OK Peeps, once again I'm gonna do a Timeskip because for the next couple of days things were pretty uneventful The Star Beast story is inspired by the 80s Pound Puppies episode The Star Pup which was basically Puppy Jesus. Here we have Barrow the Dinosaur Shaman briefly appear he's probably just making a brief visit because he has to and will return to the country as fast as he can because of things he learned in another character's story.

For the next few days things were rather uneventful, nothing terrifying happening, Bumble took his gracefulness training and it was excruciating for him as he imagined it would be, and Squeeks continued his Mechanic Apprenticeship with the two older Naked Mole Rat mechanics, while not very exciting was horrific either.

One Saturday night the Native Humanimals were excited, one of the Shamans was coming to their Cabin!

"What's a Shaman?" Asked Bumble

"You'll soon see." Said Dolores

And that's when Bumble and Squeeks learned that here, unlike Mizzer there were actually Dinosaur Humanimals! This Shaman in particular whose name was Barrow was an Ankylosaurus Humanimal those armored herbivores with large clubs on their tails, Barrow was just small enough to fit into the Underground Cabin, unlike some of the Giant Sauropod who were almost as large as their natural counterparts, when Squeeks asked how could there be Prehistoric Animal Humanimals. And the response he got 'You know that ancient Earth movie about cloning dinosaurs from blood found in mosquitoes trapped in amber?"

"You mean Jurassic Park?" Squeeks asked

"It was based on a true story."

Barrow was one of the jollier Shamans, he played a flute made from a water reed and then proceeded to tell the Humanimals stories of great deeds done by Humanimals who lived long ago.

For the Mizzer Humanimals however since they didn't have the context a lot of these stories were confusing, than finally Bumble said "I know a story."

The Native Humanimals turned and stared, Squeeks was about to tell Bumble this wasn't a smart idea but then Bumble proceeded to tell his story.

"Long ago when the Earth was young, the Animals were the rulers of the Earth, the different races of Animal lived in peace with each other, until one day some Human Hunters came and introduced carnivorism the animals began to war with each other, and this was exactly what the humans wanted, with the animals divided and weakened they could much better hunt all the animals with their opposable thumbs and their tools made with their opposable thumbs…A group of Animal Children who refused to fight with each other fled into the scorching hot desert and there they meant different humans, peaceful humans, the Humans and Animals learned each others' languages…Those humans were the ancestors of the Mizzer Humans and that is why Mizzer's humans are peaceful…And our legend states that one day the Star Beast a Humanimal with a star shaped birthmark will come to Earth and rid the universe of evil and bring peace."

Everyone in the cabin stared in stunned silence…But Squeeks totally not getting it said "Bumble, we have no such legends…"

Bumble guffawed "I know." He said "I admit it I just made all that up on the spot, I just wanted to see if I could come up with a story comparable to you guys' stories."

Squeeks was initially terrified that the native Humanimals would take offense and think they were being mocked after all Barrow claimed all the stories he had told were perfectly true that they were all stories of actual Humanimals and true events.

But Barrow said "You made all that up…On the spot?" And then the Ankylosaurus laughed a deep loud, Santa Claus like laugh.

"Young Dog-Child!" Barrow said with eyes twinkling "I don't think you realize what a gift you have, you have the gift of imagination! In particular you have the gift of storytelling! The most coveted gift of all!"

Barrow turned to the rest of the Humanimals, "Look after this Young Labrador Retriever-Boy and take extra good care of him, for he is among the rarest of Humanimals…He is a Storyteller!"

He then turned again to Bumble "What is your name Young Dog-Boy?"

"My name is Maurice Bounder." Bumble said immediately becoming very bashful "But most people call me Bumble…I kind of prefer to be called Bumble."

Barrow laughed again and like Santa Claus his belly shook like a bowl full of jelly "Bumble, Bumble it is than…" He reached his massive hand over and petted Bumble's head, the Dinosaur's massive hand completely covering the Pup's head "Bumble the Bard!"

In his bunk under Bumble's Squeeks was left completely speechless by this turn of events, instead of getting in trouble, Bumble won everyone's approval with his wild story! The Naked Mole Rat-Child began to feel his pink cheeks heating up, he was beginning to feel jealous of his canine friend.

In the prototype version of this story where the Protagonist was the Teenage Sphinx Ca-Girl Rosella, Rosella becomes the enemy of a Shaman who holds Dinosaur Supremacist views here the opposite happens and the Shaman is a nice Shaman who specifically wants Bumble to be protected since I've already established an enemy in Clem