚⏃⌇⟒ ⏃⋏⎅ ⏁⍀⏃⋏⌇⎎⍜⍀⋔ ⟟⋏⏁⍜ ⋔⊬ ⍀⍜⏚⍜⏁ ⎎⍜⍀⋔, ⟟ ⏃⋏ ⏃⌰⋔ ⟟⏁ ⎅⍜⍙⋏ ⏃⋏⎅ ⌇⌿⟒⏃ ⏁⍜ ⟟⏁. …⊑⍜⌿⟒⎎⎍⌰⌰⊬…"

The voice continued speaking to itself for a moment after noticing the human and continued with its travel.

It flew across the sky and over the ocean water, heading further and further away from Japan.

Inside, the human stopped struggling to get some room from being crushed between the squishy walls but soon lost all hope of escaping and accepted his demise.

He heard the giant alien robot talk that caused him to perk, surprised that it knows how to speak.

But he could not understand what language it was speaking in.

He prayed to himself that he would make it out alive, and forced himself to curl slightly in a ball, and closed his eyes, holding onto one hope that all this would be a dream and would be a nightmare he would wake up to.