This is a story I've had in my head for a while, and I have realized that these past few years my Mizzer Stories have allowed me to finally make some really REALLY old ideas I had when I was a little kid but never wrote down because back then writing was a pain. For instance the whole thing with being on a Monorail when a natural disaster happens that was a REALLY old idea I had when I was in Kindergarten, making up stories while playing with blocks, in that original version of the story that natural disaster was a tornado and on the train were a bunch of humans and a Persian Cat named Bob, who wasn't a Humanimal he was an ordinary cat…Who just happened to be able to talk, yeah my five year old imagination was kind of bonkers it's only now I have the discipline to really polish my stories into something coherent that makes sense and prioritizes…Character development before my stories were just weird stuff happening to random animal characters for no reason.

This is a tale of two Humanimals, the first one we shall introduce in this chapter in a Dog-Man of the Bloodhound Breed named Clement O'Hound he was an Actuarial Consultant from Tumbleweed City of the Tumbleweed County of the Great Plains of Mizzer's Western Continent.

Clement had been born and raised in Tumbleweed City, he had only been to the Original Fertile Valley on the West Coast where the Earthlings had first landed only once and trust me…He didn't like it.

He had to go there as part of a business trip for Actuarial Consultants taking place in the City of Yew, one of the few Metropolises in the otherwise very Arcadian Mizzer which idealized quant cottages surrounded by beautiful gardens and small Mom 'n' Pop Businesses.

But Yew where new technologies were developed was possibly the most 'Futuristic' City on Mizzer it's most noteworthy feature was its Monorail which traveled all around the city, sometimes it even went INSIDE some of the giant buildings one of those included the building where Clem's Business Meeting was being held.

However the Fertile Valley was like Southern California not just in its ideal climate but also in that it was sitting on a giant nasty fault line where an Oceanic Plate bumped up against the continental plate the result was periodic Earthquakes.

Picture the scene, Clem was sitting in his seat on the monorail, reading the newspaper anticipating the conference ahead. There are several other Humanimals of various species riding the monorail Initially none of them suspect anything's amiss, here is how the Animal Ability to detect Earthquakes before a Human can works in Humanimals…

Small tremors that can be felt by animals are detected by special 'sensors' in a Humanimals feet (Or in the bellies of certain species like Snakes or Worms) This is why Humanimals are always barefoot like the Hobbits and why their feet are only ever covered when their entire body needs to be covered like an Astronaut's Space Suit or a Hazmat Suit and when their feet are covered they hate every moment of it, they feel discombobulated, feel insecure like they'll just float away into outer space and never come back down…Anyway the vibrations in the ground travel up the poles carrying the elevated track they travel through the track to the floor of the traveling monorail into the bare feet…(Or whatever is touching the floor) or the Humanimal Passengers, and when that happens an amazing transformation takes place in a few moments, the nervous sends the message system to the brain via the spinal cord and while the message is being sent up the spine the fur, feathers or sometimes even scales of the back get raised as the Humanimal's eyes glaze over for a few moments as this transformation takes place, but then the message reaches first the primitive animalistic reptile brain first before it reaches the more advanced rational brain over it…And that is why all the Humanimals began screaming wildly ten seconds before the Humans felt the jolt as the earthquake caused the asphalt the crack causing on the pillars to buckle and give way leading to the front of the monorail dangling precariously!

Clem was in the back of the monorail but that mattered little to him as he very quickly fainted.

Makes you want to sing the Monorail Song doesn't?